A few of my favourite things (hair care)

I’ve done a similar post recently about my favourite skincare products at the moment so I’d like to list my hair care favourites. I’ve been in a transitioning stage with my hair, done the big chop almost 2 years ago and I’m still struggling to find my feet in terms of dealing with my naturally curly hair. I’ve used so many products before but the ones I’m about to list became my go-to products.


Let’s start with the shampoo and conditioner: I’ve fallen in love with the Ultimate Blends range from Garnier and I won’t do the usual raving as I’ve already done so here but I can assure you that it’s a worthy investment. It leaves my hair soft and manageable which is imperative for naturalistas as detangling is a painful process.

I’ve recently been introduced to the Avon Advanced Techniques volume and curl mousse and it’s amazing! Unfortunately it was the end of range and I only got one bottle 😦 I’ve used it last week when I did a bantu knot and the “curls” lasted for over a week, which was a first. I usually use my shea butter on it’s own or add Dark and Lovely Amla legend oil of 7 wonders to the mix but the curls usually fade when I go to sleep. Not this time though, I went to sleep as per usual, I had people touching it all the time (why do they do that?) and it lasted.

I also used a sample of the Asili hair and skin butter I got at the Iman Cosmetics event and I love it! It’s very fragrant and left my hair  really soft and made detangling so much easier. Their prices range between R35-R150 and it’s definitely worth it.


This is my bantu knot, day 1 look and day 7:

-The Dark and Lovely scalp soother for braids and weaves I use to combat itchiness even without braids and it works really well.

-The ORS olive oil hairspray is my go-to sealant as it provides an amazing sheen to my finished hairstyle and it’s not very oily, which I love.I also use  a serum from Avon for added shine when needed.

-I recently saw the new Afri True range, which is exclusively designed by Clicks for ethnic hair. I only bought the deep conditioning treatment, which was reasonably priced at R16 and it’s been amazing thus far. The entire range has argan, coconut, jojoba and olive oils as part of the ingredients, which is a win-win situation for naturalistas as we’re always looking for products with these essential oils.

-I also love the Hair Rescue masks/hot oil treatments etc. from Clicks as it’s really affordable and the results are really good. I always make sure that I at least have one of them in my bathroom, just in case. At this moment I have the hot oil treatment, which I will use later on in an attempt to lift the colour I currently have (I wanted grey, left the dye on for too long so I’m a mermaid now).

-Naturalistas would agree that detangling is a mission but a wide-tooth comb is always a winner so is a tangle teezer. I bought this little cutie from Clicks (notice a pattern?) for about R25 and it made detangling a breeze! My hair is very curly, which I love on a normal day but NOT on wash day. With this baby by my side there’s no more tears (trust me, there used to be a lot) and I would definitely recommend it to my natural sisters.


There you have it, this is just some of my favourite products at the moment and they’re all available from Clicks except for the Avon products of course, which you can get from a consultant.

PS. I haven’t used heat in a while so I haven’t the opportunity to review the Avon Advanced Techniques spray as it need to be applied before styling.


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