Heat on natural hair

Heat, a word I’ve grown weary of as far as it’s concerning my hair. Returning to my roots meant there’s dozens of ways to dry my hair without using heat and have amazing heatless curls without using curling irons. Once in while though I’m forced to use a bit of heat, like in December before I installed faux locs to make it easier for the lady who did my hair or on Sunday because my mom kept saying my hair is NOT growing despite me telling her otherwise. I’ve had her on this natural journey since she moved in with me, been telling her to massage her scalp daily, with or without product, I regularly plait her hair in cornrows (yes I can actually do that) and she’s using my products with me. I’ve seen so much growth in her hair but she doesn’t (I think she’s expecting shoulder length hair overnight *insert eyeroll*)

I’ve been preparing since Saturday for this heat situation and started off with a deep conditioner recipe I got from Maxine from It’s All Natural that includes Purity, yes actual baby food. Mix together 30 ml banana Purity, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tsbsp coconut oil, 2 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp glycerine.Apply to your hair and put a shower cap on followed by a beanie for extra heat. Leave it on for 45 minutes (or in my case, overnight). I rinsed it followed by the My Natural Hair range and ended it off with a ACV (applecider vinegar) and water rinse. Dried with a T-shirt ’cause nobody got time for towels no more and proceeded to section my hair in 4 parts to make the heat process easier. It’s very important to use a heat protectant, not only for natural hair. I didn’t take any chances and used 2, yes 2 heat protectants on each section. First one is from Tresemme, which I’ve been using for a really long time and one from Avon that I’m using for the second time now. Invest in a serum to apply after you’re done like this one from Avon I’ve used. Use your hairdryer on the lowest setting for minimum damage and proceed with a comb or brush.


It took me over an hour to finish my hair and I realised halfway why I’m not a fan of heat anymore. It’s exhausting and once I was done I missed my curls immediately. If I didn’t put in so much time I would’ve been under the shower again in 2 minutes, no kidding. My mom was surprised, of course at the length of my hair and I had a smug “I-told-you-so” smile on my face the whole day.


This was half way and the contrast between curls and straightened is a real eye-opener. My hair is healthier than it’s ever been and I absolutely love it.


The only upside for me was that you could see the vibrancy of the colours. There was too much frizz on my hair and I didn’t have the necessary products to combat that as I never have this issue with my bantu knots or twists. Also 5 minutes into gym my hair in front started to “mince”, another thing I don’t like at all. I used heat after 3 months and I’m hoping to stay away from it a bit longer than that the next time around.

If you’re natural and use heat a lot, what do you use to combat frizz? Please let me know.





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