The wonder that is natural hair

It’s funny how the media have us believed that for hair to be considered beautiful it has to be straight, not curly and kinky. Naturalistas around the world has realized the potential and beauty that is their hair and a decline in relaxers sales across the globe had been noticed. I have naturally curly hair and for years I’ve straightened it because I didn’t have the courage to wear it as is. Four years ago I took the plunge and stopped using relaxers and eventually shaved it all off , the big chop. I haven’t had any regrets thus far and I’ve had so much fun trying out different styles like twist outs, bantu knots etc.

I’m a lazy naturalista, what that basically mean is that I don’t try out a lot of styles and usually stick to the easy ones that work for me. I know a lot of people that try every style under the sun and have a great deal of respect for them but I just don’t have the energy for it. Thus far I’ve only worn my curls as is or done an overnight twist out. After binge watching DIY tutorials for bantu knots, I’ve decided to take the plunge and try it on my own hair. I mixed water and conditioner to wet each section and applied homemade shea butter before twisting it. In order to secure it I used bobby pins, which was painful to say the least (I have a very sensitive scalp so I’ll be looking at other alternatives). I allowed it to dry overnight and went to sleep, which I might add was really uncomfortable. If you grew up with rollers like me, you’ll understand the torture. This is me with bantu knots, the goth makeup is just a lil extra as inspired by Rihanna. Picsart2016-14-4--12-00-33

I would seriously roam the streets like this but it might scare some people, especially late night. It took me about 30 minutes to do my hair but that was because it was twisted before so it took a few brushes and combs to tame it. The next morning I added some oil to my fingertips to loosen my hair (Amla and coconut, you can never have too much moisture) and separated each “bundle” into two. I sprayed it with some holding spray and tried my utmost best not to touch it again (it was difficult). I’m quite happy with the results and got a lot of compliments and some even asked for a tutorial (seriously considering it).

Taken with Lumia Selfie

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