Kevin Hart in SA!!!

Let me start off by saying I don’t laugh easily, it’s not that I’m a morbid person…I just don’t find a lot of things or people funny. That was until I got introduced to Kevin Hart and Trevor Noah (this post is not about Trevor though, sorry homeboy). I can’t remember what exactly I watched but I know it had me in stitches and I decided to start stalking him (not literally) as I had to establish whether me laughing at his jokes was a fluke or not. I spend hours watching his stand-up gigs and movies and don’t get me started on the memes that were created in his honor. I watched Justin’s roast over and over just to see Kev (oh and Shaq was pretty funny too,surprisingly). His recent movie with Will Ferrell, Get Hard had me in stitches for days, I mean it was hilarious. My favorite scene was where Darnell tried to talk smack with his wife and she smacked him so hard he almost lost his sanity. Then of course we have the famous line that everyone knows right now ‘you put the weed in the coconut and light that sh!t up” from The Wedding Ringers, another hilarious movie from Kevin Hart. On a totally different note though, the one thing I admire most about him and other men like him, is the dedication and love he has for his family given the stereotype that we live with every day i.e. absent fathers. I applaud him for making them a part of his work and proving to the world that good guys still exist, just because you don’t get along with your baby mama, doesn’t mean the baby have to suffer, respect Kev! OK moving on to the good news now: Kevin Hart is bringing his What Now tour  to South Africa in 2016! According to his Instagram account (yes, I follow him on IG, FB and Twitter, so what?) he will be in Cape Town at the ICC on 26 March 2016, in Durban at the ICC on 28 March 2016 and in Johannesburg at The Dome on 30 March 2016, ticket prices are not available yet but I have some more good news for you! Savanna Cider (you know it’s dry but you can drink it) is bringing him to SA and you can win free tickets simply by entering on their website at Of course you have to be older than 18 years to enter the website because it’s an alcoholic brand (duh) so you’ve been warned. I would really love to see Kevin Hart live, I know it will be worth every penny I’ll end up spending…on the tickets, hair , makeup etc.



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