Cara Delevingne inspired look

How often do you see your favourite celebrity sporting a look you’d like to emulate? With me it happens a lot, from hairstyle to outfits to make up. Most of the times I don’t attempt to do it because of budget restrictions and products not being readily available here in South Africa. Sometimes you see a look you love AND you have the products readily available, well substitute/ budget versions of it that is. This week I’ve seen a look on Cara Delevigne that I’ve absolutely loved but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it off. Her look was from YSL and mine is, well from everywhere but YSL. I’ve created this look out of sheer boredom and decided not to wear foundation as I wasn’t going anywhere plus Estee Lauder DoubleWear is not to be wasted.


Below is Cara’s look for YSL:



I’ve used the following products that I’ve already had in my makeup bag:

-Mascara from Rubybox (Va Va Volume)

-Eyeliner from Black Up Cosmetics (Le Mat/Waterproof)

-Eye shadow palette from Palladio Silk FX (All-in-one herbal eye shadow) and I’ve only used the highlighter

-Brow This Way from Rimmel (Brow sculpting kit)

-Lip lacquer from Bourjois(Aqua laque 03)

-Wipes from Simple(really good for sensitive skin with vitamins, no alcohol/oil and no artificial perfume or colour and no harsh chemicals)


I started off with my brows as we all know that takes longer than anything. I strive to keep it as natural as possible as it really doesn’t require a lot of work. The only problem is they’re hardly ever twins or even sisters, always step sisters. I’ve tried to keep it as “bushy” as possible to emulate Cara’s brows.

The brow sculpting kit from Rimmel is really great with a wax formula that shapes, defines and fixes brows and a powder formula that sets the wax and gives a natural look to brows. It also contains a hard brush to define and shape brows, a soft brush to blend and a combing brush to perfect and comb. After completing the process I finish it off with some mascara to ensure it stays in place. Have a look at this video HERE as I use method 1.

I’ve dusted my eye lids with some powder to ensure that the eye shadow last for the duration of my “mini shoot” for the blog.

I simply applied the highlighter from the palette to my eyelids and followed with the eyeliner but ensured it’s winged out at the corner. This palette consists of really natural colours and you can use it for an earthier look. You can use a smudger like the one at the end of some eyeliner and just “mess up” your eyeliner a bit for that smudged/hungover look. My shade of blue is a bit darker though but it still worked really well with the gold.I followed it up with some Va Va Voom mascara and ended off with my pink lip gloss, voila!


Here’s Cara and my looks side by side, what do you think?






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