#SAFW-Black and White

I’ve always loved SA Fashion Week , from the fashion on and off the ramp to the amazing atmosphere as like-minded individuals gather in the same vicinity. I also love the fact that they make us, as members of the media, feel welcome and appreciated. We get amazing goodie bags, passes, free drinks etc. so it’s an absolute pleasure working with them. Last night was my first attendance for the year AND I was running late so I missed the one show I really wanted to see: J.J Schoeman ‘s and judging by the pictures, it was phenomenal!

I got held up at the office, immersed in work and didn’t realize what time it was,sadly but we still made it in time for the last show of the night. I’ll cover that in my next post as this one is about me, yeah that’s not narcissistic at all. If you’re reading this and you’re a woman, you’d agree with me that there’s no way that you can do your makeup for a big event in 10 minutes and look presentable. Well some ladies are very good at this makeup thing, I’m not but that was the amount of time I had to do mine. I started off with Clarins Beauty Flash Balm after cleansing as I brushed my teeth. Then followed that up with Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation while putting on my shoes because my ride was due to arrive in 20 minutes. I used Rimmel Brow Kit, eyeliner and blusher and for my eyes I used a smokey eye kit by Bourjois. I exfoliated my lips with brown sugar and coconut oil while putting on my skirt, dabbed with a bit of Vaseline and finished off with a 2-in-1 lip liner from Black Up Cosmetics  that doubles as a matte lipstick and viola! I’m done. Below is the end result of my 10 minute makeup routine, not too shabby.


Moving along to my outfit: I’ve always worn dresses to more formal events and shorts to concerts, skirts never even featured in my options. My reason for that is a dress is simple, add shoes and accessories and you’re done. Skirts requires tops, the one things that I don’t really have but I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone. Last week I won an amazing black skirt with rose gold double sided zip from Brett Robson with  Tracy-Lee Rosslind from #TLRStyling and I really wanted to wear it as it was the perfect fit. Finding a top was a daunting task but I remembered a scarf I got from SA Fashion Week in my media bag last year and decided to wear it as a top, paired with a pair of Mr Price chunky heels and I was ready to go. No accessories required as the outfit speaks for itself. Might I add that it was the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn that’s not a wedge? I was literally running in them, standing around etc. and my feet didn’t hurt one bit and the best part is that I only paid R150 for it!

Here’s the picture of my outfit:


I had so much fun and got to meet the amazing Trevor Stuurman who’s work I’ve admired for the past 3 years, I felt like such a groupie!


Cruz Vodka made sure that our glasses weren’t empty so me and my girls had a fabulous time.


Goodies from SA Fashion Week which included amongst others a R600 Sunglass Hut voucher, hair voucher from Carlton, eco organizer from Lufthansa etc.

Do share your comments on my makeup, outfit or just say hi…


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