My #SAFTAs10 look-black,lace and red

My love affair with black started about 10 years ago. Everyone who knows me would tell you that it’s my go-to colour for just about everything except hair. Most people wear black because it’s slimming but in my case I wear it as a security blanket, a way to blend in instead of drawing attention to myself. I’m extremely shy, yes I am and since I’ve been working in media I’m “forced” to interact with  other human beings that I’ve never met before, to me that is scary.

This was my look for SAFTAs last year and got quite a bit of attention. This Khosi Nkosi jumpsuit is quite something and a perfect fit on my petite frame. The doek just added that extra bit of flavour to it and they accurately described it as “ShweShwe with a hint of glamour”. 

Collage Creator_345

This year I’ve decided to go back to my roots and blend in once more. I’ve had this dress from Reverse Clothing for quite some time and the minute I RSVP’d for #SAFTAs10, I knew that it’s the dress I wanted to wear. Black, white and grey provides you with a blank canvas to add splashes of colours and I’ve decided on red as it always compliments black. The magazine bag I got for about R200 in town somewhere and the shoes were a gift. I wanted to go with my afro but woke up with toothache that left my face slightly swollen so Plan B was to wear the Danity lace wig by Hair City to cover one side of my face as pictured here.(Lipstick in the picture is Media by Mac with Rimmel lip liner but I changed it to a simple red lipgloss, less hassles.)

Taken with Lumia Selfie

The above picture also shows off the front with a key hole design and lace detail that continues at the back. The most uncomfortable part about this outfit was definitely the shoes.Christian Louboutin was quoted saying “I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say, ‘Oh my God, that looks so comfortable!” I wear flats to work as I walk daily (live 8 minutes from the office) so I’m out of practice as far as walking in heels are concerned. If I’ve walked in these red-bottomed-sweethearts for an hour, it’s a long time.


I’ve had a great time though, good food, wine and music paired with great company. Here’s some more pictures of last night (I changed into flats but true to the theme, they were red and black.)



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