Avon matte lipstick-Berry Blast

When I heard Avon was launching a matte lipstick, I wasn’t very excited. Allow me to provide context to my statement: I have lips that absolutely hate matte lipstick as it dehydrates the life out of it. I know what you’re thinking; moisturize, scrub, prime…been there, done that..still had the cracks to show for it plus peeling is an uncomfortable reality for me. I had a look at the catalogue, just for the heck of it and fell in love with the colours they had available. Burgundies, purples, reds,pinks, all perfect for Autumn and my general moods. They had a 2-for-1 special (March) and if you know me, you’d know that was all the convincing I need. I ordered Berry Blast from their matte range and Vivid Violet from the Ultra Colour Rich range as I’ve used it before and loved the colour plus the fact that it’s SPF15. The total cost was R120, which is less than the price I usually pay for one lipstick.

According to their brochure their matte lipsticks “never cakes, cracks or compromises during wear. It has intense colour, lips look sculpted and defined hour after hour. It’s a comfortable, velvety smooth feel.”  When Ilse (Avon rep) delivered the lipsticks, things were so hectic at the office that I didn’t even get the chance to open it even though I was so excited. Got home later that evening and electricity was off due to loadshedding the entire day, thanks Eskom so I had to wait until the next morning.


Morning came and I did my usual preparation for matte lipsticks i.e homemade scrub which consist of coconut oil and brown sugar amongst others and finished off with Eos lipbalm. I applied the lipstick and was amazed at the colour, it was really intense and definitely sculpted my lips as I didn’t even use a lip liner. The container is really cool as it has a matte look (as in on a car) to it as well. I had it on for 3 hours and still no cracks, flaking or the usual urge to lick my lips that I always have when wearing matte lipsticks. It only came off a bit after lunch, well I ate half a pizza so I’m not surprised, but the colour was still there, not as vibrant but still very present. I’ve worn it for 2 consecutive days (Day 2 without Eos)  and I’m still really happy with it. I’ve decided to order 2 more, Wild Cherry and Red Supreme since it’s still R70 each for the month of April and in May it will return to normal price of R130.

Avon lips

As you can see in their April brochure, the colours are absolutely stunning. I’ve posted a picture of it on Facebook in a group called Beauty Swop or Sale and thus far it’s only been great reviews from those who tried it. It’s safe to say that this will be my go-to brand for matte lipsticks from now on and I won’t stop until I have all the colours (OK maybe not the nude as I don’t do nude lipsticks at all) Allow me to say this: Avon you did good, really good.


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