Clairol Nice n’ Easy

Hi, my name is Melanie and I’m an addict.


I’m absolutely addicted to changing my hair color. Don’t get me wrong, Mother Nature has blessed me with black hair and all my life I’ve been okay with it, kind of. I’ve always heard horror stories of how people lost their hair due to bleaching and it served as a cautionary tale for me. It wasn’t until two years ago that I’ve decided to really experiment with color and I haven’t looked back. You can check out my natural journey for all the colors I’ve sported and products used to achieve it. A while ago I opted in with Rubybox to do teal with Clairol Color Crave here and I loved my experience with the brand. When the opportunity arised for a different color with Clairol again, I opted in as the teal were fading a bit. It comes in 30 natural-looking shades and I selected the “Medium Cool Blonde” as my roots were growing out, in black, so I wanted to lighten it a bit.


The kit contains the Colour Creme, Colour Activator, CC+ (Colorseal conditioner), gloves and instruction leaflet. You activate the colour by pouring the Colour Creme from the tube into the Colour Activator bottle, which you will use for easy application. It’s advised to part your hair in four sections and start applying from the roots. Cover all your hair and leave on for 25 minutes but as I have a lot of hair there weren’t much left after the roots were done, not that I’m complaining. I love the fact that it lighten the blue a bit to a sea foam green as my main concern were the roots. Speaking of which, my roots came out as a gorgeous bronze/dark blonde colour, which I love with the sea foam on top.

Product promise:

Other benefits include: Natural looking colour, 100% grey coverage, fresh,floral scent and non-drip colour creme.niceeasymag

I’ve decided to blow dry my hair for a change in order to show off both colours, here’s the results:


As you can see, there’s no damage to my hair plus it looks healthy and vibrant considering how lazy I am to take care of it.

Available from Dischem at R99 each.


DIY Rubber band braids

I’ve been complaining about how expensive the natural hair journey has been and touched on affordable products but today I’d like to chat about protective hairstyles. I’ve always been sceptical of weaves as the itching would drive me insane and patting definitely won’t be enough and for that reason I’ve never attempted to have it installed. Wigs on the other hand became a staple for me after my initial hesitation. People always assume it’s my real hair regardless of the colour and texture and I mean you can only say “it’s a wig” so many times before you simply respond with “thank you” to compliments.


Issa wig

The first time I did braids was in 2013 and I paid R650 for simple box braids, seriously. The Randburg ladies are very clever though, I have to admit. I walked into the salon, showed a picture of what I wanted and after they told me they can do it, I asked them how much it will be. They didn’t give me a straight answer, just said it won’t be expensive, go figure. Bear in mind, I’ve only been in Johannesburg for over a year and had to ask someone to take me to places they suspect I might be able to get my hair done. As they finished off the last few braids, apparently it was a two women job; they casually told me it would be R650. I was scheduled to go home with the bus the next day so I basically had no money for “padkos” but at least my hair was looking fly. The pain that came along with it, I’d never forget. I couldn’t sleep properly (at home or on the bus) and had to rely on painkillers. I went through the same thing with my faux locs because I like things and will endure the pain to look cute *insert eye roll*

The locs looked really dope though, I ain’t even mad.

I wanted a way to have the cute without the pain and when I heard about the rubber band method, I immediately binge watched YouTube videos until the knowledge filled my every being. In December, armed with 4 hours to kill on Christmas, a pack of rubber bands, braids, hair products to apply and a fine-tooth comb, I attempted to put all that knowledge to good use. I consulted my chosen video (will put it in the post) about twice throughout the entire process and felt really proud when I concluded my first DIY braids project. I could move my head freely, my hairline was intact and no painkillers were needed.



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Here’s my process:

You start of by sectioning the hair like you would with normal braids. I can’t do straight lines to save my life so mine were all over the place but I trust you’re better than me at that. You apply your chosen product, pudding, butter or gel, and continue to tie the section with the rubber band.

Section tied with rubber band.

You start braiding the section of hair with the braids, I bought the cheap Yaki ones as it was my first attempt and I didn’t want to waste money for in case it failed (the faith I have in myself) and it worked really well. You plait until the end if you can or like my second attempt, tie it with rubber bands.

braids end
Ends tied with rubber bands.

The second time it took me about 90 minutes or less to finish so I am getting better at it, just have to work on my technique. I’ve had questions about whether the rubber bands will break your hair or not and how do you remove it. I’ve been fortunate enough that the band literally break as I take the braids out or even before but at the odd occasion that I do have bands left, I merely part the hair in two and the band pops out. You can wash your hair while in the braids and spritz it daily to refresh your scalp and keep it moisturised. I usually keep it in for one month or less depending on how neat it looks. I’ve been getting loads of compliments and no one wants to believe that I’m doing this myself, go figure but I have so much fun figuring out new hairstyles for my natural hair, with the help of YouTube of course. I will try to do at least one per month and share it with you.

End results

This is the video I used as reference:

Natural hair care: Affordable favourites

I’m sure I’m not the only natural girl who this journey has been extremely costly for.  Costly in the sense of there were a lot of trial and error, expensive protective styling and of course, the purchasing of expensive products only to discover my hair actually hate some of the main ingredients. Many lessons were learned and I’ve reached a point where I (kinda) know what my hair prefers. No longer will I go out and purchase a tub of coconut oil because it was hyped up by others only to realize my hair hates it, go figure.

I’ve realised that even if something works for a friend with a similar texture to mine, it might not work for me. Factors such as diet actually plays a big role and mine is non-existent, it’s a case of eat whatever you feel like, no regard for ingredients or long-term effects. I’ve also realised that more often than not, water is sufficient for your hair’s maintenance (not mine though, not even close) and affordable (cheap) products shouldn’t be frowned upon or judged. I’ve noticed a lot of barely concealed “judgement” when you mention a cheap product you and your hair love when others rave about products that retails for R200+ PER ITEM. I’m definitely not about to act rich and pretend I can afford it when just one of said products will mess up my budget and take away my dog’s food (Fact: I do love my dog more than my hair). Today I’d like to share with you two products that I’ve been using for a while now and I can attest that it’s the even though one of them contains the dreaded coconut oil. Both were recommendations by a dear friend and fellow unicorn lover, Caray.

Revlon Realistic.jpeg

The first product I’m referring to is Revlon Realistic special feeling creme butter (I know, it’s a mouthful). When Caray first send me a picture of this product, I was horrified as I thought she fell of the wagon and went back to using relaxers. The terms “Realistic” was just so reminiscent of my relaxer days, my scalp burned until most of my hair were stuck to it in the quest for straight hair, it’s the stuff nightmares are made of. I have to admit, this product pleasantly surprised me. It contains shea butter, which my hair actually love and it leaves my hair soft and moisturized. It’s meant to revive and repair hair and became a staple in my wash n go and twists routine.

I got mine from Clicks at R29.99

Black Like me.jpeg

The second product is a much-raved about one in the natural community. It’s  Black Like Me curl hydrate pudding and this brand has been around for 30 years. I love the fact that even with everyone else jumping on the natural hair product wagon because, let’s face it, there’s a definite market for it, BLM has been there for natural girls. I remember when I returned to my roots 6 years ago there were hardly any products for natural hair and relaxers were shoved in our faces and down our throats. I’ve used the Oil sheen and Curl activating spray from this range and I loved it. I’ve seen results with this product on various types of hair and it’s always a winner. It does contain coconut oil but I feel that the glycerine and moringa oil outweighs that to provide me with healthy curls.

This is available from most retailers like Checkers, Pick n Pay, Clicks, Dischem etc. I got mine from Clicks for R39.95

Do you have an affordable staple product in your regime? Let me know, I’m always keen to try out new products when my budget allows.

Color Crave with Clairol SA x Rubybox

I’m a Punked girl through and through as you know but I’ve had some queries about other natural-friendly hair dyes. People specifically wanted ones that’s obtainable from your easily accessible stores so I tested the new Clairol Color Crave in teal with Rubybox.


My hair was already bleached so there was no need to pre-lighten it. With natural hair, we have to be very careful as to what we use on our hair so we tend to look more closely at the ingredients and what possible side effects we can expect. These were my reasons for agreeing to test out this hair dye:

  • No Amonia. No Peroxide. No Parabens
  • True tone formula for even, color-accurate fading that lasts up to 15+ washes
  • Stylist brush for paint-on application
  • No mix, direct dye formula
  • No bleach required but the lighter your hair the longer your wear
  • It’s available in 6 gorgeous shades
Colour chart

In the box you’ll find two sets of gloves in my favourite colour, black and what I love about them is that they’re fitted on your hands, unlike the clear ones your usually get with box dyes. You also get a stylist brush to apply the product with which comes in handy if you want to do highlights. Last but not least, you get your colour in a squeeze tube.

How to use it:

According to the instructions, you first need to wash your hair. Squeeze the colour into a container or on your hands and apply to your hair. You may also use the brush but for me it took too long and I didn’t want to do highlights so I used my hands. Ensure that you apply Vaseline along your hairline to avoid staining and wear an old towel or T-shirt when doing your hair. Leave in for 20-30 minutes, rinse until water runs clear and style as usual. In my case, I did twists which I used My Natural Hair strengthening oil and Curl Chemistry  curl activating cream for.


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What I loved about this product:

Application is a breeze, no need to mix so it saves you time. The colour doesn’t run and didn’t stain anything, not even my clothes. There was no burning or hair loss whatsoever, just beautiful vibrant colour as promised.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What I disliked:

If I have to nitpick, it would definitely be the size of the product. Not having to mix it with an activator has its pros but a definite con was that the product wasn’t nearly enough. Once my hair is wet it multiplies, seriously and the dye wasn’t nearly enough to even saturate my hair. There’s a lot of parts that are still blonde but it adds character to the whole look. It would look patchy if I have to blow dry or straighten it hence I opted for the heatless curls.

Overall, I love this product and it’s a definite 8/10 (size really does matter).

Product is available exclusively from Dischem and retails for R124.90

Braids a la Alicia Keys

I’ve always loved Alicia Keys; from her voice to her mane. When she decided to go makeup-free, I applauded her as it suited her to a T. There’s a few styles of hers that I’ve always wanted to try including the intricate braids that made her a natural hair icon but I’ve always shied away from it. I attempted one of her doek looks on my lazy days as well as her recent braids from Grammy 2018.

The doek is a very effective yet easy-to-style look for days when you’re not in the mood to do your hair. I often do cornrows underneath as a protective style and rock the doek and it still looks sophisticated and very stylish. Pair it with hoop earrings and no makeup as Alicia did or minimal makeup as I did. There’s legions of videos online on how to do this style and it’s really easier than it looks.

60th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

The second look I fell in love with and felt I could attempt was her recent zip ties braids at the Grammy awards. I had no intention of actually using zip ties so I settled on elastic bands from my recent braids attempt (I’ll do a post about it soon). I loved the fact that it was so simple but elegant and tied her entire look together. I did this on a one week blowout so my hair was fairly straight and I prepped it by applying My Natural Hair strengthening oil from root to tip.


I divided my hair into two rows that consisted of three sections each, Alicia did more sections but I was in a hurry. I started off by taking the first section in front (you can’t really start anywhere else) and continued to tie the hair up. I took the hair of the first section, twisted it and added it to the already prepared second section. When I was younger, my mom used to plait my hair in this manner as did a lot of children in my school so it wasn’t difficult at all. The only thing I did different was with the last section where I twisted my hair and added four extra elastics to the end just to add some dimension to the style. I have to say, I’m quite happy with how this style turned out and it’s less painful to sleep with than bantu knots.

Word of advice though, don’t do the rubber bands too tight. If you want a sleeker look, apply gel or edge control to your edges but don’t pull the hair too tight as it will lead to tension headaches or worse, damaged edges.

I got the elastic bands from my local supply store and the strengthening oil is available from Clicks.

Me & John Frieda

Variety is the spice of life and that’s exactly how I feel about hair products. As a self-confessed product junkie and hoarder, my bathroom speaks volumes about my search for the perfect product for my hair type. Being natural used to be limiting in terms of the ingredients in a lot of products but there has been such an influx of natural hair products that I’ve been left confused. Recommendations from fellow natural-haired sisters had been my go-to source of information and the fact that you could obtain samples of certain products before investing does make life easier.

A while ago, Rubybox send me John Frieda products to try and to be quite honest, they weren’t even on my radar as natural-hair friendly. From the first use, however it was evident that my hair loved it, as seen here. The John Frieda range I fell in love with was Frizz Ease Dream Curls! My hair and natural curls absolutely loves it and it smells amazing too. It left my hair soft and manageable and reduced frizz when I used heat. The first picture was taken after my first use and you could definitely see less frizz and loads of definition in my curl pattern.


The second picture is more recent and taken after using this range for about 2+ months.


Notice the difference? There’s definitely less frizz and curls are more defined. I’m not a wash-and-go girl but this range does allow me to walk around with perfect curls and I absolutely love it.

My tips:

-If you’re using this range for the first time, ensure that you choose products suitable for your hair type.

-If you have fine, limp hair and want volume, choose John Frieda® Luxurious Volume

-If you have frizz concerns like I did, use either Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight range or Frizz Ease Dream Curls range.

-If you colour is dull and you need to vamp it up, use the Sheer Blonde or Brilliant Brunette range.

-If your hair is damaged and breakage occurs due to overstyling, then the Full Repair range is your match.

-Always use a T-shirt after washing your hair to plop your curls.

-When doing a wash-and-go, remember to do the LOC or LCO method which is liquid, oil and cream to retain moisture in your curls and keep the definition.

-When using heat, always use a heat-protectant spray and end off with a serum to retain moisture.

How to win the John Frieda range that’s perfect for you:

If you’ve established which range is perfect for you and want to win it, head over to Rubybox to do just that. All you have to do is:

  1. Simply post a photo with your favourite John Frieda® product on social media
  2. Tag John Frieda SA and use the hashtags #rubybox #me&johnfrieda #JohnFriedaSA
  3. Write your short product review on the product page (click here)

Easy enough? Good luck and may the force be with you (sorry I watched Star Wars earlier today and will probably overuse that phrase)

Faux it until you make it

For the past two years I wanted to do dreadlocks but I had commitment issues. I’m one of those people who are lazy to do my hair but once it’s in a protective style, I crave putting my hands through it and actually styling it, crazy much? Anyway, this post is long overdue as this was my protective style for December 2016, faux locs that is, but I’m doing this post because I’ve received so many inbox/direct messages about what it entails, where I’ve done it etc. so I figured this is the easiest way to answer those questions.

I’ve observed the trend of faux locs long before your Rihanna’s, Tyra’s and Meagan Good’s began rocking it. Problem is, there wasn’t a lot of places that did it in Johannesburg and those that did, were exorbitantly priced. Think R3000 without the hair, seriously. As a 9-5 working individual with rent and food to consider as well as a mom that was due to move in with me, that wasn’t in my budget, at all. I started exploring cheaper alternatives and got the details from a lady from Yolenda over at Yolz Channel. We started chatting on Whatsapp and discussed prices, which increased a few weeks later as the popularity of the style did but it was still way more affordable than other places. She resides in Alex but there was an option for her to travel to me, which in turn wasn’t an option for me as I don’t like people in my space, especially strangers.

This was my 3rd protective style since being in Johannesburg as I’ve never done anything like this in Cape Town, ever. I always tend to do these things shortly before I’m due to take a bus trip to either Oudtshoorn or Cape Town, which results in loss of sleep and this time was no different. I went to Alex the day before I was scheduled to go to Cape Town and boy oh boy do I regret it.  Before we get to that, let me take you through mine and Tumi’s (that’s her name) process. I wore my afro the entire week but decided to wash and stretch my hair with a bit of heat to make it easier for her, which was a wise decision. I’ve arrived there around 10, got lost for a bit but eventually found her and we got started immediately. First off, she did my hair in single plaits, which was really cool and I wanted to leave it like that, which I neglected to do when I removed the locs. I’m tender-headed, such a baby, and the one thing no one tells you, is how much this hurts. Man! I was ready to give up before we were even halfway! She took a picture from the back to show me how awesome it looks and that convinced me to stick around else I would’ve been out of there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me tell you this, Tumi is one of the most patient people I’ve met in a while and that just adds to her awesomeness. We took a few breaks as I was almost in tears halfway and she consoled me by putting on some cartoons for me, don’t judge me. Funny enough, I found loads of videos on how to hack this faux locs installation thing that makes it painless, I’ll upload one for you on this post but it just shows you how important research is before going ahead with the actual deed. Anyway, we finished, somehow and I couldn’t move my head nor crack a smile! I was grateful to Tumi though and I promised her that I will share her number with every natural-haired sister that would love to install faux locs and I did just that. She makes her own wigs as well, which I find pretty awesome as I love wigs in winter as a protective style (yes it is a protective style if your hair is in plaits underneath, don’t judge.) Got home and I couldn’t sleep,seriously. I mean, the locs look fabulous but the pain! Dude I have migraines, daily and I think that aggravated it to the max! After 5 or 7 Adcodol tablets, I stopped counting after 3, I was finally able to get some rest.

Throw in a 15+ hour bus drive to Cape Town and you can imagine how I felt in the end. I couldn’t sleep on the bus and I didn’t dare take more medication as I already took too much the previous night. Good news, it gets better after the second day and the compliments and stares won’t stop. I got off the bus, in dire need of a shower and sleep and was stopped by several ladies asking me for the details of my hair stylist. The look of defeat on their faces when I told them she’s in Johannesburg was heartbreaking but the ladies in Cape Town managed to find some places to do it or attempted DIY’s. Overall it’s one of those styles that suits everyone, which is rare and it’s definitely worth the pain and money spend. I paid R650 which included the hair and installation and it was an absolute bargain. I doubt the price is still the same but you can check with Tumi via Whatsapp at 0786513647.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s advised to wear a satin scarf at night, oh it’s not as heavy as it may seem. I went swimming, well I was halfway into the way and ensured the hair didn’t get wet. Washing happens as you usually do when wearing braids, no rocket science there. Some people reuse their locs after removing it, I considered that but my mom threw mine away so no luck there.

This is the video I was referring to earlier in my post:


Hope this post was useful xoxo


Noir Beauty Box

I love receiving products, whether freebies or paid for…it’s like a gift from me to me. I also like quality products at an affordable price, products that are value for money (however little the amount is), that delivers on promises made and if they don’t, you don’t feel like you’ve wasted that much anyway. I’m not really a fan of subscription boxes as I feel that they can’t make me happy every month, not their fault at all. I’ve been searching for a natural hair product subscription box  as it’s hard out there for a natural junkie such as myself.

A fellow blogger, Ncomeka from Wooden Mirror: The Blog recently tagged me in a Facebook post about the relaunch of Noir Beauty Box and obviously I was curious. Upon further enquiry, I found out that it was R70 for this service which basically only cover the courier services. I contacted them via Facebook, received an information and sign-up sheet via email, completed and send it back and the first payment went through 6 days ago. I received my first order this morning and it’s the perfect way to brighten up my Monday.


Let’s unpack:

I received x6 samples, all of them are sulphate and paraben-free with no mineral oil or petrolatum. Allow me to take you through it.

1. Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel (21g)

This is the one product from Aunt Jackie that actually worked for me, I love it! Flaxseed is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids,promotes hair health from the inside out and helps to prevent dryness and flaking. All directions to use are at the back of each sample.

2. Moisture Intense Leave-In Conditioner (21g)

I’ve been searching for a good leave-in and I sincerely hope that I’ve found it. It’s said to revive dry hair with natural ingredients including marshmallow root, give great slip (we know how important that is) and just enough moisture to keep the thirstiest coils and curls refreshed.

3. Moisturizing Co-Wash Cleanser (14g)

I’m a big fan of co-washing and clarifying with ACV as it saves me a lot of time. This rich and creamy, triple-action remedy replenish moisture, softens and thoroughly removes buildup and impurities and also contain flaxseed along with coconut and avocado oils that helps to improve your  hair health overall. It’s enriched with flaxseed, avocado, coconut and apple cider vinegar.

4. Intensive Repair Conditioning Masque (21g)

I’m in dire need of this as my hair always take a beating in winter due to my own laziness *cue Bruno Mars’ Lazy song*. This masque promises to ‘repair beyond compare’, not my words, theirs. This is especially effective for protective styling, hairtypes 2a-4c and repairing natural hair damaged by color and wearing wigs and weaves. (Why do I feel like that entire sentence was just aimed at me?!) It contains flaxseed, mango and shea butter, avocado and coconut oil.

5. Hydrating Sealing Butter (14g)

This is hailed as “the protective styler’s new best friend”. We can say goodbye to weak,damaged ends and chronically dry hair with this ultimate moisture therapy. It also prevents shedding and thinning while softening,shining and protecting hair from breakage. Excellent moisture remedy for 3a-4d hair types, protective styling and all hair types in need of oil-based moisture therapy. It contains flaxseed, avocado and castor oil, shea butter and honey.

6. Anti-Poof Defining Curl Whip (21g)

Enriched with flaxseed,argan oil, shea and mango butter, this curl whip smoothes and defines dry,frizzy hair. This water-based hydration is great for 1b-4a textures, wash n go styles and protective styling. It helps to get rid of poofy, fly-away hair and helps to soften curls, prevent dryness and tame frizz without weighing hair down.




As a self-confessed product junkie, this service prevents me from making major mistakes that will end up on my storage instead of my “to use” shelf (a lot of products ended up there btw). I bought 3x Aunt Jackie products about 2 months ago and only one of them works for my hair, I’m so sad but R200+ poorer. Being natural is expensive, not in terms of how much you HAVE to spend but in terms of how much you spend to find a product that works for you. Most companies see being natural as a trend, a passing phase and they’re too eager to jump on the bandwagon and charge us exorbitant prices for products we can make in your kitchen (I see you, flaxseed gel). You also get a 10% discount on Mzansi Fro to purchase full-sized products from Asili, Argan Smooth, Africa’s Best Texture, Auntie Jackie’s, Brownchild, Elasta QP, Herbal Essensces,Keramour and TMW.



None that I can think off. If you really think about it, you get to try out 6 different products for the price of 1 full-sized product. If you or your hair don’t like it, move on (well,shed a few tears if it’s something you really wanted your hair to love)


These are the bloggers you can follow to see exactly how to use the samples:


Email them now at or pop them a message on Facebook

Stay “Beautiful like me”.


Heat on natural hair

Heat, a word I’ve grown weary of as far as it’s concerning my hair. Returning to my roots meant there’s dozens of ways to dry my hair without using heat and have amazing heatless curls without using curling irons. Once in while though I’m forced to use a bit of heat, like in December before I installed faux locs to make it easier for the lady who did my hair or on Sunday because my mom kept saying my hair is NOT growing despite me telling her otherwise. I’ve had her on this natural journey since she moved in with me, been telling her to massage her scalp daily, with or without product, I regularly plait her hair in cornrows (yes I can actually do that) and she’s using my products with me. I’ve seen so much growth in her hair but she doesn’t (I think she’s expecting shoulder length hair overnight *insert eyeroll*)

I’ve been preparing since Saturday for this heat situation and started off with a deep conditioner recipe I got from Maxine from It’s All Natural that includes Purity, yes actual baby food. Mix together 30 ml banana Purity, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tsbsp coconut oil, 2 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp glycerine.Apply to your hair and put a shower cap on followed by a beanie for extra heat. Leave it on for 45 minutes (or in my case, overnight). I rinsed it followed by the My Natural Hair range and ended it off with a ACV (applecider vinegar) and water rinse. Dried with a T-shirt ’cause nobody got time for towels no more and proceeded to section my hair in 4 parts to make the heat process easier. It’s very important to use a heat protectant, not only for natural hair. I didn’t take any chances and used 2, yes 2 heat protectants on each section. First one is from Tresemme, which I’ve been using for a really long time and one from Avon that I’m using for the second time now. Invest in a serum to apply after you’re done like this one from Avon I’ve used. Use your hairdryer on the lowest setting for minimum damage and proceed with a comb or brush.


It took me over an hour to finish my hair and I realised halfway why I’m not a fan of heat anymore. It’s exhausting and once I was done I missed my curls immediately. If I didn’t put in so much time I would’ve been under the shower again in 2 minutes, no kidding. My mom was surprised, of course at the length of my hair and I had a smug “I-told-you-so” smile on my face the whole day.


This was half way and the contrast between curls and straightened is a real eye-opener. My hair is healthier than it’s ever been and I absolutely love it.


The only upside for me was that you could see the vibrancy of the colours. There was too much frizz on my hair and I didn’t have the necessary products to combat that as I never have this issue with my bantu knots or twists. Also 5 minutes into gym my hair in front started to “mince”, another thing I don’t like at all. I used heat after 3 months and I’m hoping to stay away from it a bit longer than that the next time around.

If you’re natural and use heat a lot, what do you use to combat frizz? Please let me know.




My Natural Hair

The natural movement have taken the world by storm and I’m really happy about it. As natural girls we’ve been described as lazy, our hair as unkempt because we dare return to our roots and not rely on relaxers and strengtheners to alter the state of our hair. It’s a journey where upon you have to endure insults from family and friends, where you’re constantly being asked “when are you fixing your hair?” I, for one don’t care anymore what people say about my hair. As someone whose hair has been relaxed since the tender age of 6 by a cousin who thought my hair was too curly, unruly and wanted to “tame” it, I’ve heard it all. A vicious cycle commenced where as soon as my curly roots start showing people made it their job to straighten it. Fast-forward to high school where all the popular girls had straight hair and I, trying to fit in, subjected my hair to relaxer every 2nd or 3rd month.

The decision to return to my roots came 4+ years ago and it was an easy one to make. I moved to Johannesburg and left my old life behind so why not start afresh with my hair as well? The main problem I’ve had was finding products that work for my then transitioning hair and that was not an easy task. Most brands had relaxers but few or none had sulphate-free products and that was enough to make you contemplate going back to relaxers. I stood my ground, did a big chop 2 years later and right now I can proudly say that I’m 100% natural. I haven’t used heat for a while as there’s various ways to stretch your hair, an article for another day.

I’ve recently tried out the Proudly South African brand, My Natural Hair as it’s very important to me to support local brands and assist them in assisting us on this journey. Their range consists of a shampoo, conditioner, strengthening oil and moisturising butter at the moment and I love every single one if it. I love the fact that it’s for both natural and relaxed hair as it’s a good way of showing ladies that are transitioning that their existing products will still work for them once they return to their roots.

Nourishing shampoo (RSP R74.99-250ml)

It contains jojoba oil and shea butter and it gently cleanse while removing build up and also sooth dry and itchy scalp. A small amount is applied to wet hair and it lathers quite well, which I like in a shampoo.


Hydrating conditioner (RSP R74,99-250ml)

It contains coconut,jojoba and sweet almond oil as well as shea butter. This deep conditioner replenishes moisture; strengthen your hair as well as combating breakage whilst assisting with detangling (which tends to be a nightmare for me).


Strengthening oil (RSP R79,99-150ml)

Is a blend of sunflower, castor, grapeseed, avocado, sweet almond and olive oils and it seals in moisture while softening the hair, it adds shine and reduce frizz while assisting with the growth of your hair. Apply directly to the scalp, hair and hairline for best results.


Moisturising butter (RSP R79,99-125ml)

Serves as a leave-in daily moisturiser and contains coconut, olive, jojoba and sunflower oils and shea butter. It helps to deeply moisturise and soften the hair and assist with enhancing our curls, which is a bonus. You just need to apply a little bit on wet or dry hair to obtain the desired results. All their products are free of harmful parabens, sulphate, phthalates, petroleum and mineral oil.


I’ve absolutely loved trying out this range as did my hair. It’s softer, the curls are well-defined and it smells amazing. I rate this range 9/10 for my first use, will keep you updated on my final results and thoughts in a month or so.

As a natural African woman, I am proud, beautiful and well-groomed and my hair is my crowning glory. I live naturally in all aspects of my life. I choose not to use products that are synthetic and damaging to my hair, my body or my environment.”

Products available from My Natural Hair and Clicks.