J Cole in SA- An extra cold experience

What do you get when you pair the ice cold refreshment of Castle Lite with a sizzling performance by the self-acclaimed King of modern hip hop, J Cole? The perfect hiatus for your weary, hip hop starved soul…one night…one city…one opportunity.

J Cole...

Castle Lite had announced earlier this week that they’ll be bringing J Cole to SA, which wouldn’t be a first for the artist as he was here in 2012. In just a few days, golden circle tickets were already sold out but Castle Lite announced that they’re making 1000 extra tickets available for fans. J Cole started rapping at the age of 12 but appeared on my radar with songs like Crooked Smile, Apparently and Power Trip ft Miguel and also back when he appeared on Beyonce’s single, Party. He first received recognition in 2007 following the release of his debut mixtape The Come Up. After the release he was contacted  Jay Z, who signed him to his record label, Roc Nation. In that same year, Cole released his second mixtape, The Warm Up, which was itself followed by Cole’s third mixtape, Friday Night Lights, in 2010.

I have to admit that I wasn’t really a fan (most people I know were fans by the way) until I listened to his latest album, 2014 Forest Hill Drive, which is a reference to the address of his childhood home. How do I decide whether I like a track or not? Firstly, the beat, I’m a sucker for a killer beat and secondly, the message that you’re conveying with your music, am I able to relate in some way to you through your music and also the confidence you have in yourself and your music. You can feel when music is from the heart and not from a “I gotta make that dough” perspective.  My favorite tracks were Wet Dreamz because it took me back to my high school days, the crushes, the stares in the hallway, the shivers when they say your name…No Rolemodelz because sadly I have to agree with him in his description of some women, I ain’t Slut shaming no one but you gotta admit, he’s not wrong…Love Yourz because it speaks to me from where I am now, I want more,bigger, better things and there’s nothing wrong with that. The realization though that there’s “No such thing as a life that’s better than yours” dawned on me as I realize that “It’s beauty in the struggle , ugliness in the success” and though I don’t have everything I want  “compared to some of my niggas down the block man we were blessed”

This is one concert that I know a lot of people are looking forward to and I can definitely see why. If you’re not in Johannesburg on 18 June 2016, you’ll definitely miss out. Concert will take place at The Dome (about 15 minutes from my house and NO that’s not an invitation :p ) and tickets are reasonable priced at R490 for Golden Circle and R250 General Access. Get your tickets now at www.castlelite.co.za to avoid dissapointment and serious FOMO. You may also enter for a chance to win an ice cold experience with the King of modern hip hop himself, no under 18’s allowed…sorry kiddo 🙂


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