Lookbook: Swimwear

Wearing swimwear has always been awkward to me. The whole “it feels like underwear but it isn’t yet it covers the same amount of skin” drove me crazy and I always ended up wearing a pair of shorts over my bikini at the beach. I would dare to walk around in a bikini at a swimming pool in my complex when no one else was around, yes that’s me. Nothing has changed though, I still only wear it when it’s me and my friends hanging out alone. The only exception was this shoot because it was the photographer and nature, that’s it. The crazy thing was that the shoot happened in winter…at a river…and it was cold! I shivered my way through it and I can honestly say I still don’t feel better about wearing a bikini BUT the pictures look decent and that’s all that matters at this stage.


I used to buy bikinis every month and promised myself that someday I’ll have the guts to wear it out in public, well there’s still time…I guess. I honestly don’t know where I bought the bottom from (different set)  but the top I got at a shop in Harties. The makeup details is the same as on my other 2 lookbooks as I didn’t have time or enough warmth to change looks.


This is one of my favourite shots as it’s very chilled, like me. To climb these slippery slopes called rocks was so much fun and I actually wanted to go hiking afterwards, go figure.


This was not a planned shot, as you can see. I was basically told, “look at me” which I did and bam! that happened. I look peeved off, which I was because it was so cold and the water felt like a bucket load of ice cubes was dropped in it. I can’t describe the immense relief I felt when it was over, the feeling of warm, woolly socks was the best!

I know it sounds like I didn’t enjoy this shoot but I really did, it was the wrong season but other than that, it was fun. I did another swimwear shoot, vintage no less and I’ll share that with you soon. Until then, keep warm 🙂


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