Astrum PB150 Power bank {REVIEW}

If you’re as technologically challenged as I am, you’d  be relieved that I found a product we can actually use and understand. If you’re a blogger attending events, reviewing products, you’ll know how important pictures are, as they say, “it didn’t happen unless there are pictures.” Your phone’s battery life can only take you so far and I’m  not the only person who’s happy about the invention of power banks. What exactly is a power bank though? According to my friend Google, “A Power Bank is a mobile charger that can be charged in advance for later phones, tablets or laptops to recharge. It’s a handy gadget that you can charge your electric devices without a power socket.”

Power banks are all the rave right now and you find them in different shapes and sizes. I was fortunate enough to be granted the opportunity to try out the PB150 from Astrum and I have to say, I really like it.

Let’s talk about Astrum for a bit:


Their aim is to break down barriers between people and technology.

Since our inception in Hong Kong in 2008 until now, our aim has remained unchanged: to enable people to get worldwide access to new technologies in the field of consumer electronics. Whether it is for mobile accessories, audio devices, IT or LED lights, we have put all our efforts to break the trade-off between innovation, quality and cost. As a result, we have been able to provide robust, reliable – yet affordable – high-tech devices all around the globe.Staying on the cusp of technology has allowed us to do what we love best: using technology in countless ways to ease people’s life.


Let’s discuss the PB150:

My first thought was that it’s quite heavy at 210g and big at 146x70x17mm for a power bank. I have an iPhone 5c and it’s bigger and heavier than my phone but I do love the design and the suede-like finish.



Features include QC3.0 quick charging technology, dual USB ports, LED screen displaying the battery capacity and short-circuit,overcharge, discharge and overcurrent protection. The power bank has an on/off switch and comes with a micro usb cable to assist with charging the power bank before use. The LED screen is quite handy as it informs you how much power you have left in your power bank i.e. 25-50-75-100 means you’re on 75%-100% power and 25 would be 0%-25% power.

Dual USB port


This power bank is stylish, ultra slim, portable and in my favourite colour, black. I love the fact that I can charge both my phones at the same time and that I’m informed when the power bank is running low. It’s slightly bigger than my phone but still fits into every bag I usually wear including the clutches.


Simultaneous charging


There’s a few warning attached to this baby, some goes without saying like “do not put it in water”, “use reliable cables”, “keep away from children” and then there are others like “do not hit, drop or dismantle”, “do not expose to excessive heat,sunlight or fire” and “do not charge your phone on the power bank at the same time that you’re charging the power bank”, which due to the dual input might be tempting.

Overall this is an amazing product and it doesn’t hurt that it’s really stylish as well. This power bank retails for R549 and if you head over to their website here and click on “Where to buy”,they’ll provide you with your nearest stockist. I’ve entered my address and got 1. Techhouse Computers and 2. Astrum Peripherals Midrand 


Other specs includes:

-Input: 5V/1.5A

-Output 1: 5V/1A

-Output 2: 5-6.5V/3A,5.5-9V/2.1A,9-12V/1.25A

-Battery: 9000mAh li-polymer

-Dimensions: 146 x 70 x 17mm (LxWxH)

-Weight: 210g (approx.)



Live the London look with RimmelxRubybox

The Greek meaning of my name is Dark(ness) and that explains my love, bordering on obsession, for anything black and dark. It includes clothing, makeup, shoes but definitely not hair, my hair is the light fighting the darkness in essence, if that make sense.

My vampy affair with makeup has seen me investing in quite a bit of dark makeup but lip colours have always eluded me. Colours tend to look darker in the container than on my lips, aside from black lipstick, and it’s always very disappointing.  When Rubybox announced they’re sending out the new stay matte lipcolour range from Rimmel London SA, I knew I had to get my hands, or lips, on it. I received 12 colours and only one really caught my eye. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the other colours but the dark one, aptly named Midnight, spoke to my soul.  I was really excited to try out the range as it promises “high intensity colour with a velvety matte finish from the very first stroke” with one of the benefits being, “Impressive staying power – up to 12hr – kiss-proof, touch-proof, waterproof.”


Let’s have a look at some swatches of the colours:

rimmel 1

R- 710_ Latte to go… this was the only colour that didn’t work with my skintone as it made me look like I’ve just consumed one of Nando’s portuguese rolls.

I-720_Moca…this was the perfect nude for my skintone and will definitely be used quite often.

M-700_Be my baby…with a peachy undertone, this baby would need to be paired with a darker lip liner to really work for me.

M-110_Blush…there’s pink and then there’s pink, this one is pink…confused yet? This is what I call, a “Nicki Minaj pink”, with my skintone you’d need guts to pull it off.

E-200_Pink bunk…this pink lippie is very similar to the next one and the kind of pink I’d wear

L-100_Pink bliss…refer to previous colour 😉


London features some of my favourite colours in the range, let’s have a look:

L-600_Coral sass…I generally steer away from anything coral on my lips but this colour worked very well with my skintone, surprisingly.

O-210_Rose&Shine…this is a very pretty pink and remind me of rose petals, very soft and flattering.

N-820_Heartbeat… this is my favourite pink by far as it’s leaning towards purple/violet a bit, making it less girly for me.

D-500_Fire starter…I love red lip colours almost as much as I love dark ones, almost. This is the perfect red, in my opinion and I’ve been wearing it almost as much as Midnight, almost.

O-810_Plum the show…if Midnight and Fire starter had a baby, this would be it. If you’re not quite as broody or vampy as Midnight would suggest or not the siren that Fire starter would make you out to be, then Plum the show is for you. The perfect balance between vampy and siren i.e  undercover temptress?

N-800_Midnight…this right here is what my lip colour dreams are made of. Dark and delicious is what you are Midnight, the answer to my vampy prayers. This colour made my heart so happy, very happy. Thank you Rimmel 😉

What I love about the formula is that it doesn’t dry out your lips or make it look crusty. Instead it provides you with a velvet finish, long lasting vibrant colour and absolute resistance against the daily onslaught of elements against your makeup such as eating, drinking and kissing.

I’ve created an overall vampy look inspired by my favourite and this was the end results:

Mel r
Details: FACE: Rimmel fix&protect primer, Maybelline Fit me foundation, L’oreal powder, Rimmel brow kit and gel, BYS highlighter and Rimmel stay matte liquid lipstick in Midnight. HAIR by Style Diva DRESS by Junkyard Angel at YDE SHOES by Zoom BAG by Revlon

Process to create the look:

Torture test:


Rimmel stay matte products are available from Foschini and retails for R119,95. I’ve reviewed 12 out of the 15 colours, the remaining 3 are 840-Pitch black, 830-Blue iris and 850-Shadow and I’d definitely love to try them.

My Elgydium experience with Rubybox

What is the one thing that most people envy about celebrities except their money and seemingly perfect lives? Their seemingly perfect, white teeth of course. Why else would people be making a killing with whitening toothpaste? A new one seem to spring up every week ranging from charcoal activated to whitening kits. I have to admit I’m one of those people who used to buy every whitening toothpaste on the market, tried home recipes like bicarb and lemon etc. but were never quite satisfied. I’ve always had crooked teeth and wouldn’t change that for anything, well maybe I would if it was a painless procedure, who knows? Aside from being crooked, my teeth are very sensitive so I can’t just use any toothpaste and the ones specifically made for the condition, are usually twice the price of normal toothpaste.

I’ve received the Elgydium Whitening and Brilliance & Care toothpaste from Rubybox and used it over a 4 week period. Firstly, allow me to say that before I’ve done the trial of these products, I’d think twice about spending R60 on toothpaste in the current economic climate but this range changed my mind.

This was taken before I embarked on the journey.

Let’s have a look at the two tubes of toothpaste I’ve received:

Whitening Toothpaste  RSP R59.99 (75g)
According to Rubybox;

Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste is specially formulated with patented micro-pulverised sodium bicarbonate to remove stains gently without damaging enamel. It can penetrate into the tiniest of enamel furrows for an in-depth cleansing and a gentle polish. Gentle enough to use daily.

• Prolongs whitening after professional whitening treatments

• Stain-removing properties clinically proven

• Active ingredients: micro-pulverised sodium bicarbonate, chlorhexidine digluconate 0.004%

• Crystal diameter of bicarbonates is 5 times finer than other bicarbonates making it less abrasive on teeth and gentler on gums

• Chlorhexidine digluconate acts against plaque and infection

I love this toothpaste and could definitely feel and see a difference after 2 weeks. I generally stay away from products that stains my teeth as I don’t drink coffee and I hate red wine (yes, I said it!) but I do drink a lot of fizzy drinks and often forget to floss so there’s that.The awesome thing is, like the homemade remedy, this toothpaste also have bicarb in but it’s less yucky.


Brilliance and Care Whitening Toothpaste RSP R69.95 (30g)

According to Rubybox;

Anti-Stain visibility after 2 weeks*. Fast and lasting results reported by 90% of subjects* Recommend to use twice a week in conjunction with Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste.

•Active ingredients: bamboo, mineral silica & 1350 ppm fluorinol

•Whitening treatment plan–to be used twice per week in conjunction with regular whitening toothpaste

•Highly polishing formula that removes residual stains

•Fluorinol to ensure remineralisation of tooth enamel

•Polishing the dental surfaces while respecting the integrity of the enamel

*Test of safety and effectiveness carried out under dental supervision on 52 subjects for 28 days, using the product 3 times a day. Measured in MMLSI scale.

Satisfaction test carried out on 52 subjects after 28 days of use 3 times a day (% of subjects giving a rating out of 5))

To be quite honest, I didn’t like the taste of this toothpaste as it made me nauseous every time I had to use it. We received a schedule as to how to use these 2 in conjunction with each other to get the optimum results and this toothpaste had to be used every 3rd day. The awesome part of this toothpaste is that it assist in reducing the appearance of stains on your tooth and I can attest to it.




I’m really happy with the results and will definitely invest in this products again as I’ve realised that they work best together. I’m not sure if I’d get used to the taste of the Brilliance & Care toothpaste and the fact that there’s no foam but the results will convince me to.

Products are available from Dischem and Clicks

Comfitex #OneLessThingToWorryAbout

It’s me again, talking about our cycle because let’s face it: This is one thing you’ll experience for about 20 years of your life but never really get used to or be happy to experience. The last thing we need to add to that is stress about which range suits us best, is more affordable, provides the best absorption blah blah blah.


Comfitex have decided to step up and provide us with a one-stop shop/brand where we’d be able to find all our menstrual needs. As I was lying in bed the other night, clutching my stomach due to unbearable cramps, I figured the only thing missing is a miracle pain reliever because trust me, I need it! Throughout high school I couldn’t attend classes on the first day as the pain would render me useless, completely unable to move. In adulthood it subsided a bit but sometimes it hits me unexpectedly and takes me right back to those days. Why oh why do we have to suffer this much, daughters of Eve? Melodrama aside, let’s have a look at what Comfitex have to offer for us, daughters of Eve:

Comfitex Maxi thick pads (scented or unscented) RSP R16-99-R19-99

When the floodgates open, this is the soldier you want on your side. Armed with a soft cotton cover for comfort, channels to help prevent leakage and wings for better fit, it’s definitely ready for battle. As daughters of Eve, the last thing we want to worry about when going to bed, medication pumped in your system to ease the pain, is waking up in a pool of what’s supposed to be on the pad. I don’t think anything can ruin your day more than that, there’s a few things that comes close but it’s not up there with this. It happened to me enough times to know that all I want to do is climb back into my now-ruined bed and forget I was ever born a woman.



Comfitex Ultra thin pads (scented or unscented) RSP r16-99-R19-99 

These babies are my absolute favorite because they represent a time in your cycle when things are quieting down a bit. In my case, 3rd day and you know the end is near, thankfully. The benefits are the same as the maxi pads with the difference being that these babies are much thinner i.e. more comfortable to wear.

On a serious note though, these pads are super-absorbent, not uncomfortable when worn and you have the option of either scented or unscented. The colour palette used in the entire range is quite appealing and you won’t miss it in stores.


Comfitex feminine wipes (gently scented) RSP R19-99 

This is one of the most important products in this range as we’re not always at home when change need to occur. These wipes are your bathroom-on-the-go and the fact that it’s pH Balanced makes it so much more appealing. There’s 24 wipes for your convenience, they’re biodegradable, dermatologically endorsed and ensure everyday freshness. It’s ideal for use on sensitive skin, during menstruation, when travelling or after exercise. It fits perfectly into your handbag but do ensure that you reseal it properly after use to avoid loss of moisture.


Comfitex ultra slim panty liners RSP R15-99

This is my mom’s absolute favorite product at the moment. She suffers from mild incontinence especially when she coughs so this comes in really handy. What that basically means is that she looses a bit of control over the natural evacuation of urine out of her body. You know when you laugh so hard you pee a little? That’s her when she coughs and it affects about 75%-80% of women in their lifetime, scary. She loves the fact that this pantyliner is very slim, you don’t even feel you’re wearing it AND it doesn’t take away for its absorbency abilities.  Personally I use pantyliners on a daily basis as it keeps me fresh and since my period is very irregular, it helps to be prepared and take away the surprise element. It comes in a convenient ziplock bag and is easy to stash in your handbag.


Comfitex disposable sanitary bags RSP R12-99 

This is such a nifty and handy, not to mention really cute product. It’s the first of it’s kind in South Africa and resembles a mini shopping (plastic) bag. There’s 30 of them in each box, lilac-coloured and gently scented, which I love. It has little handles, which makes it easy to tie and it’s clean and discreet to handle. Since most used sanitary products shouldn’t be flushed and I end us wasting toilet paper to wrap it in, I’m extremely happy with the introduction of this product. It helps that it reduces pollution in the rivers, helps maintain life in septic tanks by reducing waste buildup and provides a discreet way of disposal.


If I have to say just one thing about this range, it would be that they have you covered, literally and figuratively.

These products are available from Shoprite Checkers , Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem, Clicks & Spar. A big thank you to Beauty Bulletin for selecting me to test and review this range.

Modibodi period panties

That time of the month, menses, periods, cycle, red robot, “tamatie straat” and my all time favourite, “Curse of Eve”. These are just a few terms we use to describe our menstrual cycle. I think we, as women, came up with these terms to hide the fact that it’s “that time” from men, why…I don’t know. They came from us women so why should we be ashamed of something so natural? I know why I don’t really mention it: Every time a woman is moody or snap for no apparent reason, men blame it on their menstrual cycle as it’s the easy way out. It’s less admin than dealing with the actual issues at hand but that’s a topic for another day AND allow me to say, it’s not all men.

To be quite honest, I feel this is the only thing a woman can experience every month and still not get used to. Don’t get me wrong, we’re happy to see our period if we’re not planning on falling pregnant but the painful cramps accompanying it is no picnic. In high school I couldn’t go to school on my first day of my cycle as the pain was crippling and I know a lot of people who have it much worse than I did. The mood swings…aaahhh the mood swings are my favourite as I use this time to freak out about everything AND get spoiled with chocolate (whether in a drink or a bar) and amazing back rubs. I’ve found that Adcodol works amazingly for the pain (and helps me to sleep well) as well as Lil Lets soothing tummy rub, these are my lifesavers.

That was a long intro. This post is not about any of the above-mentioned products but if it can help you, why not? Today I’m reviewing the Modibodi performance underwear from Feel Good & Co that I’ve won a while ago. I’ve been curious about it as one of my favourite vloggers, Safiya Nygaard reviewed it a while ago but it’s been out of my price range, sadly. Firstly I was sceptical, I mean I have a heavy flow the first 2 days, I’m talking waterfalls so how’s a panty going to withstand that? Pads are uncomfortable, yes but they offer the best absorption for me at the moment as I’ve tried tampons and we’re not friends. The cup, the thought of inserting it is scary but I do see how it will save me a lot of money in future.

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I’ve received a Classic bikini in coral and a thong in black and couldn’t wait to try it out. For once in my life I was excited to be hit by the curse of Eve, well excluding a pregnancy scare once. At first glance, it looks like normal underwear, the cut, material etc but upon closer inspection you realise it’s made from high quality, superior material such as bamboo, merino perform wool and microfibre that’s quite breathable. Their patented Modifier Technology ensure a breathable, super slim, moisture wicking, absorbent, antimicrobial, stain resistant and leak proof lining. The heaviest absorbency level is “moderate absorbency” which can withstand the same amount of flow as 2 tampons. There are different styles to choose from and for me, a classic bikini was the best option.


The fit is really comfortable but I was scared so I wore it on a weekend when I was at home the entire time. It was day 3 of my curse and the flow was still quite strong. I have to admit, I checked every 5 minutes initially but felt at ease throughout the course of the day. It was wash day (hair) which is a 2-4 hour exercise and this panties stood the test of time. There was no leakage and I just popped it in the washing machine afterwards and that was it. I haven’t tried out the thong yet as I’m not a thong person, at all but it should be interesting. I want to test drive the bikini with my next Hot 26 bikram yoga session as I believe if you can survive that, you can survive anything.

Period panties are available from and prices range from R295-R550 but it’s definitely worth it.

Maybelline Fit Me

Makeup was made to enhance your natural beauty or transform you into a totally different human being, your preference. I think most people fell in love with makeup while playing with their mom’s makeup bag, my mom never had that. My first introduction to makeup was in matric, no lie. That was the first time that I’ve ever worn makeup and I didn’t recognise myself, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. The very first makeup product I personally bought for myself was Revlon Colorstay Lipcolor in Chocolate, the one with the color on one end and the clear gloss on the other that promised 12 (or 24) hour wear. Do you still remember you first makeup purchase?

I love makeup but don’t always have the funds to splurge on high end products and I’ve realised that inexpensive products doesn’t necessarily mean the quality will be terrible. My all time favourite foundation is Estee Lauder Double Wear in Rich Ginger because the coverage and staying power is insane but so is the price. I bought an Avon CC cream and it was great but didn’t provide as much coverage so my search for an inexpensive full coverage foundation continued. One of the ladies on Beauty Swop (the most amazing beauty Facebook group in South Africa) mentioned Maybelline Fit Me foundation and that it’s available from Zando for R99 and I knew I had to try it. The unfortunate part is this foundation is not available in stores yet so you can’t test it to determine your shade. I figured since my (summer) skin tone is either Caramel or Toast with most drugstore foundation I used, I’ll just choose either one that’s available so Caramel it was. I bought the foundation and an ultra glow palette from BYS as I’m looking for a affordable highlighter as well. I’ve tested the new LA Girl highlighters and loved it but my budget were R100 and under and theirs is R145 😦


My package arrived within 4 days, weekend excluded and I couldn’t wait to start playing. On the day, as I never wear foundation to work anyway, I was able to test the colour and consistency immediately and I have to say I was impressed. At first I thought it would be too dark as we just came out of winter so vampire mode is on but it really evened out my skin. The consistency is not too runny and applied and blended really well. I’ve only used it twice and both times I took pictures to show you the difference between when I apply it with and without a primer.

Maybelline Fit Me- Shade 350 Caramel
Ultra glow palette swatches
This was applied without any primer and worn with no other form of makeup

I’ve decided to create my signature, easy-going look that I always sport for events and it took me between 10-15 minutes to achieve it, excluding the time taking selfies of course. I have to say that the glow and colour payoff of this ultra glow palette really surprised me. I mean the swatches looked nice but I didn’t think it would translate onto my skin that well. I’ve only tried one so far, which is the one next to the gold but I can honestly say I already love this palette.

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Products used

My final look was the featured image in this post, what do you think? I’m a novice as far as it comes to doing makeup but I do feel I did a pretty good job. Hope you’ve enjoyed this as I don’t usually do makeup reviews, should I do it more often or stick to what I know?


Maybelline has listened to our requests and their Fit Me foundations are now available at Foschini, Clicks and Dischem stores.

{WIN} Miss PretoriusxKlassic Kreations

Fashion got us in a chokehold, literally.

Every second clothing item you see nowadays sports a choker, making it easier in terms of styling as you don’t have to add (neck) accessories. I remember a time in primary or high school, not sure which one, where chokers were all the rage. Obviously there weren’t as many varieties as there are now but as with everything fashion, it was bound to make a comeback. Whether you love or hate them , 2016 saw them coming back and they’re still going strong in 2017. Personally I hold off on a lot of items when they’re “in fashion” as I need to establish whether it suits my personal style. I only started wearing chokers beginning of this year and even then it was far and few in between.

I stumbled upon Klassic Kreations on Instagram and I loved the craftsmanship of their work. Every item is meticulously made and the fact that’s it’s a local brand made it so much more appealing. It’s affordable and founded by the amazing Roxy, a female entrepreneur who took the plunge and decided to do what she loves. I received a box of goodies from her for myself and absolutely loved it. The only item I couldn’t wear was a gorgeous red, daisy motif bracelet as I have skinny arms and it usually falls off and ends up on my upper arm. I did find a good home for it though and it’s been worn with love by my friend Noleen.

I’ve had a chat with Roxy as I love her products so much and I wanted to share it with you, my readers. We’ve decided to give you these goodies if you follow all the steps provided.

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-You have to follow both our pages on Facebook, no exceptions (@klassic01kreations and @misspretorius)

-You have to follow us both on Instagram, no exceptions (@klassic.kreations and @miss_pretorius_)

-Repost or share the competition post and use #MissPretoriusxKlassicKreations or #KlassicKreations for us to monitor it (for an extra entry)

-Comment “done” on the competition post on either platforms or one of the pictures on Klassic Kreations’ Instagram.

– That’s it, you’re entered

Winner will be announced on 20 October 2017, good luck xxx



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Even tone skin with Dettol

When a brand has been around for 50+ years, you know that they’re doing something right. In that respect, Dettol, which boast 80 years, are definitely doing something right as it remains one of the most trusted brands around. It’s a staple for cleaning and disinfection of skin and has no plans of retiring or disappearing anytime soon.

A lot of products promises even tone skin as it’s a problem a lot of people suffer from. Promising it is one thing, delivering on said promise is a whole different ball game and you can’t help but be sceptical when a product claim they can give you that. Dettol launched an even tone bar soap a while ago and me, being the sceptic that I am, didn’t even bother to buy it. I mean, been there, done that, right? It wasn’t until Rubybox send me the new Even tone Pomegranate bar that I’ve decided to try it out, mainly because of my weakness for pomegranate and how it takes me back to my days in primary school. We used to steal it from my someone’s tree, me and my friends, we were all naughty at some stage, admit it already but we always managed to leave evidence behind of our guilt, not very clever.


I started using the soap for 5 days straight and kept it away from my face as I’ve been struggling with random breakouts and dryness so didn’t want to aggravate it. The soap itself is a pink bar with a very pleasant smell and micro granules for exfoliation, which I personally loved. I love anything that can gently exfoliate my skin while cleaning and leaving my skin fragrant and soft to the touch. I did notice a difference after 5 days, my skin were soft and had a really nice glow to it. It was more even but I moisturised and exfoliated regularly, which I think added to the results.


This was my official 5 day result and I have to admit, I do love it. I’ve given some to my family and friends and they love it as well. The soap should be available in all supermarkets, pharmacies and Clicks.



I’ve never done yoga in my life. Well, that statement was true until this past Saturday when I spend the day with Tranquini at The Yoga Republic  and I can safely say that I’d like to do it again. Prior to this event, I didn’t know what HOT26 yoga was and didn’t think the “hot” referred to an actual “sauna-like” room. We arrived a bit early and I was really impressed with the tranquility of the venue, it immediately made me feel relaxed, which I haven’t felt in a really long time.


About the venue:

According to their website, they started off as a Bikram only yoga studio but decided to expand and now offers all types of yoga. Their dream was to create “an earth, animal and people friendly space where people can come to connect with themselves, and breathe happy” and I feel that they’ve achieved that. The studio is a natural and Eco friendly building with hot yoga as one of their main drawing cards.

About Tranquini:

Tranquini is a relaxation drink that helps you get on with your day in a positive way. It’s described as “the perfect fit for people who are increasingly prioritising mindfulness and a more actively relaxed life“. It’s the new way to relax with the stress of today’s life such as juggling too much, daily traffic, five-star performance requirements and taking work stress home with you. It contains a natural herbal blend that helps you relax and refocus. It’s preservative-free, has reduced sugar and calories and made with natural flavours and colours. It’s currently available in 4 unique, natural flavours namely Mixed Berries, Green Tea Twist, Ginger Lemon grass and Hops and Malted Barley. It increases focus, reduces stress and anxiety, enhances mood and does not cause drowsiness.


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About HOT26 Bikram yoga:

According to Wikipedia, HOT26 Bikram yoga is, “Bikram Yoga is a hot yoga style, and is ideally practiced in a room heated to 35–42 °C (95–108 °F) with a humidity of 40%.” 

At The Yoga Republic “the room is designed to contain the generated 38°C heat for up to 72 hours. During a hot yoga session ample fresh air is provided with approximately 60% humidity. This makes for a perfectly balanced hot yoga experience.”

I went in to check out the room before we started and I didn’t think I’d survive. As a girl from Oudtshoorn, where the maximum temperatures reach around 45°C I should be able to handle it, right? Well I did, not without any difficulties, but I survived and felt really rejuvenated. Our instructor, Claire Lane was amazing and took into consideration that it was a first for most of us and talked us through the whole process and constantly praised us for being, in her words “amazing“. We were doing the beginning series which run for about 60 minutes and consist of the same series of 26 postures, including two breathing exercises. She constantly told us what areas the various poses are targeting and why we would experience discomfort when doing certain poses. I was sweating like a pig, seriously but as soon as we left the room I was instantly cooled down and felt amazing. I’ve done poses that I didn’t think I’d be able to and I learned that I struggle with balance a lot, which translate into my personal life as well.


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Light snacks were served by Green Heart Health Cafe and it was amazing as it featured lots of fruit, which is my absolute favourite so I was quite happy. There was a wellness prize worth R15000 up for grabs for the best selfie and Mo from Adventures of Bee and Mo was the lucky winner.

I’ve had a really amazing day and I can’t wait to go back for more sessions as we’ve received some vouchers in our goodie boxes. A massive “thank you” to Anastasia for the invite and all the brands that made this day possible.



Perfect and Radiant with NiveaxRubybox

Skin care is very important but we tend to only give some thought to it in our 20’s or when we notice our first wrinkle. I fall under the former but I’ve been on quite a rollercoaster ride with what work for me and what doesn’t. Everyone’s skin is different and you should never invest in a product because it worked for someone else. Do proper research but first establish your skin type as that’s the only way you’ll find something suited to your specific needs. Secondly establish what your skin concerns are in conjunction with your skin type and then find a product that addresses both the skin type and concern. It’s also very important to invest in a trusted brand i.e Nivea has been around since 1882, and not these backyard cosmetic brands or somethings bought off a suspicious website because the model’s skin looked flawless, photoshop much?

My mom has been using Nivea ever since I was a little girl. It was the first ever brand she purchased and she remained loyal to it. Shortly before my birth she had hormonal pigmentation that left her with dark marks all over her face but Nivea helped clear all that and today there’s no sign of it whatsoever. I stuck to my rule; i.e. don’t use something just because it worked for someone else, and therefore never used the brand myself except for their lotions, which I loved. About 2 weeks ago, Rubybox send me Perfect and Radiant from Nivea to try out as I did list on my profile that I suffer from pigmentation. The weird thing about my pigmentation is that it’s only under my right eye, nowhere else. I don’t go to extra length to cover it up but started using sunscreen regularly since it made it’s appearance. I’ve been using a lot of products that promises to remove or at least fade dark marks and it worked, at first but then just stopped working even though I continue the usage.

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I’ve started using Perfect and Radiance and I won’t lie and tell you that the marks faded immediately or completely. I will however tell you that the marks faded, gradually and my skin felt soft and look absolutely radiant. It has an SPF15 but I do still use my SPF40 as prevention is better than cure, a lesson I learned the hard way.

This was my skin 2 weeks ago:


And this is my skin at the moment:

2 weeks

I’ve used the moisturiser in conjunction with a face wash from Nivea and I think it helped a lot. A special “thank you” to Rubybox and Nivea for selecting me to try out this product, I will continue using it and share my results on a regular basis.