Avon Mystery Pack

I love a bargain as much as the next person, well maybe a little more. I’m always on the lookout for great deals that not only provide value for money but quality products as well. In Afrikaans we have a saying, “goedkoop koop is duur koop” which loosely translate to “buying cheap is an expensive sale“, which basically mean that the damage caused by a “bargain” could be irreparable. The most prominent example that comes to mind for me is buying replica makeup. You might think that you’re saving money or scoring a great deal when your skin would actually suffer the consequences. That however is a rant for another day.

My purpose for this post is to unpack the Avon mystery pack with you as promised on my page. This is my  second time buying the pack but the first time around I send everything to my mom except the showergel and nail polish featured here I purchased it from an Avon representative after having a collective purchase of about R500 with some colleagues. The pack retails for R229 and contains different goodies every month. I bought this one in December and went on holiday before it arrived hence the late unpacking, it was kinda like a belated Christmas prezzie to myself. Let’s have a look at the contents,shall we?


Advanced Techniques Beauty Balm

I’ve used the treatment mask of this range for my hair and absolutely loved it. The beauty balm will provide your hair with the following 10 benefits (if used in conjunction with the shampoo,conditioner and mask):

  • Conditions
  • Protects
  • Nourishes
  • Improves shine
  • Anti humidity
  • Smoothes
  • Seals
  • control frizz
  • Silkens
  • Eases styling

Avon Care cocoa butter hand cream

I’ve used a few of the hand creams before and been a huge fan ever since. I don’t really like the cocoa butter smell but I won’t knock this hand cream down before I’ve tried it.This is a revitalising moisture hand cream with cocoa butter and vitamin E that’s hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologist so it can’t be that bad.

Conditioning eye makeup remover

My eyes are  my main concern because they’re very sensitive so I have to ensure that what I use to remove eye makeup won’t irritate or burn. I’m currently using Johnson’s baby wipes or micellar water but I’ll try this out and do a review for my fellow sensitive-eyed ladies.

Unique Rose EDT (50ml)

The only fragrance I’ve fallen in love with from Avon had been Rare Pearls. I’m the type pf person that currently own over 15 fragrances and only uses about 3. Some fragrances have the tendency to worsen my migraines or even start it so I’m quite wary of trying a new fragrance.I’ve never smelled Unique Rose but I’ll definitely try it soon.

Shower creme (oriental orchid&raspberry)

I’ve ordered this specific shower creme before and loved it. I’m a shower-in-the-morning and bath-in-the-evening type of girl so I need something fresh that will awaken my senses in the morning and this is definitely one of the cremes I tend to reach for a lot.

Avon Sport Pure Victory deo

This one’s for the boys, obviously and I’ll find a suitable male to gift it to 😉

X-series Recharge for men (50ml)

Another one for the boys, same principle apply as above.

Gold fancy faceted bracelet

I’m not a fan of “arm candy” at all because I have really skinny arms and everything tend to either fall off or move around.This bracelet is a perfect fit as can be adjusted but it’s gold in colour, not a fan and I don’t know if it’ll turn black or turn my skin green after a while. I’ll wear it once or twice with the right outfit to see how it goes.

Colortrend eyeshadow duo in Cabana Shine

I’m not an eyeshadow type of girl but I do like the green in this duo. It has a carnival vibe to it, which works for me. The other colour is yellow though and I’m not too sure what I should do with it as it’s not exactly a “workable” colour for me.

Magic Effect nail polish matte (white)

This was probably the one item I was most excited about. I’ve always wanted to try white nailpolish, on its own but never really had the guts. The fact that it’s matte added to the appeal, can’t wait to try this out.

Colortrend Eyeshadow pencils (aquamarine and pastel plum)

This will be my first time trying out these non-retractable eyeshadow pencils and fortunately it’s in colours that I’d actually wear.

Ultra glazewear lip gloss (Iced pink and Legendary red)

I’ve always loved the Avon glosses because I haven’t had any bad experiences with it yet. I’ve never been a fan of lipgloss as mentioned here but I’ve found a few favourites like Essence, NYX and Avon thus far. The fact that there’s a red one in warms my heart in ways you won’t understand.

In total it’s 14 items with a combined cost of just under R1000 for just R229. My Avon lady is Ilse and can be contacted on 0824423309 if you’re in the Northern side of Johannesburg.


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