Curl Chemistry: Curl Activating Cream

Before embarking on this natural hair journey I was always baffled by people’s creativity with natural hair. The gorgeous curls, intricate hairstyles and endless amounts of products confused me endlessly and for a long time  I avoided returning to my roots because of that. I decided to stick to what I knew best, creamy crack, hair dryers and hair irons as that was my illusion of a safe haven. After taking the plunge to return to the natural path, my hair rebelled for quite some time and I often had to give myself a peptalk else I would’ve returned to using relaxers as it made it so much easier. The products that I used to love no longer worked for me and I had to embark on a quest to find products that will feed my natural hair.


There’s a few I’ve found but I won’t refer to them as my “holy grail” as there’s still room for improvement. Currently I love the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale range and a few other products as mentioned here but if there’s one product I’ve wanted to try for a while, it’s the curl activating cream, produced and manufactured locally by Curl Chemistry. The purchasing process was quite easy as I send them a message on Facebook and had a chat with Liesl Katzen about the price and postage option as they’re based in Cape Town. I ordered Wednesday evening and when I got home yesterday (Monday) it was waiting for me. I’ve never been excited for wash day, ever but last night I was. Liesl did a video about her wash routine, which included a co-wash and I was eager to try that for the first time. I used Avon’s Moroccan argan oil conditioner and it did it very good job. I dried my hair with an old T-shirt, as I’ve been doing for over 2 years now (take note ladies) sectioned it and applied the cream.I’ve decided to do single twists for the first time and absolutely loved the results.

About the product:

This curl activating cream is packed with ingredients that moisturize curly and kinky hair. It contains coconut oil,shea butter,olive oil, castor oil and argon oil that promotes hair growth and help tame frizz. I have very dry hair and the shea butter provides moisture, repairs natural hair breakage and helps soothe dandruff whereas the coconut oil adds luster, shine and softness to your hair. It contains pomegranate extract, which provides a pleasant smell. I loved the consistency of it as it’s not too thick and doesn’t leave a white residue on your hair. The packaging is quite cute, white jar with pink and purple accents and I’m a fan of the font being used on the label.

Price and shipping options: 

This product retails for R95 and I paid an extra R50 for postage to Johannesburg. If you’re in Cape Town you can obviously arrange for pickup. For other areas you can contact them directly via Facebook to discuss shipping options and prices.

My results:

This is the single twists I did last night, excuse the poor quality of the picture 😉

This morning I just undid the twists and used a moisterising sheen spray from ORS and went my merry way. Everyone at the office has been complimenting me on my hair, asking me how I achieved it and couldn’t believe it was that simple. I have become that person who’s hair someone would look at and think “I could never achieve that” not knowing how easy it is.


This is my first hairstyle using the curl activating cream but it’s already a solid 10/10 in my books.

4 thoughts on “Curl Chemistry: Curl Activating Cream

  1. Good morning MissPretorius. I recently decided to transition and this was the first products that I got. I am also loving it. Your hair is gorgeous! Love your colour. I will never have the courage to wear a colour so bright, but it suits you perfectly.

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    1. Thank you Theollalangenhoven for your kind words. I’m so glad that you’ve decided to embrace and return to your roots, that’s always good news. The Curl Chemistry is really great and I’m planning on getting the rest of their range soon. I love bright colours as it puts the focus on my hair, which is always a conversation starter as most people feel that hair dye is harmful and the only way you can achieve such a colour are with harmful chemicals. My hair has been blue, green and turquoise since that picture haha and I’m doing light green UV this week for Rage so never a dull moment.


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