Star Wars: The Last Jedi x Travelstart

I’ve watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi in D-Box on Friday and it was an amazing experience. It was also the first ever movie from the franchise I’ve watched *insert gasp* Yes, I know all about Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and of course BB8 because the franchise has a cult following and you’d have to live under a rock to not have heard about these characters before, but I’ve honestly never watched any of the movie before. After today though, I’ll actively try to watch previous movies just to feed my curiosity about certain things I couldn’t understand or relate to today.

One of the things that really stood out for me was the locations where the movie was shot. Some were absolutely breathtaking and the cinematography was excellent. While “Googling” the locations, I stumbled upon an article on Travelstart about 9 iconic locations where Star Wars movies were filmed and it got me thinking: If The Last Jedi were filmed in South Africa, which locations would be perfect for certain scenes? I have two favourite locations and I will list the two (or more) in South Africa that would’ve been perfect.

The most breathtaking location for me was definitely Luke’s hideout island, Ahch-To, which were filmed at the ruins of a Christian monastery in Skellig Michael, Ireland.

Skellig Michael, Ireland

We have some really amazing beaches here in South Africa, which could double up as an island, if need be for a movie like The Last Jedi. My favourite one has to be Noordhoek beach, which as you can see in this image from Discover African Cinema, has a similar mystique and breathtaking view as the one used in Ireland.

Noordhoek Beach

The second beach that would’ve been perfect is Arniston, a small seaside settlement in the Overberg region on the Cape South coast, close to Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa. As you can see, it’s absolutely breathtaking and definitely worthy of being on this list.

Arniston, Western Cape

The second scene that were quite amazing were the hideout planet, Crait where the final fight between Luke and his nephew Ben took place. The perfect place for me, even though not in South Africa but still Africa, would be the Sahara Desert. It has the same eeriness and the Sahara also have some red sand dunes, as did the salt fields of Crait.

sahara red
Red dunes in Sahara

The second location, minus the red dunes would be anywhere in the Karoo. It’s a hauntingly beautiful place, trust me and once you visit there, you’d want to return again.


If you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan and would love to visit these iconic sites, have a look at this handy infographic that show you how far away you are (via air). If you’d like to fly from Johannesburg (OR Tambo), have a look at affordable return flights to Johannesburg to book your adventure.


Let me know in the comments if there’s any other locations in South Africa you think would be perfect for a Star Wars scene. May the force be with you.







Me & John Frieda

Variety is the spice of life and that’s exactly how I feel about hair products. As a self-confessed product junkie and hoarder, my bathroom speaks volumes about my search for the perfect product for my hair type. Being natural used to be limiting in terms of the ingredients in a lot of products but there has been such an influx of natural hair products that I’ve been left confused. Recommendations from fellow natural-haired sisters had been my go-to source of information and the fact that you could obtain samples of certain products before investing does make life easier.

A while ago, Rubybox send me John Frieda products to try and to be quite honest, they weren’t even on my radar as natural-hair friendly. From the first use, however it was evident that my hair loved it, as seen here. The John Frieda range I fell in love with was Frizz Ease Dream Curls! My hair and natural curls absolutely loves it and it smells amazing too. It left my hair soft and manageable and reduced frizz when I used heat. The first picture was taken after my first use and you could definitely see less frizz and loads of definition in my curl pattern.


The second picture is more recent and taken after using this range for about 2+ months.


Notice the difference? There’s definitely less frizz and curls are more defined. I’m not a wash-and-go girl but this range does allow me to walk around with perfect curls and I absolutely love it.

My tips:

-If you’re using this range for the first time, ensure that you choose products suitable for your hair type.

-If you have fine, limp hair and want volume, choose John Frieda® Luxurious Volume

-If you have frizz concerns like I did, use either Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight range or Frizz Ease Dream Curls range.

-If you colour is dull and you need to vamp it up, use the Sheer Blonde or Brilliant Brunette range.

-If your hair is damaged and breakage occurs due to overstyling, then the Full Repair range is your match.

-Always use a T-shirt after washing your hair to plop your curls.

-When doing a wash-and-go, remember to do the LOC or LCO method which is liquid, oil and cream to retain moisture in your curls and keep the definition.

-When using heat, always use a heat-protectant spray and end off with a serum to retain moisture.

How to win the John Frieda range that’s perfect for you:

If you’ve established which range is perfect for you and want to win it, head over to Rubybox to do just that. All you have to do is:

  1. Simply post a photo with your favourite John Frieda® product on social media
  2. Tag John Frieda SA and use the hashtags #rubybox #me&johnfrieda #JohnFriedaSA
  3. Write your short product review on the product page (click here)

Easy enough? Good luck and may the force be with you (sorry I watched Star Wars earlier today and will probably overuse that phrase)

{WIN} Swimming with Spurt SA and Kinderlove

I can’t swim and I know I’m not the only one *cue Sam Smith*. I’ve had a few near-drowning experiences due to stupid people who think that when you say, “I can’t swim” it’s an invitation to grab your arms and legs and swing you into a pool. I tried to learn but since it’s difficult trusting anyone after a certain age, that was a disaster. My theory is; teach your children how to swim from a young age, while they still trust you wholeheartedly and trust a stranger (instructor/teacher) because you said they have to.

According to NSRI , 600 children die every year in South Africa from drowning. That is absolutely shocking! Furthermore, for every child that dies from drowning, five are left with permanent brain damage from the lack of oxygen that occurs in a near-drowning, according to Rainbowkids.  What if there’s a way to prevent that? I mean it’s easy saying teach them how to swim but not all of us have swimming pools in our backyard nor do we have the funds to afford swimming school fees. In November this year, Swimming SA and City of Johannesburg announced that they will be offering free swimming lessons. Last year about 20000 children were taught how to swim and it was a massive success. They partner with various municipalities and use the municipal swimming pools to conduct the lessons in, details and venues still to be confirmed. Have a look at their website or follow them on social media for further updates.

Let’s get down to business:

If you’re planning on getting your child involved or you’re signing them up for swimming lessons or you just want some cool swimming gear for them, this is for you: The wonderful people at Spurt SA send me some goodies to try out and coincidentally, my CEO has two daughters that attend swimming school so they tested out the products for me. Spurt is the leading suppliers of swimming apparel in South Africa. The brand is loved for its innovative patterns and colours and comfortable fit. With an extensive range of accessories and swimming aids for beginners and athletes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve received two sets of swimming caps, goggles and nose clips and they were the perfect fit for them. They absolutely loved the designs, hearts and a crown, and their father loved the fact that the goggles doesn’t fog up, something he encountered with products he bought at retails stores. The straps of the glasses impressed him as well due to the durability as most straps break before the glasses. Overall, the girls had a great experience and he already had a look at Spurt Sa  website for more swimming necessities for them.

For you, my readers:


You should know by now I always look out for you *wink*. I received an extra unisex set that I’d like to give away to a deserving mommy/daddy/uncle/aunty/granny/sister/brother *insert any other relations here* All you have to do is the following:

Give Spurt SA  a like or follow on any of their social media platforms

-Give Kinderlove a like or follow on any of their social media platforms

-Let me know who you’d like to win this set for

That’s it! Easy enough?

A big “thank you” to Spurt SA and Kinderlove for the goodies.

Wish come true?…whether you’ve ordered from them or heard about them from a friend, you’re aware of their existence. That name fill some with excitement, dread and others with raging anger. I used to be indifferent until I ordered from them, now I kinda get excited when I see the name. If you haven’t heard about allow me me to guide you through the darkness, not in video form, as is the norm. is a shopping website where you get everything and  anything for next to nothing or at an exorbitant price, depending on where you look of course. It’s safe to say that Wish is the “host site” as all the sales on there happens through various shops and not Wish itself, make sense? Some of the products are of amazing quality, others are meh that’s why it’s important to read reviews about the shops and products before you purchase. How do you do that? Well you click on the item you want or desire, at the bottom of the image you will see overview, related products, descriptions, ratings, store ratings and shipping, these are your information hub. You will notice that there’s quite a few items that states, “just pay shipping” which in my experience is anything from R27 to R55 (on the free items). This is not a scam people, every item I ordered from Wish stated that and with every single item I’ve only paid R27, no hidden cost. If you had to pay R24 extra when the item arrived, that’s SAPO and not Wish.

How to order:

As with every other online store, it’s important to create an account with your shipping details, which in my case is either my home or office address. Under your profile you’ll have things like your wish list for your lust-have items, your shopping cart, rewards (when you shop you get points that get converted into discounts) and order history where you can track your orders. I use my Visa debit card as I don’t have a credit card (temptation) and it works perfectly fine. It’s important to scroll through the feed, I know it will take a really long time but sometimes you’ll find the same product 5-6 times and it will be cheaper elsewhere. Once again, remember to read the store reviews, it’s useless for it to be cheaper but the reviews of the stores is not favourable. Prices change quite often, you might put something in the cart for R115 only to see the price being R155 later on, it happens. Putting it in your cart doesn’t guarantee you will get it at that price, only checking out does. They often have really good deals e.g. if you order with someone else (these will usually pop up when you click on a certain item) you get the item cheaper or if you order within a certain amount of time like 10 minutes, you get the item cheaper. They also have a “spin deal dash” option where you spin to unlock discount etc. Keep an eye on your notifications as they’ll send you daily deals.


Wish had been amazing with my refunds so far. My very first order was over R500 and none of those items arrived and it’s safe to say I was very peeved off. When your item is scheduled to arrive on a certain date and it doesn’t, request a refund immediately. If you wait too long, you won’t get your money back and you’ll only have yourself to blame. Allow about 7 days for the money to reflect in your account but be warned, if the price of the item de/increased in the meantime, that’s the amount that you’ll get refunded. If you receive your order after you’ve been refunded, you get it keep it i.e win/win.


It’s important to be realistic about the items you’ve ordered in terms of quality. My bar is set very low hence I’m always surprised when the quality is good. In terms of the price, how often are you able to buy a good quality bikini for R27? Er, never but with Wish I did. Instagram stores sell the very same bikini for R350, same colour, quality etc. I kid you not. On the other hand, I ordered a shirt/dress that was completely see-through and I won’t dare set foot outside without a slip but it was still R27. I’ve never ordered shoes, handbags, household items etc from Wish so I won’t be able to comment on the quality of that but I got a hooded dryer and it made my life (and wash day) a lot easier. A friend of mine ordered makeup brushes and the quality was amazing (I have two sets on the way). My worst ever experience with Wish, and I wasn’t the only one as I saw the picture went viral on social media, was when I ordered a wig and got a track, one single track of hair. Nothing in the description or reviews indicated that there was something fishy but in hindsight, a brazilian wig for R27? Seriously? Unicorns and mermaids are living in my backyard, yes they are. Most (or all) of these stores are in China so the quality is either a complete hit or miss. I’d also advise you not to order any makeup or skincare products (except brushes) as it’s most probably fake, heaven knows how long it’s been there and you still have to wait some time to receive. Your skin is very precious and sensitive and the horror stories I’ve heard about the effects of fake makeup, just don’t go there.


Order a size or two up, that’s one comment you’ll see on a lot of the store/product reviews. I always order x-small or small and items have been the perfect fit so far. I did order a large in the shirt/dress I got and it fits like a small so there’s definitely something to that theory.


I know I’m not the only person that would order items for over R1000 but hesitate to pay shipping of R150. Unfortunately with Wish, you pay shipping on every item even if you order two of the same. With the free items, shipping would generally be either R27, R42 or R55. I’ve ordered normal priced items the first time around and when they didn’t show up, I made a conscious decision to only order “just pay shipping” items and I don’t regret it. You’ll wait anything between 1-3 months so be patient.

Extra charges:

The prize you see on Wish is the price you pay (excluding shipping). Often when you choose certain sizes the price will increase but my first statement still applies. When you receive your notification from SAPO with R24 written on there, it’s their extra charge to you. It might not seem like much but imagine you have 20 parcels, that’s a whopping R480 and that would possibly be more than what you’ve originally spend on Wish. There’s a note (fine print) saying you don’t have to pay any extra fees unless it’s one year after the date but apparently that doesn’t count for anything. A little birdie told me that SAPO, on average received 20+ parcels from Wish per week but as the popularity increased, that number went up to 500+ per week! If you’re smart, like SAPO, you ask a “minimal” fee of R24 on each one of these parcels and you get over 12k per week! Now that’s business, let’s hope they use that money towards better service delivery and ensuring we get our parcels on time. I won’t judge them as I’ve seen people selling Wish bikinis for R480, the same one I got for R27!

I will share my purchases with you in another post, this one already exceeded my normal word count but I hope you read until the end. List any questions you might have in the comments and I’ll answer it in the next post. Stay awesome 😉

Suncare with Avène and Rubybox

Growing up in Oudtshoorn and the surrounding areas you get used to a certain level of heat in Summer. For us, 40°C was nothing and staying indoors or wearing sunscreen was a myth. I remember I used to be very dark, teeth and eyes were the only “light in the darkness” and I loved it. I tan easily and hardly ever burn so I felt invincible against the so-called harmful rays of the sun. Boy was I wrong! 20+ years later and I’m still struggling to get rid of sun damage on the one side of my face, yes only one side. I’ve tried pigmentation products, started investing in sunscreen products etc. but no luck. All it did was lighten my skin, which I’m not always a fan of, but the pigmentation is still there.

As you can see, the pigmentation as a result of sun damage is still there.

Why am I telling you all this? I would like to serve as a cautionary tale if you’d like. When you’re young, you don’t care about how things would affect your life at a later stage but it often comes back to bite you, like skin cancer. In my late 20’s I decided on a skincare regime but never included sunscreen per se. I always opted for moisturizer that had an SPF included already as I thought it’s the same thing but it’s not. Even if your moisturizer or foundation has an SPF in, you still need to use an SPF of at least 15. Why? You may ask and the simple answer would be, it does not provide enough coverage. Most people find that when applying sunscreen underneath their foundation it looks cakey but there’s a simple solution for that; apply a thin layer of sunscreen, allow it to soak into the skin, dab the excess with a tissue and apply your foundation. When using your fingers for application, ensure that you’ve washed the residue off your hands.

Anti-aging suncare from Avène

I’ve received this anti-aging sunscreen with SPF 50 from Rubybox and I was very excited to try it out. I’ve only used and loved one sunscreen in my not-so-long life and I was curious to see how this one would hold up. What first caught my eye was the colour of the container, the orange is such a vibrant Summer colour and immediately draws your eye to the product. Secondly, I love the fact that it’s in tube form with pumping mechanism, it means no mess no fuss.



I’m always afraid that sunscreen will leave white residue, which is a valid fear as a lot of them do. The first day I applied it, I didn’t blend it properly and ended up walking around with a white ‘stache. I learned from that mistake and blending became my friend and so did this sunscreen. It left my face feeling soft and supple to the touch and the fact that it has anti-aging agents is a big bonus. I’ve applied it religiously to my face, neck, chest and shoulder area as these are the parts that are always exposed in Summer. My skin is very glowy and dewy and I think that the combination of my Nivea Perfect & Radiant skincare regime and this sunscreen is very good marriage.

Sunscreen rubbed in
Sunscreen blended/properly rubbed in.

Avène became a staple in my skincare routine and my mom started using it as well. It retails for R229.95 for a 50ml pump tube and are available at Clicks and Dischem.  –  –

Let’s get “toned” with Nivea

When younger, I was always amazed at the amount of skin care products older people were using. Every bottle or jar had its purpose and the entire process used to take 10-15 minutes. On the other hand, there was my granny; little old lady that literally just rinsed her face with cold water and went her merry way. At 80, her skin were still amazing and you couldn’t argue that old school methods weren’t working for her but she also lived a healthy life. Healthy food from the earth, regular exercise, no coffee or processed food and that really added to her overall skin health.

I didn’t have any interest in skin care until I turned about 25. Up until then, I followed my grandmother’s example and it did me good but her healthy lifestyle wasn’t something I could stick to. I’ve decided to do research on the best products for my skin type and age as well as what  are the most important steps to follow. I’m familiar with toners but never saw it to be as essential as cleansing and moisturizing. I’ve recently started using the new Perfect and Radiant toning lotion from Nivea that I’ve received from Rubybox and I have to admit, toners plays a vital role in your skincare regime. Let’s start with what exactly toners are and then move on to their function.

A toner is a wash or lotion designed to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores. It’s usually applied with cotton wool or sprayed on. It’s not a necessary step but if you have oily skin or clogged pores, this will be your best friend. 

Nivea Perfect & Radiant Toning Lotion

The Perfect & Radiant toning lotion from Nivea is enriched with Magnolia extracts and is specifically developed for skin that’s prone to oiliness and blemishes. I don’t have oily skin but I do have a lot of blemishes and loved using this product. This toning lotion promises to, gently purifies and clear the skin, helps prevent blemishes and control shine. As someone with a sensitive skin prone to breakouts, I was weary of using this product but this formula doesn’t dry out or irritate the skin.

I’ve incorporated it into my skin care regime as I’m using the Perfect & Radiant range already. I’ve used it after the cleanser, before the moisturizer and applied it with cotton wool on my face, neck and chest area. My reason for doing so is because we focus so much on keeping our face “young” that we forget about other parts that are visible. How often do you see someone with a smooth face but the neck and chest area shows their age? It’s important to apply the products on these parts as well, as important as a good hand and body cream. Bear in mind that you don’t have to dry your face after applying the toner, just allow it to air dry before following it up with your moisturiser.


I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin and it feels soft, supple and smooth to the touch after only 2 weeks of use. For those of you that would like to purchase this product, it’s available at all leading pharmacies at R62.95 for 200ml and Clicks have a 3 for 2 sale on cotton wool so it’s a win-win.

In closing, my skin care regime, incorporating the Perfect & Radiant toning lotion.

HT600 Wireless headphones {Review}

Many of you would agree that at some stage music “saved” your life. For me, personally, it provides an escape into my own world where I won’t be judged for my choices whether it’s country or alternative rock. We can all agree that few things are more annoying than someone playing their music out loud, especially if it’s a genre that you can’t stomach. Thank goodness for the invention of ear/headphones, a simple yet effective way to ignore people (hello, I’m wearing ear/headphones, can’t talk right now). The difference is quite simple: Earphones you place inside your ear, they usually get tangled and you would need a degree in engineering to untangle them. Headphones are the cooler version. You place them over your ears and either over your head or at the back of your neck, cool kids usually rock headphones instead of earphones, I think.

HT600 Datasheet

I’ve received the HT600 Wireless stereo headphones with microphone from Astrum  and I was really excited to try it out. Firstly because I love music and listening to it brings me immense joy and secondly, I always need a reason NOT talk to people when I’m walking to work. In my defense, if I had one meaningful conversation with someone on my way to work, that’s a lot plus I’m not a morning person so I’m very grumpy. I need a big “DO NOT DISTURB” neon sign flickering above my head and since I can’t have that, headphones are perfect. What I love about these headphones, except for the sleek design in my favourite colour, is the fact that it’s wireless. Yes, “I will no longer choke myself trying to untangle from unnecessary wires“, she says with a straight face. These babies are smaller than my usual headphones and it’s extremely portable as they have a cute carry case plus it can bend in ways other headphones can only dream off.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve used it in two ways and that’s what I’m going to chat to you about today:


When working out, the last thing you want is to constantly remember which way to turn to avoid getting caught up in your wires or having to wonder if you’ll damage your phone by accident. The HT600 headphones make those worries a thing of the past. You can turn on the Bluetooth of your phone (can accommodate two phones) choose your playlist, put you phone in your tog bag and go on with your workout. You don’t have to linger around your bag like a stalker, this baby allows a range of up to 10 meter so you will be running on the treadmill while your phone is in your locker and still enjoy your music.

The sound is crystal clear, allows you up to eight hours of use and requires two hours to be fully charged. You can pick up phone calls with the press of a button without having your phone near, might not be perfect if you have stalkers or avoiding debt collectors though.


I don’t know about you but I can’t work in complete silence. My brain never shuts down, even when I sleep hence I thrive in chaos, noise is my inspiration. I often download playlists from YouTube to listen as watching it distracts me, a lot. I used to listen with headphones (with wires) or earphones and had to avoid sudden (turning) movements but after syncing these headphones with my laptop, I can spin my chair around to the beat without fearing imminent death or hospitalisation. I often forget I’m wearing them and end up going to the bathroom like that, still listening to music, how awesome is that?

ht600 (1)


This product really impressed me, I won’t lie. At R799, it’s a worthy investment and if you’d like to put one in the stocking for a loved one, head over to their website here and click on “Where to buy”, they’ll provide you with your nearest stockist. I’ve entered my address and got 1. Techhouse Computersand 2. Astrum Peripherals Midrand 

Getting red-dy with Kangol za

I love the colour red because of the confidence it exudes. Will it ever be my favourite colour? No but it’s a contender, it definitely is. I haven’t written anything in a while because life took over and steamrolled me into different directions but when I received this cute Summer-ready press drop from Kangol za, I was inspired to do a review. I’m quite familiar with the Kangol brand as I used to shop at Truworths and always bought their matte lipsticks and nail polish. In the current economic climate (and after closing all my accounts) I’ve been avoiding certain stores as it presents temptation and Truworths was unfortunately one of those.

Press drop from Kangol za

I’ve received four glosses, one lipstick and a matte top coat as well as a red nail varnish in the shade Firewalk. The juicy lips were really cute, smelled of everything Summer in a tube and are non-sticky, which is my favourite attribute. It’s available in Sunshine in my pocket, Sunset on the beach, Drinks with friends and Peace Love and Merry. My favourite is Sunset on the beach because of the minty smell, all the glosses last for about 2+ hours, depending on your eating and drinking habits and retails for R59.

Juicy lips

I’m an absolute sucker for a red lip, whether understated or bold. This red lipstick in Scarlet at R79, is the perfect blend of matte and glossy and an amazing combination of demure and flirty. It will work for everyday wear but also for a night out on the town. I’ve put it through a torture test (eating and drinking) and it really stood its ground for my full work day i.e 8 hours.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last but not least, I tested the red nail varnish in Firewalk and I’m afraid to admit that this is the first time in a really long time that I’m wearing red on my nails. I would’ve preferred the brush to be a little bigger but that’s not the end of the world. I did have to apply a few coats to get my desired coverage but it’s not a train smash. I have to admit though, I loved the final look. I’ve kept one had glossy and the other matte (with the top coat) to showcase the difference and I don’t know which one I love most, they’re both pretty awesome. At R69 these are an absolute steal and if matte nails are your thing, you’ll adore the top coat.

No top coat
Matte top coat

Disclaimer: These are my natural nails 🙂

I’ve had such an awesome time testing out these products and I’ll include some extra pictures for you guys. Products are available exclusively from Truworths at the prices mentioned in this post, which were correct at the time of publishing.

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Astrum PB150 Power bank {REVIEW}

If you’re as technologically challenged as I am, you’d  be relieved that I found a product we can actually use and understand. If you’re a blogger attending events, reviewing products, you’ll know how important pictures are, as they say, “it didn’t happen unless there are pictures.” Your phone’s battery life can only take you so far and I’m  not the only person who’s happy about the invention of power banks. What exactly is a power bank though? According to my friend Google, “A Power Bank is a mobile charger that can be charged in advance for later phones, tablets or laptops to recharge. It’s a handy gadget that you can charge your electric devices without a power socket.”

Power banks are all the rave right now and you find them in different shapes and sizes. I was fortunate enough to be granted the opportunity to try out the PB150 from Astrum and I have to say, I really like it.

Let’s talk about Astrum for a bit:


Their aim is to break down barriers between people and technology.

Since our inception in Hong Kong in 2008 until now, our aim has remained unchanged: to enable people to get worldwide access to new technologies in the field of consumer electronics. Whether it is for mobile accessories, audio devices, IT or LED lights, we have put all our efforts to break the trade-off between innovation, quality and cost. As a result, we have been able to provide robust, reliable – yet affordable – high-tech devices all around the globe.Staying on the cusp of technology has allowed us to do what we love best: using technology in countless ways to ease people’s life.


Let’s discuss the PB150:

My first thought was that it’s quite heavy at 210g and big at 146x70x17mm for a power bank. I have an iPhone 5c and it’s bigger and heavier than my phone but I do love the design and the suede-like finish.



Features include QC3.0 quick charging technology, dual USB ports, LED screen displaying the battery capacity and short-circuit,overcharge, discharge and overcurrent protection. The power bank has an on/off switch and comes with a micro usb cable to assist with charging the power bank before use. The LED screen is quite handy as it informs you how much power you have left in your power bank i.e. 25-50-75-100 means you’re on 75%-100% power and 25 would be 0%-25% power.

Dual USB port


This power bank is stylish, ultra slim, portable and in my favourite colour, black. I love the fact that I can charge both my phones at the same time and that I’m informed when the power bank is running low. It’s slightly bigger than my phone but still fits into every bag I usually wear including the clutches.


Simultaneous charging


There’s a few warning attached to this baby, some goes without saying like “do not put it in water”, “use reliable cables”, “keep away from children” and then there are others like “do not hit, drop or dismantle”, “do not expose to excessive heat,sunlight or fire” and “do not charge your phone on the power bank at the same time that you’re charging the power bank”, which due to the dual input might be tempting.

Overall this is an amazing product and it doesn’t hurt that it’s really stylish as well. This power bank retails for R549 and if you head over to their website here and click on “Where to buy”,they’ll provide you with your nearest stockist. I’ve entered my address and got 1. Techhouse Computers and 2. Astrum Peripherals Midrand 


Other specs includes:

-Input: 5V/1.5A

-Output 1: 5V/1A

-Output 2: 5-6.5V/3A,5.5-9V/2.1A,9-12V/1.25A

-Battery: 9000mAh li-polymer

-Dimensions: 146 x 70 x 17mm (LxWxH)

-Weight: 210g (approx.)


Live the London look with RimmelxRubybox

The Greek meaning of my name is Dark(ness) and that explains my love, bordering on obsession, for anything black and dark. It includes clothing, makeup, shoes but definitely not hair, my hair is the light fighting the darkness in essence, if that make sense.

My vampy affair with makeup has seen me investing in quite a bit of dark makeup but lip colours have always eluded me. Colours tend to look darker in the container than on my lips, aside from black lipstick, and it’s always very disappointing.  When Rubybox announced they’re sending out the new stay matte lipcolour range from Rimmel London SA, I knew I had to get my hands, or lips, on it. I received 12 colours and only one really caught my eye. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the other colours but the dark one, aptly named Midnight, spoke to my soul.  I was really excited to try out the range as it promises “high intensity colour with a velvety matte finish from the very first stroke” with one of the benefits being, “Impressive staying power – up to 12hr – kiss-proof, touch-proof, waterproof.”


Let’s have a look at some swatches of the colours:

rimmel 1

R- 710_ Latte to go… this was the only colour that didn’t work with my skintone as it made me look like I’ve just consumed one of Nando’s portuguese rolls.

I-720_Moca…this was the perfect nude for my skintone and will definitely be used quite often.

M-700_Be my baby…with a peachy undertone, this baby would need to be paired with a darker lip liner to really work for me.

M-110_Blush…there’s pink and then there’s pink, this one is pink…confused yet? This is what I call, a “Nicki Minaj pink”, with my skintone you’d need guts to pull it off.

E-200_Pink bunk…this pink lippie is very similar to the next one and the kind of pink I’d wear

L-100_Pink bliss…refer to previous colour 😉


London features some of my favourite colours in the range, let’s have a look:

L-600_Coral sass…I generally steer away from anything coral on my lips but this colour worked very well with my skintone, surprisingly.

O-210_Rose&Shine…this is a very pretty pink and remind me of rose petals, very soft and flattering.

N-820_Heartbeat… this is my favourite pink by far as it’s leaning towards purple/violet a bit, making it less girly for me.

D-500_Fire starter…I love red lip colours almost as much as I love dark ones, almost. This is the perfect red, in my opinion and I’ve been wearing it almost as much as Midnight, almost.

O-810_Plum the show…if Midnight and Fire starter had a baby, this would be it. If you’re not quite as broody or vampy as Midnight would suggest or not the siren that Fire starter would make you out to be, then Plum the show is for you. The perfect balance between vampy and siren i.e  undercover temptress?

N-800_Midnight…this right here is what my lip colour dreams are made of. Dark and delicious is what you are Midnight, the answer to my vampy prayers. This colour made my heart so happy, very happy. Thank you Rimmel 😉

What I love about the formula is that it doesn’t dry out your lips or make it look crusty. Instead it provides you with a velvet finish, long lasting vibrant colour and absolute resistance against the daily onslaught of elements against your makeup such as eating, drinking and kissing.

I’ve created an overall vampy look inspired by my favourite and this was the end results:

Mel r
Details: FACE: Rimmel fix&protect primer, Maybelline Fit me foundation, L’oreal powder, Rimmel brow kit and gel, BYS highlighter and Rimmel stay matte liquid lipstick in Midnight. HAIR by Style Diva DRESS by Junkyard Angel at YDE SHOES by Zoom BAG by Revlon

Process to create the look:

Torture test:


Rimmel stay matte products are available from Foschini and retails for R119,95. I’ve reviewed 12 out of the 15 colours, the remaining 3 are 840-Pitch black, 830-Blue iris and 850-Shadow and I’d definitely love to try them.