Iman Cosmetics+Reloaded Online= #RockMyBoat

Sundays are usually my days for lazing around, refuelling for the week to come. I try to avoid doing anything, let alone events…unless it’s a car show, car shows I’ll always do, always. This past Sunday I was invited by Reloaded Mag SA to participate in a boat cruise in Harties sponsored by Iman Cosmetics and I couldn’t refuse. I’ve been a fan of Iman,the supermodel for years and the story on how she started her own makeup and skin care range has always been really inspiring to me. I was fortunate enough to be invited when their e-commerce site was launched here in South Africa and I’ve loved their products ever since.


Reloaded Mag SA teamed up with Iman Cosmetics Africa to bring its readers the #RockMyBoat experience at Harties and it didn’t disappoint. We arrived at No1 Waterfront, our hosts for the day. For those of you who had never heard of them, they are a Cataraman catering to corporate events, personal/private parties or a day out for the family on Hartbeespoort Dam. Upon arrival, we couldn’t believe how picturesque the view was from the house and immediately started taking pictures, as humans tend to do nowadays. We were welcomed by the gorgeous Pauline de Witt from Iman and the one and only fragrance queen, Liz Ferrett. A welcome spread of finger food and drinks were awaiting us while we mingled and drank in the gorgeous view.


One of my personal highlights were definitely the informative talk Liz Ferrett, also known as the Fragrance_Queen. Here’s a few things I’ve learned from her:

  • Never buy fragrance in the morning, if it’s for yourself.
  • The way our moms and aunts used to spray perfume on their wrists, then rub it together is wrong because you’re compromising the smell.
  • You can wear up to 3 fragrances at a time.
  • Allow at least 30 minutes for the fragrance to reach the base note before you decide that it’s the perfect fragrance for you.
  • Fragrances have a top/head note, which is the first smell immediately after application. The middle/heart note will usually surface after about 10-15 minutes and the base/soul note of the fragrance will surface after about 30 minutes. Wait for all .these before you make a decision.
  • Layering is important to make the fragrance last. You don’t necessarily have to buy the body lotion of a fragrance to achieve this, any good moisturizer will do.
  • Apply fragrance  to the “warm” parts of your body to make it last long longer eg. your inner arm, behind you ears and at the back of your knees…never on your chest as it aids pigmentation and aging.
  • Your fragrance says a lot about you, eg. I like fresh scents like Issey Miyake and that automatically translate to someone who have a no-nonsense approach to life.
  • The fragrance wheel consist of floral, oriental, fresh and woody but often times you’ll find notes of one in the other, eg. woody oriental,floral oriental etc.
  • If you want a long-lasting fragrance do invest in a Parfum as it has a 20-30% concentration and lasts for up to 6-8 hours. Eau de Parfum has a 15-20% concentration and lasts for 4-5 hours. For men Eau de Toilette has a 5-15% concentration and lasts 2-3 hours and Eau de Cologne has a 2-4% concentration and lasts up to 2 hours.


Next up we had a talk by the amazing Pauline de Witt from Iman with products application for 2 lucky ladies. She took us through the different foundations and coverage as well as much-needed brow lessons as today everything is about “brows on fleek”. One thing that stood out for me was how pigmented their glosses are i.e. the shade will look the same on anyone regardless of skin colour and we put that to test and it worked. Another one was how amazing their liquid radiance foundation and the amazing coverage their cover cream concealer had, it even covered Naledi’s birthmark! The most important thing I’ve learned from Pauline was that you shouldn’t buy a foundation with an SPF as it alters the consistency and shade, rather buy sunscreen separate and apply before foundation.


After our fragrance and makeup talk, we head to the boat called De Jagter III where we were welcomed by the crew and their cute dog, Chloe. Once again we were provided with snacks and drinks and were warned to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. We headed onto the deck for pictures and it was also where I spend most of my time as I absolutely loved it. Music ranged from Rihanna to Kwesta and I have to applaud the crew for taking into consideration the possible music taste our group might have and for being absolutely amazing throughout. We were lazing around on the boat for over 2 hours and it was really amazing. My previous times on the dam has always been with a speedboat so this was a nice change of pace.


We were all exhausted afterwards as we head back to shore, thanked our hosts before we embarked on our journey back to Johannesburg. We all had a really fulfilling time and this day exceeded all our expectations. A heartfelt thank you to Pauline de Witt for Iman CosmeticsReloaded Mag SANo1 Waterfront and the Fragrance Queen Lizz Ferrett for an amazing day, we truly appreciate it.


3 thoughts on “Iman Cosmetics+Reloaded Online= #RockMyBoat

  1. Wow – I swear I was 💚 with envy 😆 when I followed the event on Twitter! IMAN AFRICA/Omega Cosmetics (Pauline) and our very own Fragrance Queen (Liz) are awesome! As I know so much more about IMAN as well as The Fragrance Queen. Dying to win a bottle of Perfume as I am almost out of what I have, a few more spritzes and i’m done!
    You must have had amazing goodie-bags foe the event! Whoop whoop 😗.
    Such knowledgeable Ladies about their products!

    Yup I recall in the xold days’ when I saw someone trying out a new fragrance I always DONT RUB IT IN, I swear they think I an screeching at then😂 😂 😂

    Most of what you have said about learning from Liz I am aware of being a Fragrance Lover, like freakily so!!

    Awesome #ProTips from Pauline.

    Years ago we had an extremely wild and awesome party on the same boat at Harties. .. what a JoL!

    Stay well, honey! 🌷

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