The art of digital art with Thaaks

I’ve had a very interesting chat with Thaakirah Isaacs Jacobs about digital art and thought I’d share it with you.


Tell me a little bit about yourself

I am a 24 year old, and I have pretty much lived in Cape Town all my life. I enjoy dressing modestly and following local and English blogs. I am into Anime and Kpop apart from my main hobby, illustrating. I consider myself arty and I try to implement creativity in all aspects of my life. I believe that you can find beauty in everything if you look at it with the right frame of mind.

What is digital art?

Digital art is when one illustrates using a programme and/or tablet and pen on the PC. Basically, drawing, or creating art using digital instruments and tools

Where did your interest in it start?

I’ve drawn all my life, and I even have a drawing that my mom kept since i was 3 years old! Ive only been introduced to digital art when I started college in 2012, and thats when my capabilities and interest grew. I feel that doing art digitally is limitless and there are hardly any boundries. You can create anything you can imagine.

Is this your career or a hobby? If the latter, would you consider doing it fulltime?

Digital art is a hobby at the moment and yes i would love to do it full-time, once it is able to sustain me.

How has digital art progress/evolve over the years?

I started digitally drawing on Microsoft Paint, using a mouse as a pen! Today we have many interfaces which surpasses that tenfold – Photoshop, Illustrator, Krita to name a few. I personally prefer Photoshop since its where i hold the most experience but I still wish to venture out and try new things.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everything and everyone that inspires me personally. People with a positive impact, Influencers!

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced thus far and how did you manage to overcome it?

Art is my passion, and the biggest challenge for me is the fact that i don’t have much time for it. Recently, Ive promised myself that I will try to draw every day. Life can be very demanding sometimes, especially when you’re an adult with responsibilities. If I made this promise to myself since college my skill level would have been much higher, but I abandoned it for quite some time. I am now trying to slot it into my busy lifestyle as best I can.

Who do you admire most in this industry and why?

I have many inspirations, but mostly I admire the artist that goes by the name Loish. I love the fact that she doesn’t try too hard but she has an amazing, unique style that feels free-flowing and light-spirited.

What is the one piece you’ve done that you’re most proud of and why? (Please attach picture of piece)

I am most proud of the piece I’ve done for Dina Tokio and her family. She has over 1 million followers and I didn’t think she would even see it! Not only did she like the photo, she reposted two of my artworks and gave me a follow along with her husband Sid. She has been my old model and inspiration for over a year and it was like a dream come true! Thats how my follower count really grew and that motivated me to do what I love even more.


What has been the highlight of your journey thus far?

The highlight of my journey must be the fact that I have the full support of my family and friends and it encourages me to continue pursuing my passion. Another highlight for me is the fact that I am able to inspire others.

What would you say is the key to success in this industry?

Be passionate about you do and do it with the best of your ability. Support other artists, we are all a community!

Word of advice/inspiration to those that would like to venture into this industry?

Don’t lose heart if you are not getting the positive responses you want from people, continue and persist putting your unique style and ideas into the world.

Contact details

Instagram – @thaaks.i

cell – 0840121988

email –


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