My Natural Hair

The natural movement have taken the world by storm and I’m really happy about it. As natural girls we’ve been described as lazy, our hair as unkempt because we dare return to our roots and not rely on relaxers and strengtheners to alter the state of our hair. It’s a journey where upon you have to endure insults from family and friends, where you’re constantly being asked “when are you fixing your hair?” I, for one don’t care anymore what people say about my hair. As someone whose hair has been relaxed since the tender age of 6 by a cousin who thought my hair was too curly, unruly and wanted to “tame” it, I’ve heard it all. A vicious cycle commenced where as soon as my curly roots start showing people made it their job to straighten it. Fast-forward to high school where all the popular girls had straight hair and I, trying to fit in, subjected my hair to relaxer every 2nd or 3rd month.

The decision to return to my roots came 4+ years ago and it was an easy one to make. I moved to Johannesburg and left my old life behind so why not start afresh with my hair as well? The main problem I’ve had was finding products that work for my then transitioning hair and that was not an easy task. Most brands had relaxers but few or none had sulphate-free products and that was enough to make you contemplate going back to relaxers. I stood my ground, did a big chop 2 years later and right now I can proudly say that I’m 100% natural. I haven’t used heat for a while as there’s various ways to stretch your hair, an article for another day.

I’ve recently tried out the Proudly South African brand, My Natural Hair as it’s very important to me to support local brands and assist them in assisting us on this journey. Their range consists of a shampoo, conditioner, strengthening oil and moisturising butter at the moment and I love every single one if it. I love the fact that it’s for both natural and relaxed hair as it’s a good way of showing ladies that are transitioning that their existing products will still work for them once they return to their roots.

Nourishing shampoo (RSP R74.99-250ml)

It contains jojoba oil and shea butter and it gently cleanse while removing build up and also sooth dry and itchy scalp. A small amount is applied to wet hair and it lathers quite well, which I like in a shampoo.


Hydrating conditioner (RSP R74,99-250ml)

It contains coconut,jojoba and sweet almond oil as well as shea butter. This deep conditioner replenishes moisture; strengthen your hair as well as combating breakage whilst assisting with detangling (which tends to be a nightmare for me).


Strengthening oil (RSP R79,99-150ml)

Is a blend of sunflower, castor, grapeseed, avocado, sweet almond and olive oils and it seals in moisture while softening the hair, it adds shine and reduce frizz while assisting with the growth of your hair. Apply directly to the scalp, hair and hairline for best results.


Moisturising butter (RSP R79,99-125ml)

Serves as a leave-in daily moisturiser and contains coconut, olive, jojoba and sunflower oils and shea butter. It helps to deeply moisturise and soften the hair and assist with enhancing our curls, which is a bonus. You just need to apply a little bit on wet or dry hair to obtain the desired results. All their products are free of harmful parabens, sulphate, phthalates, petroleum and mineral oil.


I’ve absolutely loved trying out this range as did my hair. It’s softer, the curls are well-defined and it smells amazing. I rate this range 9/10 for my first use, will keep you updated on my final results and thoughts in a month or so.

As a natural African woman, I am proud, beautiful and well-groomed and my hair is my crowning glory. I live naturally in all aspects of my life. I choose not to use products that are synthetic and damaging to my hair, my body or my environment.”

Products available from My Natural Hair and Clicks.


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