Avon matte lipsticks-my experience…

I’ll be honest and admit that I’m one of those individuals that totally raves if I find a product that works for me. I allow myself a month, which I think is sufficient time for outbreaks, allergic reactions etc. before adding it to my “holy grail” list. My list is really short as I’m always surprised when a product can stay on there for over a year.

I’ve done a review about Avon’s matte lipsticks as I really loved it at the time and even invested in 4 colours as it didn’t have the usual matte feel to it. I always struggle with “winter lips” which includes cracking, peeling etc. and use a homemade scrub daily to exfoliate. I’ve recently learned that the aftercare products from Tattoo Addict are actually perfect for winter lips as it contains beeswax, which in turn are anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and locks in moisture. You get this little baby after you’ve had a tattoo done as it speeds up the healing process. I’ve been using it every day since and totally love it.

Tattoo addict.jpg

I’ve never really taken others people’s word in terms of the end results of a product. It influences me to do my own research but if I testify to something it would have to be because I’ve experienced it myself. I’ve used Avon lipsticks for a while now and never had any problems with it at all. I however realised that my “winter lips” got worse after about 2 months of using the matte range. At first I shrugged it off  but realised that the skin on my bottom lip was hard, like scaly-ish and I could literally remove the skin, often accompanied by bleeding. I’ve decided to stop using it and only used the beeswax on my lips and saw an improvement after a few days. For the next few weeks I only wore lip gloss or EOS balm and decided to give the matte range another chance after my lips returned to normal. Same thing happened, less than an hour into wearing it and I realised that it has to be the lipstick, sadly.

I’ve been contemplating about whether I should write this post and I decided not to do it until 2 of my friends, who bought the matte lipsticks after reading my blog, asked me if I’m experiencing anything like that. I couldn’t deny it and I felt really bad because they bought it because of me. I don’t think it has the same effect on everyone, or actually I really hope it doesn’t but unfortunately my love affair with the Avon matte range has to come to an end for the preservation of my lips. I’m really going to miss the intense colour pigmentation and the matte look without the dehydrating feel. If you’ve had a similar experience let me know in the comments, also recommend a matte lipstick I can try as I really love matte lipsticks.


4 thoughts on “Avon matte lipsticks-my experience…

    1. Thanks love, I will definitely look into it. Now I’m stuck with the Avon ones and don’t want to give it to someone because of what happened to me, my conscience won’t let me sleep, well I already only fall asleep after 1 am so don’t want to mess with that :p

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