Lookbook: Vintage swimwear

I’ve done a few shoots a while back, actually it was 2 shoots with a few outfit changes, in the heart of winter. I’ve tried to share as many of the pictures with you as I can but actually realised that I haven’t even shared half of it so here’s a new one. I’ve always wanted a high-waisted, vintage bathing suit but at the time it was to hide my piercing and tattoos. When I eventually managed to get one from Sam’s Dressing Room I fell in love with it for all the right reason. The polka dots reminded me of the 50’s, an era where timeless elegance and fashion were the order of the day.

I’ve decided on a simple makeup look where the bold red lip was the focus. Products used were as follows: I started off with Clarins beauty flash balm as I love the way my skin feels after applying it. I moved on to my foundation, Double Wear from Estee Lauder in Rich Ginger, followed by translucent powder to set it and highlighter by BeautyTrends. On my eyes I used the Palladio palette as mentioned here with mascara, liquid liner and eye pencil from Rimmel and set it all with Alila makeup setting spray as mentioned here. Oh and the lipstick I wore is called Red Supreme from Avon’s new matte range, which I absolutely love as raved about here.


The one things I love about this swimsuit is that it’s suitable for anyone, whether you want to go back to a different era or hide the winter rolls, it will work for you. The polka dots and buttons on the bottom provide such cohesiveness to this look and I love it.


One of the props I’ve used was a vintage hat case that I’ve inherited from my late aunt. I remember when I returned from Oudtshoorn with it and everywhere I went people asked   me about it as they wanted to purchase their own. It’s quite funny when you think about it, things that we’ve considered old and riddled with moth balls from our grandparents are now in such demand.


I’m quite proud of how this shoot turned out as this was the one I was most worried about, not sure why. Let me know in the comments if you would ever wear it or just share the vintage heirlooms you got from family with me.


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