Cape Town-the 6-part series

I’ve always loved Deon Meyer’s work. He’s one of the best thriller novelist in the world and his work has been translated into 20 languages plus he has written a lot of scripts for television and film. I love watching Universal Channel as NCIS, CSI:NY, Cold Case,Law&Order: SVU among others count as some of my favourite series’ and they’re all on Universal (Channel 117). For the past few weeks I’ve seen the “trailers” for Cape Town, a new six part series based on Deon Meyer’s “Dead Before Dying” and set in Cape Town, on-screen and I was curious yet excited for it to start.

The first episode kicked off last night at 20:50 and didn’t disappoint. Before I get into the storyline and cast, allow me to say that I love watching series’ but I’m not the binge watching type. My life need to have a schedule, especially where TV is concerned because I like the anticipation of having to wait a week to see what’s going to happen. A lot of my friends don’t get it and my explanation usually don’t make sense to them, which I understand but I feel that we all have our ways and this is mine. Back to Cape Town:

The series follow alcoholic detective Mat Joubert, played by Norwegian actor Trond Espen Seim who’s dealing with his own demons after his wife, also a police officer, was murdered. The first episode features flashbacks of their time together and towards the end, the scene where she’s lying dead in bed with her lover, implies that Mat may have killed them as he has blood on his hands. He teams up with SoulFood’s Boris Kodjoe who plays the role of Sanct Snook, a former Hawks unit investigator. Their first murder scene is that of a young European women beaten to death with signs of sexual assault. They find a passport on her but later discover that it belongs to someone else.

South African actor Jody Abrahams  plays the role of captain Bart de Wit who’s forcing these two reluctant individuals to work together. The second murder scene has a bit of a twist to it with the victim sporting an Albert Einstein  mask, which suggest a deeper meaning to the killing. Upon speaking to the victim’s wife, played by Mary_Ann Barlow from Isidingo, it’s established that he sometimes stayed out late and upon further investigation an affair with a younger woman is uncovered.

Earlier on, leading up to the murder of the young woman, we see her out on a boat having fun with her friends, which ended at a party and eventually led to her death there. Isolda Dychauk plays her wide-eyed friend, Irena Krol who sparks in interest (not sure what yet) from Robin van Rees, played by The Mummy actor Arnold Vosloo and Norbert Wernicke, played by Axel Milberg.

To be quite honest I thought there would be more South African actors or that one of the lead characters would be as it plays of in Cape Town…South Africa. The other South African actors featured, except for Jody, Mary-Ann and Arnold are veteran Ian Roberts as Gerbrand Vos,  Colin Moss, Irshaad Ally from Four Corners and Jessica Haines. Cape Town  is written by Anna Tebbe and executively produced by Zeljko Karajica, Klaus Zimmermann and Daniel March. I’m quite excited to see how this series will pan out and there’s a part of me that wished it was the usual 13 episodes as I’m already hooked.


2 thoughts on “Cape Town-the 6-part series

  1. Melanie, can we watch tv together sometime? You listed my favourite shows and Channel. I loved the first episode but you’re right SA actors would be so much better. Boris’ accent is not good I would preferred subtitles to understand what he’s saying. I will be adding Deon Meyer on my reading list

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    1. It’s always so amazing to find people who love the same shows as I do, it hardly ever happens 🙂 We should definitely watch TV together soon. I love Boris but I’ll be honest in saying there’s so many SA actors that would’ve made the character more believable. That being said Tront is actually doing a great job and I didn’t realise from the onset he’s not from here so kudos to him.

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