The Mummy

I went to watch The Mummy last night and my reactions were not my proudest moments. There were a few screams accompanied by peeping through my fingers because spiders and rats,you know.

The Mummy tells the story of Ahmanet, an ancient pharaoh princess who is promised the reign after her father’s demise. Her father’s wife however gives life to a boy which makes him the successor to the crown, much to Princess Ahmanet’s annoyance. She swears vengeance and summons the dark side to assist her in killing her father,his wife and the baby. As she prepares to stab her “chosen one” with a dagger with the promise of being a god, the guards storms in, capture her, leading to her mummification instead of claiming her place of being a pharaoh of ancient Egypt. Sofia Boutella did an amazing job bringing Ahmanet to life, I don’t think anyone would’ve done it more justice. Ahmanet’s modern-day transformation from bones and rags to a monster with captivating eyes (two separate pupils) can only be fully appreciated on the big screen,DVD won’t do it justice.

After 1000 years, she is awakened from her crypt beneath the desert with the sole mission of world domination. The awakening is the fault of Nick,played by Tom Cruise and Chris,played by Jake Johnson, U.S. Army soldier with a side business of ripping off precious artifacts for resale. Throw British archeologist and love interest Jenny,played by Annabelle Wallis in the mix and you have a sense of impending doom as they submerge into the earth to discover what’s underneath. Nick releases the crypt, making him her chosen one and allowing her to get in his head and showing him what happened in ancient Egypt. The “resurrection” of the crypt leads to an army of spiders attacking them, biting Chris and turning him into one of her minions as well as the mother of sandstorms, that almost prevented them from leaving. Once up in the air,events transpired that leads to Chris’ “death” at the hands of his friend and the plane going down with no survivors except Nick who escape unscathed,surprisingly.

Back in London, a Crusader knight’s tomb that was buried beneath the future London, are uncovered that contains the stone which is needed in conjunction with the dagger to provide eternal life and unlimited power. Dr Jekyll, portrayed by Russell Crowe gets introduced as investigating and vanquishing monsters as he’s one himself (Jekyll and Hyde). It turns out that Jenny works for him and she lures Nick there for Dr Jekyll to help him break the curse, only to find out that means killing him.

In the meantime Princess Ahmanet is slowly but surely taking on human form by draining the life out of others and turning them into her puppets. She comes after Nick, got captured and end up in Dr Jekyll’s hide out (see what I did there?) where mercury is pumped into her veins, causing her to be mummified again. She manage to escape, in the cloud of a sand (glass) storm and sets off to get the stone to complete the dagger. Jenny dies, Nick impale himself on the dagger or rather drove it into himself thus becoming immortal, a god, live giver and taker. He kills Ahmanet, brings Jenny and Chris back to life and sets off to the desert with Chris as he’s a danger to others as he’s yet to figure out which part, good or evil, will prevail. The End.

I liked the humour aspect to it, Tom’s character had a few puns here and there that draw a chuckle from the audience. I’ve only ever watched The Mummy with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weizs and wasn’t sure what to expect. The visuals were amazing but if you missed the intro you would be kinda lost. Tom’s character had an Indiana Jones feel to it, which was confusing to me and the whole Jekyll and Hyde persona threw me off but hey, you gotta be a monster to fight a monster,right?

Not the best movie I’ve seen thus far but it was bearable.

A big thank you to Lebo at Ster-Kinekor for the tickets.