Iman Cosmetics-Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick

I got the amazing opportunity to attend the Iman Cosmetics E-commerce business site launch and of course we got some goodies to try out. This is my first time using any of the Iman products and so far I really like it. I’ve decided to review two shades from their luxury moisturizing lipstick i.e. Drama Queen and Diva and I absolutely love the names. The lipstick promises full coverage, long lasting and smooth finish paired with a luscious, creamy, semi-matte feel to it and they weren’t exaggerating. I’ve asked my colleague and friend, Noleen to assist me in showcasing what the colour looks like on really pale skin and she fell in love instantly. I decided to use an everyday approach to these pictures, without makeup as I didn’t want anything to distract from the colours (except the flowers but they worked really well with it)

This is Drama Queen:


It has a nice burgundy hue to it and is by far one of my favourite colours to wear on an everyday basis.

This is Noleen wearing Drama Queen:



This is me wearing Drama Queen:




The next shade is called Diva and it has a nice brown, earthy undertone.


This is Noleen wearing Diva:


And this is me wearing Diva:


You know how brands claim that their products are long wearing and they turn out to not be? Not with Iman, I had lunch (chesa nyama no less with chicken, pap, chakalaka, the works) and it stayed put. Even after a few drinks it stayed on and I absolutely love that.

This is Noleen after several attempts to remove it, which can either be a pro or con of the product (I personally feel it’s a pro if you want a long wearing lipstick)


I would say invest in either one of them, not both as the colours are very similar. Prices range between R185-R190 and are available from Stuttafords or online from ,happy shopping.



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