Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2, glad to see you stuck around. Here’s the rest of my list of things you might not know about me.

16.     I grew up on a farm

No, it wasn’t a we-owned-the-farm-situation, it was a my-family-worked-for-die-boer-to –have-a-house situation. I’ve had a lot of amazing times there and I won’t change my childhood for anything as it shaped me and made me who I am. I’ve refused to call any person “baas” though as I never felt I could respect someone calling my 80 year old granny by her name when she was decades older than them. I don’t have an issue with authority but that not what that set-up was at all.

17.  I avoid confrontation

There’s nothing I fear more than confrontation as human beings are an unpredictable species. I’d take verbal abuse, sms’, phone calls etc. from people and not respond back as 1. I won’t know what to say and 2. I don’t want to get my ass kicked. A lot of people tend to take advantage of that but I know I’ll reach a point someday where I’d have enough and stand up for myself despite the consequences…that day is not today though.

18. I stutter

A lot of people don’t know this, even those that have known me for years but yes, I stutter. It added to me being an over thinker and an avid reader as I had to know alternative words to the ones that I knew I’d struggle with to pronounce. I also don’t get angry because I struggle to get words out and then I’d end up crying, out of sheer frustration.

19. I hate attention

I hate being the centre of attention or being put on the spot. When I get nervous, my stutter gets worse and I always get nervous when in the spotlight.

20. I blue tick people…a lot!

This is a Whatsapp term that basically refers to the fact that you’ve read someone’s message, acknowledge it but you choose not to respond. I do that, mostly to guys as I’m not sure how to respond to their advances. When I’m being nice I tend to lead people on so the complete (extreme) opposite was absolutely necessary.

21. I do get hurt,constantly

I never tell people when they hurt me and that’s something I need to work on. I often hide it until one day I explode and everything comes out, even stuff you did or said to me 5 years ago. I do forgive easily though and try not to hold a grudge (operative word being “try”, easier said than done).

22.  I hate flowers

Whatever you do, don’t ever give me flowers. I just don’t get it. It’s pretty and all and it may mean something to you but I know they’re going to die. That means that whatever it meant will die as well. Put it on my grave, I’m fine with that.

23.  I constantly have to defend my name

I’ve had many cases where I spoke to someone on the phone, gave them my name and surname and they would immediately switch to Afrikaans, which I obviously have no issue with. My issue is with the fact that people automatically assume I’m white and when they eventually meet me, they have this shocked expression on their face with the usual condescending smile that you give in an awkward situation. I had people asking me why I have a white Afrikaans name and surname countless times and I have no explanation for it. I’m not going to delve into my lineage to establish why because I honestly don’t care, this is the name I was given and that’s it, finish and klaar.

24.  I’m never completely honest…about anything

I do that avoid hurting people’s feelings and it’s wrong on so many levels. I’ll try to rectify that in future though as it goes against everything I value in other people.

25.  I’m a hoarder

I love shopping but the fact that I’m always in black means that I hardly wear any other colour so I have a lot of items with the tags still on them. I’m working on that, trying to incorporate other colours in my wardrobe etc. but it’s not an easy task.

26.  I can’t sing or dance to save my life

Actually scrap singing; I can’t even hold a note to save my life. I can move, to a certain extent but I can’t dance to save my life either.

27. I hate waiting

That’s one of my pet peeves. I can’t stand waiting for someone if they specifically said a certain time and aren’t there at said time, it irritates me endlessly.

28. I don’t open up easily

If I do, it means I like and trust you. I do get really awkward with emotions as I don’t know how to console people.

29  I have a dark sense of humour

It usually shocks people as apparently I look like this innocent, mild human being. I don’t reveal it to a lot of people though as a lot of things I do find funny would be offensive to others.

30 I’m actually quite funny

I really do think I’m funny. That’s it.



2 thoughts on “Part 2

    1. I can’t relate but I know my cousins used to be up early and prevented everyone from sleeping. I’m sure you sneak in a nap when you can but with Murphy’s Law you probably won’t be able to sleep 😦


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