Perfect Mother’s Day cocktail with Chivas Regal Extra

If you’re anything like me, you won’t ever say no to cocktails, ever! It goes against everything girls’ night stand for and it’s one of the rules you should never break. If you think that was a bit dramatic, well frankly my dear, that was my intention. Chivas Regal came up with the perfect cocktail for  girls’ night as it could be celebrated at home and you can do it yourself. For this month though, we’ll dedicate it to our best friend, first love,confidant, source of strength, the one that always have our back, superwoman and basically every word in the dictionary that describes your mother. Since my mom doesn’t drink alcohol at all, I’ll make and enjoy this in her honour with love.

The perfect cocktail is not gracelessly overpowering, rather it complements and enhances all other ingredients with its sophisticated rick flavour, fruity notes and inviting amber glow, adding a little something extra to an otherwise conventional array of elements. For a little something extra that will take that girl’s night in or out from ordinary to extraordinary, look no further than a sultry, yet classy and rich Chivas Regal Extra-inspired cocktail.

Chivas Regal Extra is the latest edition to the exclusive and esteemed Chivas family, and a new favourite staple of mixologists worldwide. It’s unique blend of rare malts combined with whiskies matured in sherry casks from the Spanish Oloroso imbibe the Scotch with a luxuriant sweetness that echoes the tastes and aromas of ripe fruits in syrup, vanilla caramel, milk chocolate and creamy toffee and exotic spices.


The Velvet Bomb

Like every classic bombshell, this cocktail has depth. It’s smooth and textured with delicious layers of almond, nutmeg and Oloroso spice that perfectly twins with the world’s most exceptional Scotch.



  • 40ml Chivas Regal Extra
  • 15ml Dry Oloroso Sherry
  • 15ml Apricot Liqueur
  • 2ml Peach Bitters
  • 30ml Apple Juice
  • 5ml Amaretto
  • 5ml Cynar
  • 15ml Egg (white & yolk)
  • Nutmeg Spice




Mix your Chivas Regal Extra with apple juice and dry sherry. Add your apricot liqueur and a touch of peach bitters. Flip with a whole egg.  Then, shake with cubed ice and add a spray of nutmeg for a nutty finish.


Chivas Regal Extra – it’s that little something extra that makes a girl’s night extraordinary.


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