Ombre lips with Avon and Rimmel

I love kaleidoscopes, the gorgeous use of colours always leaves me mesmerized. It was just a matter of time before individuals attempted that with makeup and the results were amazing! I’m no expert in the complicated yet amazing world of makeup hence I’m grateful for people that are and won’t mind sharing their knowledge. I’ve recently stumbled upon Beauty Swop or Sale, a Facebook group for makeup enthusiast created by the amazing Charnelle Avontuur from In the loop with Coco that boast over 10 000 members already. The members are extremely helpful, no cat fights and they always advise you on the best products that’s affordable to everyone. A good friend of mine did an ombre lip recently and I’ve decided to give it a try, here’s how it went down:

This is my face before the attempt and yes,I did my brows and eye makeup as I had a shoot later that day.

The colours I decided on was purple and coral as I thought the contrast would be really good. I had to exfoliate my lips first with my homemade scrub (brown sugar + coconut oil) as winter is not very kind to me. I started off with a EOS lip balm first then applied Vivid Violet from Avon on the “outer” part of my lips and finished off with Cheeky Coral by Rimmel on the “inner” part of my lips. I have to admit I was really sceptical about it but ended up like it…a lot. I didn’t wear it for the shoot though as I ate soon thereafter and forgot I was even wearing lipstick. Here’s the final result:

Do you think I nailed it?


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