#MACARTOFTHELIP street party

I didn’t really have plans for Heritage Day this year, well I had one that involved my couch, movies and popcorn the whole day until I stumbled upon a poster on Cosmopolitan SA‘s Facebook page about a MAC street party in Braamfontein and I was immediately intrigued. As per the poster, entry was free and you could bring a bestie with to join and I thought to myself, why not? Sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Cosmo gave us an opportunity to motivate why we should be hanging out in VIP and I won a double ticket for myself and Lerato, whom I hang out with at Fashion week as well.

We arrived shortly after 15hoo, well we somehow got lost and she still had some meetings to attend…on a public holiday. The first thing I’ve noticed upon arrival were the colourful outfits donned by the models and the amazing art that were their makeup. We were without a doubt at the right place as the registration desk were right next to MAC’s latest store on the corner of Melle and De Korte street. After obtaining our VIP tags we were given the opportunity to try on makeup but it was so packed we wisely decided to continue our journey towards the cab. Speaking of cabs, as a VIP guest you were driven in these cabs that sported the same lip motif as the poster and the staff’s shirts. Given we were just driven around the corner, it still made you feel special.IMG_6129.JPG

We arrived in the VIP section to the sounds of DJ Switch on the decks and he brought back so much memories as he focussed on old school R&B and Hip Hop. From the bar you could order whatever your heart desired (if they had it in stock) and your hunger were stilled with some really cool snacks carried by gorgeous guys on lip-shaped trays. Anything from lip-printed biscuits to sushi, they were serving it.

DJ Switch handed over to talented Twins on Deck who continued with amazing music while guests sipped on drinks, taking selfies to give everyone else major FOMO or making new friends.


The highlight for me was definitely when the talented drag queen, Manila von Teez took to stage in a gorgeous gown, which turned out to be two of her dancers. I was absolutely mesmerized as I watched them on stage and nearly screamed my lungs out when she recreated Jennifer Lopez‘ AMAs 2015 performance. Her rendition of Meghan Trainor’s Lips are movin’ was quite something and it’s definitely one performance I won’t forget, ever.

Fifi Cooper took to stage next to perform some of her hits, followed by the one and only AKA, at which stage I unfortunately had to leave to attend my next event. Yes, I went from someone with no plans to having two events on one day and I enjoyed both. My review on the Rock, Folk and Blues show with Dan Patlansky and friends will be up soon.

A special thank you to Cosmopolitan SA for the VIP passes and Lerato for accompanying me.



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