I’ll be honest and disclose that I’ve never tried any of the Vichy products before. I use skin care when I remember to,which is really bad but my skin is still okish (for someone my age that is). I entered to be a part of Vichy’s #MySerum10 campaign to become a Vichy blogger for a day and received my 10 samples and starting using it right away with the skin care range I’m currently using. This is my DAY 1 of using the LiftActiv Serum 10 Supreme:


Pardon the tired look, you’ll find the explanation here.

I love the fact that it’s hypoallergenic as I have very sensitive skin and the last thing I need is to break out in hives. It promises to fight 10 signs of aging namely:

1. Wrinkles

2. Loss of firmness

3. An uneven complexion

4. Dullness

5. Fine lines

6. Tired features

7. A loss of tonicity

8. Dehydrated skin

9. A loss of plumpness

10. Signs of fatigue

As we get older, as we all do eventually, our skin recovers 5 times slower and Vichy has discovered that young skin needs 6 hours to relaunch its repair functions while older skin needs 30 hours. Do you remember when you were younger and all you wanted and desired was to be older? Not so much anymore,right? The result of incomplete recovery for older skin could be the accumulation of aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles. Vichy laboratories has formulated together two powerful ingredients for accelerated skin regeneration:

Rhamnose of vegetal origin:

With it’s unique anti-aging properties to strengthen skin structure and reduce the signs of aging, the new Serum 10 Supreme allows twice as much Rhamnose to penetrate into the living layers of the epidermis

Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid:

Is 22 times smaller than the classic Hyaluronic Acid molecule  , renowned for its anti-aging properties and positive effect on skin elasticity.


Apply in the morning and/or in the evening before your moisturizer

WP_20160324_11_23_31_Selfie (1).jpg

My skin feels smoother and more supple but I can’t really see a difference, mainly because I see myself every day. Do you think I’ve unlocked the secret to improved signs of over-day aging with Vichy?



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