My lipgloss is poppin’, my lipgloss is cool!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fan of wearing lipgloss. Something about it just takes me back to primary and high school, not sure if it’s the shine or the fact that it serves as a constant reminder that I was one of those girls that used to wear it layer upon layer *cringe* and ended up looking like a glazed donut in the worst possible way.

Fast forward to my adult years, or attempt at, and I’ve decided to give it another shot, this time more responsibly. I’ve tried out a few brands, both affordable and ridiculously expensive *commence eyerolling* and I still haven’t found a lipgloss I’d write home about. I think it had a lot to do with my mental state and not the products itself  but who wants to blame themselves, right? Some of the problems I’ve had was that I would love the consistency but not the smell of certain glosses, others I would love the colours but not the formula etc. I’ve decided to stick to lip balms in the meantime, which worked for me but the constant longing for “the gloss’ was always there. Side note: I bet you sang the title of this post in your best Lil’ Mama voice, right? If not, you’re either too old or too young to get it.

Rewind back to about a week ago (another song title in there) as I’m strolling the aisles of Clicks, stocking up on essentials for my mom and I stopped at the Essence stand. I was initially looking for concealer as my seemingly incurable insomnia has left it’s mark on me but couldn’t find my shade, sadly. I’ve been aching to try out their Matt, matt, matt lipglosses but those were sold out, sadly 😦 I’m not sure what attracted me to the XXXL Shine lipglosses because the only glosses left were pink ones and I don’t do pink. I think it was because the colour were more mauve than pink? Point is I picked it, looked at it and thought; “I could so rock this” and I ended up buying it. This shade is 07 Big Night Out, has a metalic finish to it and I fell in love the second I applied it.


First thing I realised when applying the gloss was that I love the smell and the applicator. The colour took some getting used to but I love the consistency and the fact that it’s non-sticky. The bonus point for me was that I wore it for over 3 hours and it still looked and felt amazing. I love long wear products as I often forget to reapply products (don’t ask me why) so this is perfect for me. I think the beautiful people at Essence should advertised it as longwear but eventhough they’re not, it’s a welcome surprise.

lipgloss me.jpg

Yes, that’s me after wearing this gloss for almost 4 hours and yes I’m not wearing a stitch of makeup because my insomnia kept me up until 4 am this morning. You know what the best part is about this lipgloss? It’s only R39,99 which is totally affordable and worth it. Run to your nearest Clicks and get yours now, I think they have a 3 for 2 special on all makeup products at the moment.


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