Benefit #Browbestie party

I was fortunate enough to win a #browbestie party with Benefit Cosmetics and even though I had no idea what it would entail, I was excited.

Benefit is a San Francisco based company that was co-founded by sisters Jean and Jane Ford in 1976. Their mantra is ‘make-up doesn’t have to be serious to look good’ and this has set the tone and overall theme for their cosmetic brand. Their fun-loving, playful and somewhat cheeky attitude towards beauty is reflected in their products. They’ve returned to South Africa in 2015 and it was a happy day for all makeup lovers. Funny enough, I’ve done a shoot back in 2012/13 with photographer Derek Serra and my entire look was created by using Benefit products and it looked amazing!


Back to the present: I had to round up 4 friends to go with me and that in itself was a mission! Conflicting schedules was the main culprit and I had to postpone a few times to accommodate everyone until I decided that I’ll take whomever is available as I really wanted to find out what a #browbestie party is. We eventually decided on last week Friday at Edgars, Clearwater and 2 ladies were unable to make it as they got the time wrong 😦  Myself, Lerato and Lorraine went and had so much fun! Our wonderful host and makeup artist for the day was Ramon and he was amazing, their best kept secret! We decided to use Lorraine as the model as she has sparse eyebrows and I wanted to see him work his magic.

This is before Ramon:


This is after Ramon:


He completed her look with the Sunbeam highlighter and Cha Cha tint, which he used as a blush and lipgloss. The history behind the Benetint is quite interesting as it was originally created for exotic dancers to apply on their areolas to be reflected under the light. Today it’s used as a lip and cheek tint, which is totally worth the R385 you will spend on it. He also applied Rollerlash mascara and the pushup eyeliner in purple to complete her look.

It’s such a natural look and I absolutely love it!


My favourite products for the day has to be the They’re Real mascara


Pushup liner in black


Girl meets Pearl highlighter and Gimme brow volumising fibre gel.


We received cupcakes and appletiser through the session, which was adorable and left with a goodie bag, which contained samples of my new favourite products.IMG_3826

Overall we had an amazing experience and Lorraine even made an appointment to have her makeup done for a wedding, that’s how impressed she was. I can’t wait to start investing in some Benefit goodies as it will definitely worth it. Thank you for an amazingly informative day xoxo

FullSizeRender (1)

A big thank you to Ramon for hosting us, you were amazing!

Benefit products are exclusively available at selected Edgars and Red Square stores.


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