Women’s Month Competition with Iman Cosmetics Africa

Ladies we have entire month dedicated to and celebrated in our honour. Some of our younger generation might not know why we celebrate women in South Africa for an entire month but allow me (and Mail&Guardian) to school you:

In 1913, the first attempt to make black women in South Africa carry passes was made in the Orange Free State; black men had already been forced to carry reference documents for some decades. Passes were a symbol of black South African’s lack of freedom of movement and inability of its non-white citizens to reside and work where they wished. The resulting passive resistance protest was by a multi-racial group of women, from all walks of life, many of whom supported the recently formed South African Native National Congress, which became the African National Congress in 1923.

In March 1912, the Bantu Women’s League handed a petition with more than 5 000 signatures to Prime Minister Louis Botha. When Botha didn’t respond, a group of six women went to Cape Town to present their case to a sympathetic Henry Burton, Minister of Native Affairs, but a year later there was still no response. On May 28 1913, hundreds of women marched to the centre of Bloemfontein and demanded to speak to the mayor, who said his hands were tied. The next day the women marched into town again and protested by tearing up and burning their passes. During the two marches, 80 women were arrested and 34 of them served two months in prison.

South Africa commemorates Women’s Month in August as a tribute to the more than 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956 in protest against the extension of Pass Laws to women. The Government of South Africa declared August women’s month and 9 August is celebrated annually as Women’s Day. We’re all familiar, or should be, with the phrase “Wathint’ abafazi, wathint’ abafazi,wathint’ imbokodo,uza kufa!” which translate to “[When] you strike the women, you strike a rock, you will be crushed [you will die]!” which was the freedom song being sang by women during the march to the Union Buildings in 1956.

In celebration of all women, young and old, I’ve partnered with Iman Cosmetics Africa to bring you some stunning prizes to thank you for being you. First we have one of their amazing lip palettes, which are not sold in stores or online so you’d be one of the lucky few that could own one.

lip palette

The second prize for another stunning lady would be the amazing Iman Eye Con Kit


Product Description: (As per imancosmetics.co.za)

Now every woman can be an icon with this fabulous palette of four Luxury Eye Shadow Trios and coordinating Perfect Eye and Brow Pencils inspired by legendary looks created for Iman by her celebrity makeup artists!
Kit Includes:
Classic Smoky Luxury Eye Shadow Trio
Golden Romance Luxury Eye Shadow Trio
Edgy Emerald Luxury Eye Shadow Trio
Cool Violet Luxury Eye Shadow Trio
Jet Black Perfect Eye Pencil

How to enter:

The prize consist of 1x lip palette and 1x Eye Con Kit and I will draw 2 winners. The following steps need to be completed in order to qualify for the draw:

Follow Iman Cosmetics Africa on the following social platforms:

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Leave your username/handle in the comments section for quality purposes. Closing date is 31 August 2016 at midnight, good luck beauties 🙂 If you’d like to share this competition, kindly use the handles #ImanAfrica and #MissPretorius. Competition open to SA residents only.

Disclaimer: Women’s Day information obtained from Mail&Guardian



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