Let’s talk nails…

I’ve been blessed enough to have strong, natural nails (until it reach a certain length and get stuck to everything). I’ve never really used anything specific to enhance growth or durability, contrary to popular belief but I do moisturize my hands (when I remember to). I’m all for amazing nail polish, at a bargain of course and today I’m reviewing Colortrend nail enamel by Avon, which only cost me about R40 each. The first one and one of my absolute favorite colors is called Scene and I have to admit it looks absolutely amazing on my nails!

WP_20150914_18_59_56_Pro     IMG_20150722_104351

The second nail enamel I’ve tried was called Pout and it’s a really nice, natural color almost nude. If you want to be inconspicuous, this is the right shade for you.

WP_20150914_22_52_23_Pro      InstagramCapture_f66af814-86b1-4635-8c54-43942333025c

All these pictures portray the nail enamel without a top coat yet it still has a certain sheen to it. The application process is painless, the brush is just the perfect size to ensure colors get spread evenly in one smooth motion. I’ve applied 2 coats and without a topcoat it stayed on my nails for longer than a week, I estimate approximately 10 days. I’ve received loads of compliments and no one really believed me when I told them how affordable these nail enamels are. If you would love to own these, contact your nearest Avon representative and order today, they always have amazing special offers. On a side note, which will be a post for another time, don’t forget to register for the 10th annual Avon and Justine iThemba Walkathon that will take place on Sunday 25 October 2015 at Marks Park, Johannesburg. Head over to http://www.ithembawalkathon.co.za/ for more information


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