Pampered at The Laser Beautique

I’m a low maintenance kinda gal. I do my own nails, hair, makeup and waxing (if and when required) and my only weakness is shopping, most importantly shoes. I hardly have the time nor extra cash to spend on the “upkeep of my image” as I’d rather invest it in my mom or my shoes collection, don’t judge me. With my upcoming birthday and the impending feeling that my youth is escaping me, I decided to go for a facial as I got a voucher for an Active Rejuvenation Treatment from Rubybox and Nimue for participating in My Nimue journey….

I made an appointment with The Laser Beautique in Northcliff as they are closest to me and got booked with the lovely Nicole. To be quite honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I went for massages before but never been really comfortable with someone touching my face so this was a first.  I completed the usual paperwork to a point where I finally remembered my cellphone number by heart again (thank goodness) and then got escorted to our assigned room. Nicole did her best to make me feel at ease and the music really added to creating the perfect ambience. I stripped down and got under the fluffiest blanket ever, it made me want to fall asleep immediately. She started off by cleaning my face and I kinda relaxed. We started talking and I found out that she’s originally from England but has been living in South Africa for the past 18 years so she’s one of ours.

We started talking about politics, how things have changed in the country etc. definitely not your usual beauty talks and I really enjoyed it. She continued putting stuff (I have no idea what it was) on my face as we discussed the curious case of my name and surname. I’ve had many cases where I spoke to someone on the phone, gave them my name and surname and they would immediately switch to Afrikaans, which I obviously have no issue with. My issue is with the fact that people automatically assume I’m white and when they eventually meet me, they have this shocked expression on their face with the usual condescending smile that you give in an awkward situation. I had people asking me why I have a white Afrikaans name and surname countless times and I have no explanation for it. I’m not going to delve into my lineage to establish why because I honestly don’t care, this is the name I was given and that’s it, finish and klaar.

She humoured me with stories of her Afrikaans boyfriend, how she’s trying to learn the language, daily encounters with human beings etc. as she applied heat to my face. I was so relaxed that I wanted to drift off but I remained very aware of my surroundings, as usual. I don’t know how these ladies manage to feign or be interested in every single client they meet, make small talk etc. as I’m sure it’s exhausting but she did an amazing job. I felt relaxed and stress-free afterwards and that’s the best I felt in ages. I met Kerry, the owner of the salon and she’s a lovely human being. We spoke for a while about some of the other services they offer as I’m really interested in the laser hair removal, tired of waxing and shaving now, and she explained how the process works, cost involved etc. I left their premises with a smile and a rejuvenated face and I couldn’t be happier. Excellent service in any industry is a rarity nowadays but they’ve definitely excelled.

For more information on the services they offer and to find a salon closets to you, have a look at their website



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