Valentine’s Day lookbook with Miss Jones #MRPMyStyle

Valentine’s Day is all about red and white, whether you like it or not. Red is the colour of passion, desire and love so it’s fitting that on this day, red items would be the go-to outfit essentials.  I personally love red lipstick and hair, that’s about it. I own a few red items but won’t wear it on Valentine’s Day, ever. Once in a while, however, you find a red and white item that you love and would consider wearing on Valentine’s day, possibly or to a Valentine’s Day event, even if it’s not on the 14th.

The item in question is this adorable red and white crop top from Mr Price which I got for about R50. I bought it quite some time ago so I doubt you’d still find it. What attracted me to it was the polkadots (I’m not usually a fan) but it had a vintage, pin up feel to it. How awesome is it when you and a friend have the same taste in clothes AND she does awesome shoots to showcase how to wear it? The friend in question is the amazing Miss Jones aka Robyn Lesley Jones, model, presenter and overall awesome human being. She’s one of the most bubbly, down-to-earth people you’ll meet and she’s a fierce representation of “Team Petite”.


I love how she paired the same print (polkadots) together, in different colours. Most people would stay away from it because they’d think it won’t work but here’s prove that it does.


Pair it with some cheeky shorts, if you have legs that goes on forever like Miss Jones.


To stay true to the pin up feel of the top, she paired a dramatic cat eye with red lips which work so well. Can we have a moment for that gorgeous hairstyle though?


This is an alternative way to wear the top, which I personally love and you can team it up with jeans and sneakers for a more chilled look. I’ve tried it as well the past weekend and I have to admit, I really liked it.



Jeans and top both from Mr Price


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