How Dr Crawage restored my faith in dentists

I’ve never been afraid of dentists, I was the girl that had a perfect tooth extracted just because the dentist were at my school and my friends had theirs extracted.  I’m the same girl that had a root canal done and thought it was an absolute breeze. A few years ago my faith in dentists were shattered in the worst possible way. Long story short, I had to extract a tooth but even after receiving 3 injections, I could still feel everything. I was sent home with a week’s worth of antibiotics and scheduled to return. I couldn’t eat or sleep because of the pain and cursed my cannibalistic nature that requires me to have teeth which lead to this toothache situation. I returned the following week and received the usual one injection and it didn’t work. After the 5th injection I thought “screw this, I can’t handle anymore of this pain” and told her to go ahead and extract it. Let’s just say there was a lot of fighting happening with me holding onto her arm, scratching and swearing at her, the pain was beyond anything I could ever imagine. Eventually it was done and I left in tears, thoroughly traumatized.


Fast forward to a few months ago when I started having toothaches that left my face disfigured. By that I mean that the one side of my face resembled a balloon and the pain, man the pain was unbearable. I always thought I had a high threshold for pain but got kicked in the face by a tooth, literally. I made the decision to go to the dentist, despite my fears; I think it was the pain talking. I stumbled upon Dr D. R Crawage, a dental surgeon in Eldorado Park and decided to make an appointment, he turned out to be really affordable, big bonus. I’m nowhere near Eldorado Park (being in Northwold) but I had a gut feeling about him when I saw his name.

I arrived at his practise and felt really at home, not sure why. Whilst awaiting my turn I stressed, well that’s an understatement actually, I was sh!t scared and replayed my horror dentist experience over and over and over…I got called in and numbing cream were applied plus the injection were administered. I had to wait a few minutes for the injection to start working and got called in again. What I love about the atmosphere is that everyone makes you feel at ease, like you’re not even at the dentists’ office. They were having conversations as usual and that made me very comfortable. I closed my eyes as soon as he started; preparing myself for the pain but nothing, well a bit of pressure that I’ve been told was normal. The tooth was pulled in less than 5 minutes, literally…I mean when he put the cotton in I asked him “are we done?” and his response was “yes we are”. There I was, waiting for the agonizing pain to come and it didn’t. I’m scheduled for a cleaning next week and for the first time in a really long time I’m excited to go to the dentist. Dr Crawage is, in my book, the tooth whisperer and I honestly don’t mind having to go all the way to Eldorado Park for an appointment.

Dr D.R Crawage is based at 2 Osberg Street, Extension 2, Eldorado Park. Contact him on 011-945 3683 or email , his prices are very affordable and services are very competitive.



2 thoughts on “How Dr Crawage restored my faith in dentists

  1. I need to get this tooth extracted too… hope you are not kidding when you say he is gentle, you know I cannot for the life of me stand pain. I think I will bite the bullet and get over and done with. Happy nights to you 🙂

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