Justine Tissue Oil X Beauty Bulletin

*This review will happen over a period of 3-4 weeks as I have been sent 1 x 100ml Justine Tissue Oil by Beauty Bulletin to test*

I love the idea of tissue oil and the results promised but I find it hard to get into a routine with using oils. In the past I’ve mixed it in with my usual lotions and creams and obviously didn’t get the results I was hoping for. This time around, since I want to provide an accurate review, I’ll use it on it’s own, morning and evening to have accurate results. I’m specifically interested in the results it will have on my scars, stretch marks and dehydrated (winter skin). I’ve received the package and loved the packaging and how the bottle allows for measured product usage all though spillage might still occur. It’s very sophisticated and scream “high end” even at the current discounted cost. The fragrance is bearable, not too overwhelming (I get migraines, a lot just from certain smells, such a hassle).


I’ve been struggling with dry skin on my forehead, it literally looked like dandruff when touching it, and I’ve been at my wits end about what to use. I applied the oil and could see an immediate improvement. A few hours later there was no sign of dry skin and I think I’ll apply it before or after my moisturiser from now onwards. My skin felt less tight and very moisturised after the first use so that’s really good for me.

-It smells really good because it is made from sweet almond oil.
-The texture of the oil is perfect, not too heavy or runny.
-Once applied it absorbs quickly and leave no residue.

Justine Tissue Oil is a natural product that offers the goodness of Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamins E & A which all assist in anti-ageing, reversing of damaged skin, especially scars and stretch marks, and offer extreme nourishment.

How I used it:

-As a bath oil, just a few drops is enough
-As a moisturiser for my face
-After exfoliation to relieve irritation (I suffer from keratosis pilaris and this has been really helpful)
-Applied directly on scars and stretch marks
-As a makeup remover for waterproof makeup
-Applied under my eyes for circles and puffiness

This is a re-launch of the Justine Original Tissue Oil with a new, improved formula and it’s available at R139.00 (R230 regular price) from your nearest Justine representative.


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