Noir Beauty Box

I love receiving products, whether freebies or paid for…it’s like a gift from me to me. I also like quality products at an affordable price, products that are value for money (however little the amount is), that delivers on promises made and if they don’t, you don’t feel like you’ve wasted that much anyway. I’m not really a fan of subscription boxes as I feel that they can’t make me happy every month, not their fault at all. I’ve been searching for a natural hair product subscription box  as it’s hard out there for a natural junkie such as myself.

A fellow blogger, Ncomeka from Wooden Mirror: The Blog recently tagged me in a Facebook post about the relaunch of Noir Beauty Box and obviously I was curious. Upon further enquiry, I found out that it was R70 for this service which basically only cover the courier services. I contacted them via Facebook, received an information and sign-up sheet via email, completed and send it back and the first payment went through 6 days ago. I received my first order this morning and it’s the perfect way to brighten up my Monday.


Let’s unpack:

I received x6 samples, all of them are sulphate and paraben-free with no mineral oil or petrolatum. Allow me to take you through it.

1. Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel (21g)

This is the one product from Aunt Jackie that actually worked for me, I love it! Flaxseed is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids,promotes hair health from the inside out and helps to prevent dryness and flaking. All directions to use are at the back of each sample.

2. Moisture Intense Leave-In Conditioner (21g)

I’ve been searching for a good leave-in and I sincerely hope that I’ve found it. It’s said to revive dry hair with natural ingredients including marshmallow root, give great slip (we know how important that is) and just enough moisture to keep the thirstiest coils and curls refreshed.

3. Moisturizing Co-Wash Cleanser (14g)

I’m a big fan of co-washing and clarifying with ACV as it saves me a lot of time. This rich and creamy, triple-action remedy replenish moisture, softens and thoroughly removes buildup and impurities and also contain flaxseed along with coconut and avocado oils that helps to improve your  hair health overall. It’s enriched with flaxseed, avocado, coconut and apple cider vinegar.

4. Intensive Repair Conditioning Masque (21g)

I’m in dire need of this as my hair always take a beating in winter due to my own laziness *cue Bruno Mars’ Lazy song*. This masque promises to ‘repair beyond compare’, not my words, theirs. This is especially effective for protective styling, hairtypes 2a-4c and repairing natural hair damaged by color and wearing wigs and weaves. (Why do I feel like that entire sentence was just aimed at me?!) It contains flaxseed, mango and shea butter, avocado and coconut oil.

5. Hydrating Sealing Butter (14g)

This is hailed as “the protective styler’s new best friend”. We can say goodbye to weak,damaged ends and chronically dry hair with this ultimate moisture therapy. It also prevents shedding and thinning while softening,shining and protecting hair from breakage. Excellent moisture remedy for 3a-4d hair types, protective styling and all hair types in need of oil-based moisture therapy. It contains flaxseed, avocado and castor oil, shea butter and honey.

6. Anti-Poof Defining Curl Whip (21g)

Enriched with flaxseed,argan oil, shea and mango butter, this curl whip smoothes and defines dry,frizzy hair. This water-based hydration is great for 1b-4a textures, wash n go styles and protective styling. It helps to get rid of poofy, fly-away hair and helps to soften curls, prevent dryness and tame frizz without weighing hair down.




As a self-confessed product junkie, this service prevents me from making major mistakes that will end up on my storage instead of my “to use” shelf (a lot of products ended up there btw). I bought 3x Aunt Jackie products about 2 months ago and only one of them works for my hair, I’m so sad but R200+ poorer. Being natural is expensive, not in terms of how much you HAVE to spend but in terms of how much you spend to find a product that works for you. Most companies see being natural as a trend, a passing phase and they’re too eager to jump on the bandwagon and charge us exorbitant prices for products we can make in your kitchen (I see you, flaxseed gel). You also get a 10% discount on Mzansi Fro to purchase full-sized products from Asili, Argan Smooth, Africa’s Best Texture, Auntie Jackie’s, Brownchild, Elasta QP, Herbal Essensces,Keramour and TMW.



None that I can think off. If you really think about it, you get to try out 6 different products for the price of 1 full-sized product. If you or your hair don’t like it, move on (well,shed a few tears if it’s something you really wanted your hair to love)


These are the bloggers you can follow to see exactly how to use the samples:


Email them now at or pop them a message on Facebook

Stay “Beautiful like me”.



Justine Tissue Oil X Beauty Bulletin

*This review will happen over a period of 3-4 weeks as I have been sent 1 x 100ml Justine Tissue Oil by Beauty Bulletin to test*

I love the idea of tissue oil and the results promised but I find it hard to get into a routine with using oils. In the past I’ve mixed it in with my usual lotions and creams and obviously didn’t get the results I was hoping for. This time around, since I want to provide an accurate review, I’ll use it on it’s own, morning and evening to have accurate results. I’m specifically interested in the results it will have on my scars, stretch marks and dehydrated (winter skin). I’ve received the package and loved the packaging and how the bottle allows for measured product usage all though spillage might still occur. It’s very sophisticated and scream “high end” even at the current discounted cost. The fragrance is bearable, not too overwhelming (I get migraines, a lot just from certain smells, such a hassle).


I’ve been struggling with dry skin on my forehead, it literally looked like dandruff when touching it, and I’ve been at my wits end about what to use. I applied the oil and could see an immediate improvement. A few hours later there was no sign of dry skin and I think I’ll apply it before or after my moisturiser from now onwards. My skin felt less tight and very moisturised after the first use so that’s really good for me.

-It smells really good because it is made from sweet almond oil.
-The texture of the oil is perfect, not too heavy or runny.
-Once applied it absorbs quickly and leave no residue.

Justine Tissue Oil is a natural product that offers the goodness of Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamins E & A which all assist in anti-ageing, reversing of damaged skin, especially scars and stretch marks, and offer extreme nourishment.

How I used it:

-As a bath oil, just a few drops is enough
-As a moisturiser for my face
-After exfoliation to relieve irritation (I suffer from keratosis pilaris and this has been really helpful)
-Applied directly on scars and stretch marks
-As a makeup remover for waterproof makeup
-Applied under my eyes for circles and puffiness

This is a re-launch of the Justine Original Tissue Oil with a new, improved formula and it’s available at R139.00 (R230 regular price) from your nearest Justine representative.