About me…

I know this should’ve been my first post but I don’t really like talking about myself so here goes: I’m a 20-something (that usually means closer to 30 than 20) year old, born in Oudtshoorn but raised on a farm. Currently residing in Johannesburg, which is a far cry from the way I grew up, I try to remain true to myself in an environment where everything is fake and people will sell out their loved ones for fame and fortune. I love writing and reading, always have and probably always will as it always provided me with an escape from reality. I’m very shy and often fail to express how I feel so this will be my platform. I’m heading up the media department at my company, which requires me to interact with others and I dread it, every day. I’ve created an alternative persona, one that’s an extrovert and loves interacting and meeting new people and that gets me through it. For those who got close enough to really get to know me, I’m a goofy, sarcastic person, who’s usually fun to hang out with…I think. I’ve started my journey as an editor 2 years ago and published 2 books thus far (not my own).You can follow my journey on Facebook: Melanie Lu Pretorius, Instagram and Twitter: Miss_Pretorius and email me on miss.m.pretorius@gmail.com, hope you’ll enjoy it. Also have a look at my profile here http://friendlife.com/miss_pretorius

Melanie Swazi


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