A while ago I received an invite to represent the lovely Coco from In the loop with Coco at a brunch hosted by Battlehouse Cosmetics in Sandton and I accepted quite reluctantly as I’ve never heard nor am I familiar with their products. I rounded up my partner-in-crime, Miss Jones as we had a meeting in Centurion prior to the brunch and hoped that we’d make it on time. Anyone residing in Johannesburg can attest to the fact that traffic is a nightmare at any given time of the day and if you’re NOT from Johannesburg, well good luck. We arrived late but still in time to have a chat with the lovely Tamsin, one of the owners of The Battlehouse Group and she told us a little bit about all the products they had on the day. I’m going to dissect them one at a time starting with Fake Bake SA:


Though curious by the notion, I’ve never used any self tanning products in my life. My only interests thus far has been in protection i.e. sunscreen as I do tend to burn quite easily. After my chat with Tamsin I no longer have the fear of ending up looking like an oompa loompa when applying self tan products as she assured me that Fake Bake leaves a deep, glowing tan that never looks orange. Here’s the low-down: Fake Bake is the #1 Self-tan brand in the UK and US and has expanded to SA (yeah for us!)It has been developed with the highest quality organic ingredients and is paraben free, which means no skin irritation for users. Every product provides you with an instant sun-kissed look, it works with your own unique skin tone to produce a naturally-based darker pigmentation on your skin’s surface, which in turn will guarantee a longer lasting tan. Its sold exclusively in SA by The Battlehouse Group and you can purchase in online on Fake Bake SA or on Alila

Next up we have Alila:


Alila is every girl’s dream! They produce a range of superb professional makeup products that contains no harmful substances, is not tested on animals, is hypoallergenic, will not clog your pores AND is ultra long-wearing, what more could we ask for? They have a range of pro makeup kits for the professionals ranging from R2152-R5560 and also provide makeup training ranging from Airbrush 101 to Photo and Film Makeup. The products that I’ve invested in thus far is their “Fix That” spray that helps to keep your makeup in place as well as some of their lipshines and the color pigments in it is absolutely amazing. On their website Alila you’ll notice that they sell a variety of products such as brush sets, make up cases/ pallets as well as kits and vouchers for the courses offered. You’re also able to purchase Fake Bake SA products from them, which make it your one-stop shop for makeup and tanning needs.

I do wish that we had arrived earlier as we basically missed the entire event but I’m glad we were able to learn more about these products and The Battlehouse Group overall 🙂


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