An ode to mothers…

Your first love, first hug, first friend…Nothing will ever compare to a mother’s unconditional love even though some may come close. This post is dedicated to all those unsung heroes, wingless angels and everyday Super Women. I’ve asked my friends, family and acquaintances to help me out by sharing what they love most or will always remember about their moms. I’ll start off by sending a special “Thank You” to my mom, Martha Pretorius.

Mom, thank you for not turning your back on me when everybody else did, you are my strength and my beacon and I can’t imagine a world without you.”

  •  Pat Shuttle all the way from LaFayette, Georgia said: “Words to live by from Mz SZU SZU my Mom. “Be kind and say nice things”


  • Fellow blogger,mom and wife, Charnelle Avontuur credits her mother-in-law that “taught me what it means to be a mother.”


  • Alicia wrote this heartfelt message about her mom: “My mother taught me what real friendship is. She still teaches me everyday about faithfulness, love and grace through her walk with God. she taught me that no matter what you never give up on people…..yes, you can decide to keep your distance but keep praying and keep believing in the Goodness that God placed inside of them. Above all she taught me about God and His Love for all His children. And I am yet to learn many more lessons from the woman who loved me first in this world. Rachel Arnoldus, the best mom ever.”


  • My gorgeous and ever optimistic colleague, Noleen said that her mom is “completely selfless, extraordinary and wise to a point where she amazes me. The word “can’t” doesn’t exist in her dictionary and I love and admire her for that.”


  • My bestie Melissa wrote: “My mom is truly my pillar of strength. After her stroke she still wants to do her motherly duties, even when she’s unable to .  She’d try it on her own and always tell me that if you ask for strength from God, He will provide. She is a true inspiration and I admire her willpower and strength everyday. I wish that one day I could be half the woman and mother she is to us.”


  • Stefan’s mom always says: “Respect everybody, you are not better than anyone and no one is better than you.”


  • Ntsiki was short and sweet when saying: “I’ve learned the hard way that my mother can knock me out.”


  • The gorgeous Khanyisile aka Lady_K said “My mother taught me that with God, all things are possible.”


  • From Madie Faith Magoro: “Dear DimanzoI would like to thank you for everything you’ve done and keep doing for me, all the little things I did and still do to piss you off but you still smile and show love. No woman can ever compare to you. I pray my future lady gets blessed with one of your qualities for mom you’re a remarkable soul and I’ll forever love and celebrate you!”


  • The gorgeous Thuto said “Thank you for teaching me how to find my inner strength, I have  thick skin because of you.


  • Tumi got all philosophical on me when saying, “A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one can take.”


A blessed Mother’s Day to everyone and I trust that you’ll have an amazing day. If you still have a mother, treasure her every day. For those who lost their mother, my deepest condolences and I sincerely hope that you have amazing memories that will ease the pain a bit. 



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