Cremora had been an integral part of my childhood as my granny absolutely loved it. My cousins and I would sneak into the kitchen and eat spoonfuls of it, as is. We’d get caught, get a hiding and do the same thing the next day again. We had access to fresh milk daily but definitely preferred the powder form. Today I can’t drink milk without having terrible stomach cramps but I can still have Cremora, should I choose to have any tea other than rooibos, with no side effects. Who can forget the iconic, “It’s not inside, it’s on top” advert? Cremora as a brand has definitely cemented its place in our hearts and they’ve launched something new.

This was my first Zoom event; the new normal and it was a different experience than my usual “attending of events”.I followed the same pre-event routine, partly, as I wanted some things to still feel normal. I showered, put on a cute outfit, did my hair and put on some liquid lipstick (no need for a full face as no one would see me). The previous day I received a press drop that consisted of a box, with a lock that required a code. I was so curious but we had to wait for the launch to get the code to open the lock. I quite liked the anticipation as I had no idea what the new product would be.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

NESTLÉ South Africa has added an innovative indulgent liquid creamer to its NESTLÉ CREMORA range just in time for the winter season. In support of South Africa’s most-loved powdered coffee creamer, they have now expanded into the liquid creamer category. The product was launched digitally at a press event hosted by South African entertainment doyenne, Thembi Seete, who partnered with the brand to unveil this new category expansion of the Nestlé flagship brand.

“South African consumers have had a long-standing relationship with the NESTLÉ CREMORA brand. The liquid creamer range is available in two delicious flavors most loved by South Africa; Vanilla and Hazelnut and both the flavors deliver on the rich and creamy indulgent promise that NESTLÉ CREMORA has always been known for. While at the same time allowing them to experiment with flavors to bring in more excitement to their everyday coffee drinking rituals.” said Nicole Roos, Business Executive Officer, Nestlé Coffee and Beverages, South Africa.


The experience kicked off with a curated product demo and entertainment headlined by South African R&B musician, Langa Mavuso, who entertained the audience with his soulful sounds and debut online performance of his newest single, ‘Love Lost’.
“As a coffee lover I was excited to partner with the NESTLÉ CREMORA brand in launching this exciting innovation, as it fully delivers on my expectation of a frothy, rich and indulgent coffee experience and I believe it will be well received by many South African households looking for a bespoke flavorsome and personalized homemade coffee or cappuccino experiences. I love that it’s proudly made in South Africa” added Thembi Seete.

The NESTLÉ CREMORA liquid creamer is available in a 250ml pack, each pack offers 12 servings of 20ml per serving and retails from the recommended selling price of R17,99 at your local store including Checkers/Shoprite, Pick n’ Pay, and Spar. Both the tetra pack and the lid are fully recyclable.
Consumers can find out more about how to take their coffee experiences to the next level by following @CremoraSA on Facebook or by visiting http://www.cremoraliquids.co.za.

Dove Purely Pampering lotion

I feel like a stranger on my own blog. I haven’t been here for quite some time and I apologize for that. From “moving” to Cape Town to dealing with the reality of a worldwide pandemic; the past few months had been overwhelming. I’ll offload on you in a different post; this one is dedicated to a body lotion that is currently solving all my winter blues.

Am I the only one with “normal” dry skin and in winter there’s an exponential growth in said dryness? Any other season I can manage but in winter it literally starts flaking all over. When Rubybox announced the Dove purely pampering shea butter body lotion trial I was quite excited. Reason being, I’m already using the soap in the same variant and it provided me with good results. Dove products always smell really good and they’ve perfected their scents to an extent that it’s not overwhelming or triggers my migraines.


I’m always sceptical about products that promises to nourish dry skin as it tends to work in the initial stages and once your skin get used to it, it stops. I was tasked to use the lotion for two weeks and I feel that’s sufficient time to determine whether something will work for you or not. I don’t blindly buy things that worked for other people as I know there are a lot of factors to consider such as skin type or diet among others. You want to find the best product for you according to your specific needs and budget and that’s why platforms such as Rubybox are amazing. You get to trial the product first before making a commitment with your money. Why haven’t you signed up yet? It’s easy and there’s no fee involved, only honest opinions about the products you were send.

Back to me and my dry skin. I used the lotion after a shower with the beauty cream bar in shea butter, this way I could layer the fragrance. Quick tip: Invest in exfoliating gloves to use in the shower or bath, it helps get rid of dead skin cells and assist in combating dry skin. Both the soap and lotion are from their Purely pampering range which feels like a spa treatment at home and I’m all for that. The lotion smells amazing and it left my skin moisturized and very soft. You don’t have to apply a lot and ensure you pay special attention to drier areas such as your elbows. The lotion contains Dove’s DeepCare Complex, a blend of skin natural nutrients and rich essential oil to gradually improve skin starting deep down. I can honestly tell you that I’ve seen a drastic difference in the past two weeks. My skin would often flake due to dryness in the past but I haven’t had any of that happening so far. I love the smell; it has a hint of warm vanilla which compliments the shea butter. I generally don’t like vanilla as it’s very sweet but the combination works for me.


Let’s get to the question on your mind, how much is it?

Dove Purely pampering shea butter body lotion (that’s quite a mouthful) retails for R57.99. Is it worth it? For me, I’d say yes. I usually have to mix my lotions with different oils in order to combat the dryness of my skin, which means I have to buy a few products to create one. I’ve tried using oils on its own and it wasn’t working for me, I don’t like how it feels on my skin. I’ve tried shea butter in its natural form for my skin and wasn’t a fan of that either. This has worked best for my skin so far and I’m definitely sticking to it for the remainder of winter.

14th Annual SAFTAs nominees

The month of love hit a high note today, with the official announcement of the 2020 South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) nominees proudly brought to you by Brand South Africa. Hosted under the custodianship of the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) the awards seek to honour and celebrate South Africa’s local film and television talent, under the theme #LoveSATalent.

Leading this year’s nominations was #SAFTAs13 winner & popular telenovela “The River”, which raked in 15 nominations across numerous categories, including Best Achievement in Directing, Scriptwriting, Original Music/Score, Editing, Sound, Cinematography, Wardrobe, Make-Up and Hairstyling and Art Directing. Actress Sindi Dlathu secured a nomination for Best Actress in the genre, while Presley Chweneyagae was nominated in the Best Actor category.

Close on its heels was the soapie “Isibaya”, Television Drama “Lockdown S4” and the feature film “Fiela se Kind” who all clinched 11 nominations each, while the drama series “The Republic” rounded things off with 10 nominations.

“The love for SA Talent is certainly in the air and I would like to congratulate all our SAFTAs14 nominees for telling authentic stories that resonate and connect with the people of South Africa. As the NFVF we couldn’t be prouder of the immense contribution that these women and men make to the local film and television industry, not forgetting the broadcasters that provide the platforms for these stories to come alive”, commented Makhosazana Khanyile, NFVF CEO

The NFVF joined forces with 205 industry experts from across the country to form a judging committee that spent over two months deliberating and rounding off the final nominees of the 70 categories, which were all then later audited by Nexia SAB&T.

A key priority for us this year was to bring credibility back to the SAFTAs judging process. It is no secret that many production companies have voiced their frustration with our appraisal system, some going as far as to boycott the SAFTAs altogether. Having taken this


feedback to heart, we’ve taken every measure possible to ensure that the judging process is fair, transparent and without bias. Today I’m proud to announce that as a result of these efforts we’ve received over 300 entries for the SAFTAs,” concluded Khanyile.

This year, the power to decide who wins the Best TV Presenter and the Most Popular Soap/Telenovela will remain with the South African audience through the use of the public vote. To vote for their favourite in these two categories, they will need to dial *120*45884# and follow the prompts on their screens. One lucky voting viewer will stand a chance to win fuel to the value of R4000 a month for 12 months powered by Total SA.

“Total South Africa identifies art and culture as a national resource and contributor to the development of the economy. The SAFTA’s does not only preserve the country’s stories, but it also encourages development of the country on all frontiers, enabling people to expand their horizons and develop skills that are essential to social cohesion.”, commented Baxolile Msomi, Corporate Communications & Marketing at Total South Africa.

The codes will be advertised on SAFTAs social media pages and other media platforms and the voting lines go live in the week of 17th of February and closes on 28 March 2020.

The 14th South African Film and Television Awards will be hosted at Johannesburg’s Sandton Convention Centre over two-nights: Craft Awards on Friday, 27 March 2020 and Main Awards on Saturday, 28 March 2020 – with the Saturday show broadcast live on television.

Boyz II Men 2020 SA Tour

“Motownphilly’s back again…”

Ever so often, a music group breaks onto the scene and stay there. Boyz II Men is such a group and have been giving us good music for longer than I have been alive for. They’re the kings of emotional ballads and a cappella harmonies and got me through many heartbreaks. I was fortunate enough to see them live in Johannesburg in 2015 when they toured South Africa and it had been an amazing experience. Their harmonies are still amazing and the show felt like a karaoke bar as the crowd knew the lyrics to all their songs, I mean every single one! I’ve never seen ladies almost trampling each other as they did when Shawn started handing out roses, such a swoon-worthy moment.

Wanya Morris, Nathan Morris and Shawn Stockman

The group was originally known as Unique Attraction and formed by Nathan Morris and Marc Nelson, along with George Baldi, Jon Shoats, and Marguerite Walker in 1985. Wanya Morris joined in 1987 and after Baldi, Shoats and Walker left in 1988, Shawn Stockholm was recruited. The band originally consisted of five members being Marc Nelson, Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris (anyone know if they’re brothers?) Shawn Stockman and Michael McCary. They eventually renamed the group “Boyz II Men”, after one of New Edition’s songs, “Boys to Men“, from their 1988 album, as they were big fans.

Due to other issues, Marc left the group before they found international fame and we knew Boyz II Men as Nathan, Wanya, Shawn and Michael, who was their bass singer. From the beginning, Boyz II Men featured all four members as leads, avoiding the usual R&B group arrangement of one or two lead singers and a team of background singers. The multiple-lead arrangement became a Boyz II Men trademark, and it became typical to hear Wanya Morris’ vibrato-heavy tenor, Shawn Stockman’s tenor voice, Nathan Morris’ baritone, and Michael McCary’s bass (often used in spoken-word sections of many Boyz II Men hits) trading bars in each song. Their first single, Motownphilly did really well and cemented their place in their industry.

Over the years they’ve brought us amazing music and my favourites are listed here so I won’t get into it again. What I will get into though is providing you with the when, where and how on their upcoming SA tour.

When and where:

Sun Arena
9th April 2020
Cape Town
Grand Arena, GrandWest
13th April 2020
How (and where to purchase tickets + prices):
Ticketpro and Super Spar
Cape Town: R650- R1390
Pretoria: R290- R1750
Unfortunately I have no explanation for the difference in starting price for the two cities at the moment.


This event is brought to you by Glen21 Entertainment

#FragranceFocus with Kangol za

What’s the first thing that reminds you of a loved one or your favorite place? For me, it’s a smell; whether it be the smell of freshly baked bread, like my grandmother used to make or the ocean, reminding me that no matter how dirty you think you are, it can be washed away. Kangol za fragrances has made their way to the top of my list of favorite, affordable brands and the two latest offering are no different.

Gone are the days where you stick with one fragrance for day and night.

Your “smell” is basically an extension of your mood,

Imagine if you could find the perfect scent to match you current mood …

Talk about making a statement, without saying a word!

No need to limit yourself to one or two “Moods” for the rest of your existence.

Being a Goddess can be hard work…

(let’s not even mention an expensive one too)

As always, Kangol got you covered!



I don’t particularly like wearing bright colors but I appreciate them in product designs and packaging. The last press drop from Kangol reminded me of vibrant summer days at the beach and I really like it. I’ve received an eye shadow palette, my favorite brush set (in pink this time), body balm and two summer fragrances. Most of these I’ve reviewed before and unfortunately I’ve neglected to do swatches of the palette for you before I left Johannesburg (I’m currently in Cape Town) but let’s dissect this drop, shall we?

Miss Malibu and Summer Sunset RSP (R165)

I haven’t used the Kangol fragrances before my relationship with the brand and it’s currently the only fragrances I use. I’ve received Miss Malibu and Summer Sunset and the packaging is absolutely beautiful. Miss Malibu has hues of blue and purple with hints of apricot and jasmine and a few honey drops. Summer Sunset has orange and pink in the design and you can detect orange blossom, white flowers and sweet apple that exudes warmth, passion and energy. They’re both 50ml and the sleek design means it’s easy to slip into your handbag.

Makeup brushes RSP (R189)

I’ve received and reviewed this 12 piece limited edition set in black before and this time around they’ve send me the pink version, with pink accent bristles. This has been my go-to set for makeup application on myself and others as there’s a brush for everything! My favorite brushes are definitely the powder, foundation and highlight brushes but the eye shadow brushes does make application a breeze. For a full review on these brushes, kindly refer to my previous post here.

Eyeshadow palette RSP (R165)

I’ve reviewed quite a few of the Kangol eye shadow palettes and I still really like them. Colour payoff is really great with minimal fallout and colors work really well together, with easy application. This palette starts off with your nudes, includes your berry colors as well as shades of purple, grey and silver. I went through a stage where I was obsessed with purple especially since purple eye shadow/liner brings out brown/hazel eyes quite well and this palette took me back there. It’s standard with 12 colors, a double-ended application brush in a steel-imitation case.


Summer glow body balm RSP (R99)


I totally love the body balms from Kangol as they have the right glitter-fragrance ratio. At the recent wedding and matric ball it was a hit as most people love a good sparkle. I’ve reviewed their body balms here and here and as you can see, I still love them even after all this time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review, let me know in the comments what you’d like me to cover next.

Toni Braxton: Live in Cape Town

Today it’s all about gratitude for me.


Hear me out quickly. I grew up in an area where it was a mere dream to see my favorite acts perform live. Media, working in the industry wasn’t even a possibility, not something I ever considered because I thought there was no way it could ever happen for me. Last night I got to see an artist whose music had a huge influence on my formative years. Yes, dear readers, last night I got to experience Toni Braxton live in concert, singing most of the track I grew up with! It’s all thanks to amazing companies that bring these artists to our shore and brilliant PR teams that execute it. In the spirit of gratitude, a big thank you to Melanie Ramjee aka Hypress from Tutone Communications. I’ve worked with this amazing human being for almost a year and it’s been such an amazing experience. She’s down to earth, understanding and goes the extra mile, if you do so for her. Her work ethic is impeccable and she made it possible for me to see one of my favorite artists live and I appreciate her for that.

Let’s get back to the concert:

The opening act was the talented Shekhinah, who you might remember from her Idols days. Actually, she’s more famous for the path she’d carved out AFTER Idols than her actual journey on the show. She’s really talented and have been making waves in the industry and created some memorable music. Unfortunately I’ve missed her set as I arrived late at Grandwest Casino because Cape Town has this chilled effect on me. Honestly, I’m not in a rush to do anything or go anywhere when I’m here, which is not good for me. People enjoyed her set, judging by social media, which comes as no surprise to me.

Picture credit: Glen 21 Entertainment, Facebook

After Shekinah finished we waited for another hour or so for Ms Toni to get onto stage. In that time we were able to fill up on drinks and snacks such as popcorn, which hasn’t been on the menu at most concerts I’ve attended and it definitely should be. Spotted local celebrities like Danine Naidoo and Kwesta in attendance and people couldn’t believe their eyes when Kwesta stood casually in line to buy a drink. Of course they had to a get a selfie or two with him, which he gladly did because he’s such a chilled guy, big fan over here by the way. Music were playing to make the waiting period more bearable and people broke out in song a few times, which was quite cool though I had no idea what they were singing.

toni b
Picture credit: Toni Braxton, Facebook

Finally the moment arrived when Toni appeared on stage, in a suit no less. The noise were deafening and the lady on my right started crying because the moment was so overwhelming. I almost lost my marbles when she started singing, “He wasn’t man enough for me”, I mean are you even a fan if you don’t know that song?! After that high note, she went into, “How many ways”, followed by “Be a man about it” donning a white sparkly mini whilst seated on the stairs. “I love me some him” is another favorite and an audience member helped her sing, “Another sad love song” to great applause. I love the fact that she interacted with the audience and invited them onto stage on several occasions, she even did a walk-through while singing, “Breathe again”. A birthday girl was called onto stage, with her boyfriend a few minutes later and he turned into her fiance, you follow? A cute proposal took place on stage with Toni serenading them, which happened in Johannesburg as well. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be proposed to with Toni Braxton serenading you?

Screenshot_2019-11-13 Toni Braxton ( tonibraxton) Twitter(1)
Credit: Toni Braxton, Twitter

She spoke about her lupus diagnosis and how doctors told her it would affect her work before “You mean the world to me.” After that it was two fan favorites, “How could an angel break my heart” and “Spanish Guitar”, followed by my favorite bitter ex anthem, “I wish”.  She went on to play the piano for an Anita Baker song while chatting about how Anita and Whitney influenced and inspired her. Next up she was looking for a Babyface replacement to do “Hurt you” and found, in her words, her “white Babyface” who did a good job performing with her. She changed into a black lace body/play suit for “Freeway” followed by my original sexy (read: strip) song “So high”. She added a long tulle skirt for “Unbreak my heart” and ended her set with “Long as I live” naturally. It was an amazing concert and I felt like I’m in my bedroom listening to her albums as I’ve done several times before.

Side note: How on earth is she still this hot after all these years? I mean, have you seen her? And she can move to top it all off, simply amazing!

Only critique I have is that the sound could’ve been better. I could hardly hear the words when she was talking but overall it was a great experience.



#Photoshopped with Kangol

Makeup: Used correctly it can enhanced and illuminate your natural beauty. Used otherwise, well we’ve all seen a couple of makeup fails in our days and it’s not a pretty sight. This is by no means shade being thrown; I mean I can barely apply makeup on my own face let alone someone else’s. The aim is merely educational, I’ve watched tons of beginner’s makeup tutorials before I attempted it on myself, before I went outside and presented my “face” to the world. You don’t have to be an expert, figure out what works for you and go with that. I’ve attempted to do my brows several times the way everyone does it and it’s not working for me, bushy and natural suits me. Point is, don’t follow trends that look good on others, find something that works for you and go with it. Also, invest in tools that will assist you and complement the way you apply your products. I used to apply foundation with my fingers; yes I was that person until I discovered foundation brushes. Those became my staple while I even ventured into silisponges, which didn’t work for me by the way. Kangol send me a blender/ beauty sponge a while back and it was love at first application. It’s the only way I apply foundation on myself nowadays and my foundation brushes are currently used to apply face masks (sorry, not sorry).


When venturing into makeup for the first time have a vision in mind of what you want the end result to look like. Full coverage foundations are great but not for everyday wear/use on my face. I want to avoid the “cakey “ look by all means and instead settle for BB/CC creams for everyday use or on days I feel like looking extra cute. I don’t have a lot of marks, mainly pigmentation and some pimple scarring that fades over time so I don’t have a lot to cover up. Kangol send me some BB creams a while back when they launched it (procrastination is a much-loathed companion on my side) and though I’ve tried it, I never quite got round to writing this review. I had a lot going on in my life, mostly stressful stuff so my mind was elsewhere, my apologies. I’m in a happier space now so my writing is not as morbid as it would’ve been had I wrote this at my darker times, you’re welcome (unless you’re into morbid writing then you can head over to my “Personal” tab).



Let’s talk about the #Photoshopped BB creams for a second. They retail for R149 and are compact enough to fit into your clutch for quick touch ups. It’s available in Light, Medium and Dark, which is quite limiting for now but I’m sure new shades will launch soon. It’s quite moisturizing and have SPF20 so one less thing to worry about in summer. Obviously the Light was too vampiric, even for my winter skin tone. I thought Medium might be my shade but also a tad to light whereas Dark is perfect for me. The shading is a bit weird as a lot of dark-skinned girls would look ashy when applying Dark, as I did with Light and Medium. In this incredibly diverse spectrum of skin colors I am definitely Medium so this might confuse a lot of people. I’d say my dark-skinned ladies would need to wait for more shades to be introduced before investing in this BB cream as I don’t want you to waste your hard-earned money.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I received two sponges as well and as per my previous review, I still love them. Ensure that you wet it a few minutes before application as a damp sponge ensures smoother application and no streaking. You’re able to apply your concealer with them as well as they do get into your corners and creases. Out of this press drop I would definitely recommend you invest in these sponges, they’re amazing! As for the BB cream, the formula and coverage is amazing, if it’s your shade or if you’re planning to mix it with another shade to achieve your desired shade (that was a lot of shade). Hope you enjoyed this review, I know it’s long overdue but you know, life happens. Stay awesome until we chat again.

Bramley Cosmetics – Magnolia


I’m a self-proclaimed bargain hunter and love it when affordable products are efficient and deliver on their promises. My favourite store for affordable, really cute products are Pep Home and that’s where I got introduced to Bramley Cosmetics. The first product I bought was the tissue oil as I’ve heard and seen amazing testimonies for their range of tissue oils.  I’ve seen really great results and it’s the only tissue oil I’m using at the moment as it’s affordable and efficient.

Bramley are in the process of revamping their look which includes adding their new look logos on labels and packaging. Magnolia is the original range and I was send a few products to try out. It’s my first time using the magnolia range as I’ve only bought products from the cocoa and lavender range respectively. I’ve received the foam bath, talcum powder, lotion, body butter, hand and nail lotion, roll on and tissue oil and I’d like to share my thoughts with you on these products. Bear in mind, my skin is quite dry and I’m always looking for moisturizing properties in products.

unnamed (31)

Let’s start with my favourite product from their range, regardless of the variant.

Tissue oil RSP R19.99 (100ml)


This has been my favourite so far and I’ve been using it all over! I used to mix it with my usual lotion for added moisture, apply to my face as it doesn’t make me appear oily or shiny and apply to areas affected by stretch marks.

This amazing formulation is enriched with vitamin E and Bio-Pharm oil; the latter being made up of waxy lipid molecules known as ceramides, which has become a modern scientific treatment that influences the water holding capacity of the skin and provides structural integrity, while protecting against pollution and stress damage.

This is safe to use during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and is definitely the most affordable tissue oil for me. There’s a current special, until the end of September where you can buy 3x 100ml for R50, don’t miss out. My bestie keep a bottle in her handbag, one at home and one for gifting purposes as she loves it so much and always recommend it to others.

PS: There’s a special edition 200ml out for R36.99 which still work out cheaper than 2x 100ml, you’re welcome.


Body butter RSP R16.99 (250ml)

unnamed (13)

This is a new favourite of mine and my dry skin. The butter is slightly thicker than your normal lotion and application isn’t as smoothly but it leaves my skin hydrated, soft and smelling amazing! It can be used all over and is enriched with vitamin E and Bio-Pharm oil. You can add some of the tissue oil to it if you’d like but it’s actually sufficient for my skin. It’s so affordable and can’t believe I haven’t tried it before.


Hand and nail cream RSP R12.99  (75ml)


This is a new hand bag favourite. I love the fact that it works for both your hands and nails i.e softens and protects your hands and keep your nails strong and shiny.


Body lotion RSP R17.99 (400 ml)

unnamed (14)

I’ve started with the body butter in this range and though the lotion also nourishes my skin, I definitely prefer the butter. The lotion helps to protect and moisturise your skin while leaving it fragrant. With my skin I have to rub a bit more than the butter before it’s absorbs but it also leaves my skin very soft to the touch.

Roll-on deodorant RSP R9.99 (50 ml)

unnamed (17)

I’m very particular about the roll-on I use because my underarms are very sensitive. I don’t like the fact that this roll-on makes my underarms white though it disappears after a while. I’d say one thing though, it’s really affordable and definitely much cheaper than the roll-on that my underarms are forcing me to use.  It does allow all day protection and fragrance but unfortunately I’m not able to it full time.


Talcum powder RSP R14.99 (100g)

unnamed (16)

I’ve never used talcum powder in my life, am I the only one? I actually talked to my friend about this product as she uses it and I learned a lot. I know (most) girls uses it on areas where they sweat i.e underboobs or areas where they chafe like their inner thighs and she confirmed that. She also gave me a tip that when putting away sheets etc. after washing, her grandmother used to throw talcum powder on it to keep it fragrant. I’ll definitely try that as I can’t really use her other recommendations. Do you use talcum powder? How do you use it?


Foam bath RSP R27.99 (ml) 

unnamed (15)

If you love baths as much as I do you’ll love this affordable foam bath from Bramley. A little really does go a long way and it’s designed to soothe and revitalise your senses. Infused with a luxuriously rich floral fragrance that opens with a heady blend of magnolia, carnation and rose, this foam bath is a pure bath time treat.

Important notes:

-Check out the pinned post on Bramley’s Facebook page to enter and win a R500 Magnolia hamper, ends 30/09/19.

-Bramley products are exclusively available at Pep and Pep Home.

Also, this special runs until 30/09/19


Bramley Cosmetics, affordable quality you can trust. 


rAge x Vodacom


Telecoms stalwart, Vodacom, has just announced a partnership with rAge – South Africa’s longest running gaming, technology and geek culture expo which will take place from 27-29 September 2019. Vodacom’s involvement and investment into the South African gaming and esports scene will be one of the biggest to date, by any brand.

Vodacom has long been a long-standing supporter of sports in South Africa and has already made a substantial investment in driving funding and growth in local sports. This move into the South African gaming and esports scene is a natural progression for the future of the brand.

“We have been following the South African gaming and esports scene intently over the past few years. Gaming and esports is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world and South Africa is home to many gamers with an intense passion for it. From casual gamers who enjoy indulging in their passion from the comfort of their own home or on their mobile handset allowing them to participate in their passion anywhere, anytime, to those who compete in esports at a competitive level – and everyone in between – Vodacom’s vision is to become the Gamers Network of Choice. “This partnership with rAge is just the beginning as it allows us to participate in a large entertainment market,” says Jorge Mendes, Chief Officer Vodacom Consumer Business.  As part of our long term commitment to the gaming and esports scene, Vodacom World, our Flagship Digital Mall will also play host to a variety of gaming events and experiences providing gamers with an opportunity  to experience our network speeds and capability first hand.”

Globally, gaming is big business. Out of 7.6 billion people on the planet, there are approximately 2.2 billion gamers. This includes social gaming, mobile gaming, as well as free-to-play and pay-to-play multiplayer gaming. Of these players, globally, there are about 380 million esports viewer fans – 165 million of them regular viewers and 215 million occasional viewers. While these numbers are impressive, the South African gaming and esports industry is still in its infancy and will take some time to establish these kinds of figures locally. That said, it is starting to come into its own and it is during this time that backing and support from established and trusted brands such as Vodacom is vital.

rAge has always been about the gaming. Although it has grown exponentially over the last 17 years, the event has always stuck to the core values of bringing the ultimate gaming experience and the very best of immersive geek culture straight to the audience with bigger and better gaming, gadgets, esports, cosplay, show specials and competitions.

This annual event is 100% proudly South African, which is another reason that Vodacom is the perfect partner for it. It’s about South African gamers having access to global platforms; and now that it’s backed by a South African icon, those platforms are sure to just get bigger, better and faster.

rAge has grown from an embryonic event for a small gaming community into a thriving fun-filled three-day feast of all that is gaming – catering to thousands of fans, both young and old. “This partnership with Vodacom is a significant surge forward for the gaming industry in South Africa, and particularly for rAge. It is another leap forward for the future of gaming in South Africa and I look forward to where this will eventually take us all. And now the Future is Exciting with Vodacom rAge” said Michael James, Senior Project Manager rAge.

Globally, gaming is big business. Just shy of three weeks ago, a 16 year old captured the world’s attention by winning a $3 million Dollar prize pool at the Fortnite World Cup. The finals of this tournament, held at the end of July, followed ten weeks of competition involving more than 40m competitors and a total prize pot of over US$30m. The tournament packed out the 23,771-seat Arthur Ashe stadium at Flushing Meadows, New York’s largest tennis arena. Fortnite is but one gaming title among many that is rising to prominence in an increasingly lucrative market. The crazy thing to note is that this is not even the biggest esports event in the world. 18 teams recently competed in The International – the biggest DOTA tournament in the world – in Shanghai, China. The International prize pool, which is entirely crowd-funded, closed off just over $33 million.



When is rAge?

Friday 27 September – 10h00-18h00

Saturday 28 September – 09h00-18h00

Sunday 29 September – 09h00-16h00


Where is rAge?

The TicketPro Dome, Johannesburg


How do you buy tickets to rAge 2019?

Online here or at Ticketpro outlets

Day Pass – R160 per person (ticket valid for entry for one day only)

Weekend Pass – R320 per person (ticket valid for entry for all three days)

Children under 6 are free

The following tickets are only available to purchase at the door:

Family Pass – R540 per family (ticket valid for one day for 2 adults + 2 children aged between 6 & 18)

Student Pass – R110 per person (ticket valid for Friday only upon presentation of valid student card)


Follow rAge on social media at the following links:

Twitter @rAgeExpo

Instagram @rage_expo

Facebook page @rAge Expo







The multi-talented artist and culture enthusiast Riky Rick today officially announced the return of the annual Cotton Fest which will take place in February 2020. This announcement alongside the launch of the 2019 Cotton Fest Aftermovie.

Taking place in central Johannesburg in the early  part of next year, this one-day urban music and fashion explosion is back with plans to be even bigger and better.

Merging both known and unknown South African talent, Cotton Fest showcases the diversities in hip hop while fusing the gaps within the different local movements.

“Following the highly successful festival this year, it was an obvious move to do it again. Thanks to the support of every single artist, concert goer and even the suppliers we worked with, this festival made history, changed the game in a positive way. said Riky Rick in a meeting earlier today and added,  “We started planning Cotton Fest 2.0 the first week after the show, back in February. 2020 is gonna be on another level.’

Cotton Fest 2020 plans to bring together 100 unique acts performing on different stages and will be supported once again by media giants MTV and YFM.

Venue and lineup to be confirmed later this year.

Please check out the 2019 Cotton Fest Aftermovie: 


Also, check out my thought on the inaugural Cotton Fest earlier this year over here