SAIQI- For innovators and entrepreneurs

Today’s post is a bit different as it’s not beauty or events related…or maybe it is. Everything is a business, right? In the sense that funds go in and out and in order for it to be successful, you need to understand the business, the industry behind it. Today I’d like to provide you with a platform where you’d be able to get your innovation, your product out to the world. A platform where you can reach potential investors on a global scale, not just locally.

What exactly am I talking about?

The Quality Innovation Awards, of course!


You might be thinking, “what on earth is the Quality Innovation Awards?

The Quality Innovation Award is an annual, international competition that enables innovators to

get professional assessment for their innovation
– benchmark their innovation against others
– increase the visibility of their innovation

All together this helps to increase the competitiveness of each participating country.



Another question arises, “What is a Quality Innovation?”

A quality innovation is an innovation that

has novelty value and is timely
– is practical and can be utilized
– has been developed in a systematic way
– corresponds to stakeholder’s current and future needs
– has improved technical, social or commercial performance


Last but not least, “Why should you participate?

This competition enables you to:

benchmark your innovation at the national and international level
– receive professional feedback from an independent body

Benefits of participating in this competition include:

raising public awareness of your innovation
– help opening new markets
– motivate to increase the innovativeness in your organisation
– national and international recognition


More about the Awards:

The Southern African Institute of Quality and Innovation (SAIQI™) has established a partnership with the Finnish Quality Association to organise the Quality Innovation Awards in Africa. The Quality Innovation of the Year Competition has been arranged in Finland since 2007. Its purpose is to increase the amount and level of innovations. The competition started as a national competition of Finland but has since then been expanded to include Estonia (2010), Sweden (2011), Latvia (2012), Hungary (2013), Czech Republic (2013), Kazakhstan (2014) , Israel (2014), Basque Country (2015), Lithuania (2015), China (2016), Spain (2017), Russia (2017) and Africa (2018).



If this is for you, or anyone you may know, head over to SAIQI to become a member (application forms need to be downloaded, completed and send back). After you’ve done that, head over to  to register to participate in the competition by clicking on your country’s link. Fees and T’s and C’s will be stipulated in your application form downloaded from SAIQI. Award ceremony will take place in Kigali, Rwanda in November 2018 and respective winners will participate in Beijing, China in February 2019.

If you have any queries, feel free to direct it to



Dove DermaSpa hand treatment

I love the idea of a pampering session but not the reality of it. The last time I went to a spa was about 6 years ago and I was uncomfortable the entire time. Firstly, the person touching me was a stranger to me, regardless of the fact that she’s a professional and been doing this for years. I couldn’t relax, and boy did I try! I ended up sending her out of the room 30 minutes before the massage was due to finish and took a nap. What I suffer from is not Haphephobia (involves the fear of touching or of being touched) as such but might be a variation of it. I took to teaching myself how to do manicures, pedicures, facials etc so I could avoid being placed in situations like that.

There are a few brands on the market that created products that promises you a spa experience without leaving the comfort of your home and Dove is one of them. Their DermaSpa  range was launched in April 2017 in South Africa and became an instant hit. I was fortunate enough to receive the indulgent hand treatment from Rubybox and I’m in love. I’ve tried several hand creams over the years as I know that one shouldn’t only focus on the face and neck to combat signs of aging but also the hands. My hands often feel extremely dry and looked older than my age so I had to make a plan. I’ve been using this hand treatment for about a week now and I love it.

About Dove DermaSpa indulgent hand treatment



The 75ml off-white tube with golden cap features the signature Dove logo with gold and blue writing. It promises, “velvety soft, even-looking and luminous skin.” It was formulated with dry skin in mind with Cell-Moisturisers. Cell-Moisturisers is a new technology that goes beyond moisturisation delivering beauty benefits such as a more even looking skin tone and younger looking skin. It’s a complex comprised of key moisturising actives compressed from natural seed oils such as sea buckthorn oil. They work at the heart of skin cells, leaving them full of moisture.

On the container, you will notice Goodness³ written and I was confused for a bit. My research indicated that if refers to the 3 ways that it transforms you skin i.e. soft, even-looking and luminous. The product itself is off white in colour with a very pleasant smell that appealed to my senses. Your hands feel softer upon application and the fragrance last for a really long time. It’s dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin, which is a huge plus to me. It’s big enough to last you for quite some time but small enough to fit into most of your handbags.


If you want the pampering of a spa experience on a daily basis, head out and get your Dove DermaSpa indulgent hand treatment for R45.95, available at all leading retailers.

Best time to book a flight with Travelstart

Do you still remember the first flight you ever took? I remember all the preparations, nerves etc that were present when embarking on my first flight ever, at the ripe age of 25 nogal. If you’re anything like me, anxiety would have you book a flight, work out your “route” and set time aside for goodbyes way in advance. My first flight was when I uprooted my life and moved to Johannesburg almost six years ago. Fortunately the company I was scheduled to start working for, handled everything, all I had to do was show up.

My second flight was from Johannesburg to George at a time when there was only one airline in South Africa covering that route. I booked a few days before I was scheduled to leave and the ticket was almost R2000! I arrived on time but was directed to the wrong place and missed my flight. I ended up spending another R2000 because I had to get home for a wedding (the things you’d do for family). My relationship with flying was quite stormy and turbulent (pun intended) in the beginning with missed flights and general anxiety so I had to figure out a way to make it easier on myself as I had to fly at least twice a year to see my mom.  My most used route is definitely Johannesburg to Cape Town and according to Travelstart, it’s one of the busiest route in the world! How you like them apples?! I completely understand why it could be the busiest as Cape Town, as amazing as it is, doesn’t have a lot of opportunities for most people whereas Johannesburg isn’t known as the “city of gold’ for nothing.

Infographic Final 3

The question remains: When is the best time to book a flight in order to get more bang for your buck?

At first, I thought a month before would provide me with the best options in terms of saving money and general peace of mind. It worked for a while until I subscribed to all major airlines’ newsletters and followed them on social media and realized that there’s always sales happening on flights two weeks after I’ve already booked my ticket! I’m all for saving money and in my humble opinion, booking two weeks before your (local) trip will ensure you get the best price for your flight. Also, make sure you don’t book on a weekend and for months like January and December, ensure that you book months in advance as it’s the most expensive months. According to Travelstart, booking two months in advance will provide you with the best deals but as my plans change quite often, I can’t really commit to that. I recently booked for my cousin on his first trip to Johannesburg and couldn’t follow my two-week-before-the-time rule due to late notice on their side but I managed to get him a flight two days before he was set to arrive for R498, which in this economic climate is quite cheap.

Quick tip: If you see a flight that’s under R500 for your preferred (local) destination, book it! There is (almost) no way that you would find it cheaper anywhere else. There’s often specials where you can buy today but can only use it for a certain period of time, be sure to read the fine print (I know no one does but in this case, please do). Also, if you’re able to check in online to avoid queues, do that. It will save you time and if any unforeseen things pop up like a flat tyre en route, you won’t have the stress of  having to go wait in line and perhaps miss your flight.

Use comparison websites like Travelstart

It will save you a lot of time as you’d be able to see flights from all airlines for you preferred travel date in one place. It’s usually ranked from cheapest so you’d be able to find what suits your pocket easily. If you’re an MTN user, you can claim your discount by entering your cellphone number before you book. Sign up for their newsletter to be informed of specials and you can expect expert assistance from them for all your travels as they have offices across Africa and the Middle East. If a package deal is what you’re after, i.e. flight + hotel + car rental, they’d definitely be able to assist you for both your local and international holidays.

My next trip will definitely be to Mauritius, for leisure of course! I’ve read this piece  “The best time for you to visit Mauritius! and have a better idea as to when would be ideal to visit as I don’t want to go during tourist season.


Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart and infographic and links were supplied by them. If you would like more tips on when to book your airline ticket, check out this article on the best time to buy airline tickets on their website.

Clairol Nice n’ Easy

Hi, my name is Melanie and I’m an addict.


I’m absolutely addicted to changing my hair color. Don’t get me wrong, Mother Nature has blessed me with black hair and all my life I’ve been okay with it, kind of. I’ve always heard horror stories of how people lost their hair due to bleaching and it served as a cautionary tale for me. It wasn’t until two years ago that I’ve decided to really experiment with color and I haven’t looked back. You can check out my natural journey for all the colors I’ve sported and products used to achieve it. A while ago I opted in with Rubybox to do teal with Clairol Color Crave here and I loved my experience with the brand. When the opportunity arised for a different color with Clairol again, I opted in as the teal were fading a bit. It comes in 30 natural-looking shades and I selected the “Medium Cool Blonde” as my roots were growing out, in black, so I wanted to lighten it a bit.


The kit contains the Colour Creme, Colour Activator, CC+ (Colorseal conditioner), gloves and instruction leaflet. You activate the colour by pouring the Colour Creme from the tube into the Colour Activator bottle, which you will use for easy application. It’s advised to part your hair in four sections and start applying from the roots. Cover all your hair and leave on for 25 minutes but as I have a lot of hair there weren’t much left after the roots were done, not that I’m complaining. I love the fact that it lighten the blue a bit to a sea foam green as my main concern were the roots. Speaking of which, my roots came out as a gorgeous bronze/dark blonde colour, which I love with the sea foam on top.

Product promise:

Other benefits include: Natural looking colour, 100% grey coverage, fresh,floral scent and non-drip colour creme.niceeasymag

I’ve decided to blow dry my hair for a change in order to show off both colours, here’s the results:


As you can see, there’s no damage to my hair plus it looks healthy and vibrant considering how lazy I am to take care of it.

Available from Dischem at R99 each.

Kangol nail treatment

I’ve always loved long nails, my natural ones that is. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the appeal for acrylic nails as I’ve done it once and loved it. It felt weird to me, initially and by the time I actually got used to it, it was time to either fill or remove it so I opted for the latter. I know acrylic nails are preferred by a lot of women (and men, let’s not exclude them) for various reasons and they do make life easier. One of the few talents I wish I had would be to do my own nails. I think it’s awesome when someone can create their own nail art or do something different than the norm…I can’t, not that I haven’t tried several times before.

The same way you need to take care of your own hair under a weave or wig, you need to take of your natural nails regardless of how you choose to wear it. I was horrified at the condition my nails were in after the removal of the acrylic nails and that’s one of the reasons I won’t do it again. We often see nail treatments being sold in stores but assume we don’t need it because we use a base and top coat but that’s not true. I know I haven’t used a base and top from the very beginning and if you can say you did, kudos to you. I’ve noticed that nails were stained, a yellowish tint, and realised it’s because of all the different brands of nail colours I’ve been using. I hardly allowed my nails to be free of any colour and don’t even get me started on my cuticles!


The kind folks at Kangol must have heard my silent pleas as they’ve send me some of their treatment range to try out. It consisted of Quick Dry, Cuticle Oil and Nail Growth as well as a cute handbag-sized hand and nail cream plus a manicure kit that you receive for free with purchases of R300 or more. I’ve decided to only use these products, no colour on my nails for two weeks as I wanted to talk from experience and results won’t show overnight, obviously.


My cuticles were a mess and applying the cuticle oil daily definitely made a big difference. It contains almond and avocado oil and helps soften and hydrate your cuticles. Apply overnight for best results. All these products are clear in colour and that makes it a lot easier to apply daily. The Nail Growth applies like a nail colour and leaves your nails looking shiny and healthy. It lasted for over a week before I had to reapply again and that’s a true testimony to the durability of this product. I’ve applied the Quick Dry to my toes after applying colour and it really works. It speeds up the drying process and I was good to go after about 60 seconds. Treatments retails for R89 each which is a total bargain.


The hand and nail cream is perfect for me as I have handbags of various sizes, as does most women, and it fits into most. It’s easy to easy and has a very pleasant smell. It’s white in colour and absorbs quite easily while leaving your hands moisturised and with a gorgeous fragrance the entire day.



I love the packaging of the manicure set as it’s compact enough to carry in all your bags and extremely cute as well. It has a clasp that allows you to open it easily and contains 8 tools needed to achieve the perfect manicure at home. I love DIY, from hair to nails as it saves you tons of money if you’re on a budget and also brings your hidden talents to the forefront. I mean, you won’t know if you’re good at something if you don’t try it, right?


This is my nails after I’ve applied the Nail Growth and Cuticle Oil on day one:


This is my nails after 2+ weeks of solely using the treatment products i.e. Nail Growth and Cuticle Oil and I have to admit it made a big difference. My nails look and feel healthier and stronger and the Growth Oil definitely played a big part.


All these products are available exclusively from Truworths and prices were correct at the time of writing this post.


I was fortunate enough to be invited to a press conference last Thursday announcing a lucrative and groundbreaking partnership between Kiernan Forbes, famously known as AKA with Cruz Vodka on the new watermelon flavour. Following the successful signing of his multi-million rand ambassador deal with the vodka brand in 2016, today Africa’s biggest star has collaborated with Cruz Vodka to create the much-anticipated limited edition Cruz Watermelon Vodka.

This exclusive partnership is the first of its kind in Africa, ranking on the same level as international deals for Sean Combs’ partnership with Ciroc and 50 Cents’ with Vitamin Water.  Under the terms of this partnership agreement, AKA is going beyond the typical endorser/ambassador role to share in the vodka’s profit split per bottle sold throughout Africa – a game changer in the South African spirit beverage industry.

Often times how people are portrayed in the media is how we expect them to be in person. And yes, the irony is not lost on me that I form part of that industry. AKA is usually portrayed as boastful, arrogant and always beefing with someone. The man I saw and listened to last night was matured, intelligent, a great business man and gave credit where credit was due. I appreciated the fact that he acknowledged his team and the hard work they did as we all know that we can’t do and achieve these heights in life without others being involved. He spoke about how the idea came to pass; he was in Thailand filming the music video for “The world is yours” and it hit him, not the watermelon, the idea to do watermelon-infused vodka. It’s been in the works for almost two years and it was definitely worth the wait.


AKA has always had a broader vision to maintain his longevity and brand influence beyond music and has become a pioneer in moulding and influencing the celebrity-brand engagement dynamic in Africa.  This is aptly demonstrated by his distinctive firm approach to negotiating the best deals and the brands he engages.
The vodka itself is smooth and can be enjoyed on its own or as AKA prefers it, “1/3 Vodka, 1/3 lemonade and 1/3 tonic water”. The bottle was described by one of the attendees as “sophisticated and matured” and I definitely agree. It was created alongside his team BEAM Group and AKA took the creative lead in producing the sexy look and feel of the Cruz Watermelon Vodka packaging.  Together they have refreshed the packaging from the original vintage black bottle to a crisp, white, bold and classic bottle.  Cruz Watermelon Vodka is the result of an infusion of natural watermelon juice and vodka. It has an intense flavour profile with a fresh, fruity character and a crisp finish. The Cruz Watermelon Vodka limited edition launch is the first step of an exciting journey and partnership between Cruz Vodka and AKA that will establish Cruz Vodka as a trend leader in the growing vodka market. This game-changing partnership has been made possible by Cruz Vodka as they intend to empower African artists while encouraging other brands to invest rightfully within the entertainment industry and talent/artists holistically.

When asked about his latest album Touch my blood, he replied that, “it’s my best work to date and this might be my last album as I can’t possibly outdo it.” The press conference, to me, was very informative and extremely chilled with The SupaMega cracking jokes throughout. He admitted that he has grown and want to leave a legacy behind for his daughter but also for upcoming artists, showing them that it’s possible to dream big AND achieve those dreams.


The Cruz Watermelon Vodka limited edition is available at all leading retailers nationally while stock last.

ultra liquors
Current special at Ultra Liquors


Bring on the Night with Kangol za

A few weeks ago I received some goodies from Kangol and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to write a review. I did unpack on Facebook and done some swatches as well as posts on Instagram wearing the eye shadows, lip and nail colour but this serves as an individual review on each item.


I fell in love with the eye shadows before even opening it. The packaging is very attractive and reminiscent of life in the big city. It is aptly named “City Lights”, consist of 12 stunning colours with an applicator brush and retails for R159.



It comes in a box with city motif and the actual product is in a metal-looking case, which I absolutely love.



The colour payoff is quite good but you have to reapply the colour once or twice. I felt like it looked stunning on my arm as swatches but on my eyelids it worked because I applied concealer first or a lighter colour. There is a bit of fallout when applying the colour but overall it’s a great palette for the price.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I’ve received the new gel nail colours in 5 shades named In Charge, Valet Service, Red Carpet, Exclusive and VIP Status and two of their original nail polish in Headrush and Spice Market. The gel nail colours apply like a dream! Only one layer is enough but I opted for two because I like the intensity. My favourite shades are Exclusive and VIP Status as they look amazing paired together and they last really long, even without a top coat. These gel nail colours retails for R79 and it definitely worth it.

nails ka

Last but not least, I received two lip colours; one matte in Wine Pout and a lipgloss in Rio Red. The matte lippie glided on and it’s very easy to wear as it feels like a lipstick on your lips and not as heavy as most matte lippies. The colour is gorgeous and doesn’t smudge, you get about a 12 hour wear out of it and it has to be removed with makeup remover. The lipgloss on the other hand is lightweight and provides just enough colour and gloss to not be overwhelming. I love both these products and at R79 for the lipgloss and R89 for the matte lippie, it’s definitely worth it.

lip matte


Some looks I’ve created with the palette and lippies. I’m still practising as far as makeup application is concerned but these products made it so easy.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kangol products are exclusively available from Truworths stores and prices were correct at the time of this post. When you spend R300 or more you get the cute cosmetics bag for free! It’s black, suede to the touch and have really cute flower detail on it.

Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar water (review)

Micellar (pronounced my-SELL-ar) has been beheld by the French as the secret to perfect skin. It’s basically water infused with micelles, tiny molecules of cleansing oil that cling to impurities like magnets. I’ve started using micellar water last year and absolutely loved it. I don’t wear makeup that often but I continually use it just to cleanse my face at the end of the day from any impurities and it works like a charm.


I’ve received the new Nivea Perfect and Radiant Micellar 3 in 1 cleansing water for normal to combination skin (I know, it’s quite a mouthful) from Rubybox and I was really excited to try it. Firstly, my current skin care regime consist solely of the Nivea Perfect and Radiant range, from cleanser to toner to moisturizer and this was the perfect addition. This cleansing water promises to, “deeply cleans, removes make-up and refreshes and tones.” It contains Vitamin E and is dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved and works amazing on sensitive skin as well.



Apply daily with a cotton pad to cleansed face, while keeping your eyes close according to the bottle.

According to Mel:

For makeup removal, especially eye makeup, soak a cotton pad in the cleansing water and put on eyelid for a few seconds then wipe. Doing so, you won’t have to wipe incessantly, which might harm the sensitive area around your eyes. To remove pencil on your eyelid, which is a real pain to me, I use a cotton bud, pour some cleansing water on it and remove pencil residue that way. It’s more precise as you can move it along the bottom lid and remove all traces of eye pencil and mascara. When I’m not wearing makeup, I use it to cleanse my skin but apply it like I do with the toner .i.e. pour onto cotton pad and wipe across the face and neck area.  I’ve been using it for a while now and it makes me skin feel soft and smooth. It’s perfect for removal of long-lasting, waterproof makeup as well and won’t harm your skin.




Where to purchase:

It retails for R99.95 from Clicks and they currently have a 3 for 2 on Nivea products until 08 April 2018.

PS: If you haven’t signed up for Rubybox what are you waiting for? An invite? Well here’s one: They send out 1000’s of products to ordinary people like you and me to test and review, free of charge, mahalla, nothing, nada, niks. You don’t have an excuse, no really, you don’t. See you there 😉

Decorex Cape Town 2018 + Ticket giveaway

Last month I gave away tickets to the Durban leg of Decorex and this month, 5 lucky readers from Cape Town stand to win double tickets to attend. Here’s a bit more information about the Cape Town event:

Unharnessed creativity and the latest in quality design trends are set to flow through the Mother City as the 20th edition of Decorex Cape Town kicks off at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 27 April to 1 May 2018.

This well-entrenched exhibition is the ideal place for those looking to interact with leaders in the field of décor and design while drawing on world-class inspired creations and sampling the latest in lifestyle products. For home renovations, office refurbishments, the establishment of world-class boutique hotels – and everything in between – Decorex Cape Town offers a range of inspired décor solutions, all in one setting.


Themed ‘Rhythm of Life’ visitors to this year’s Decorex Cape Town can look forward to a selection of the show’s most popular features, including the interactive Builders DIY Theatre, the @home Trend Home presented by Decorex and Decorex Designer Spotlight.


And, to celebrate two decades of leading the décor, design and lifestyle industry, Decorex Cape Town is introducing a host of new features at the 2018 edition, including:


  • @home Trend Home presented by Decorex
  • #withlovefromDecorex
  • The Bedroom Project
  • She Sheds
  • Bathroom Trends Project
  • Rooms to Grow – for baby, toddler, tween and teen
  • Design and Textile Elements
  • Lighting Elements
  • Natural Elements
  • Landscaping Feature
  • EGO Garden of the Future


Taking in all these incredible features requires refreshment and quality sustenance which is why the Decorex Food Zone will be overflowing with gourmet goodies. Light and tasty snacks; wholesome meals; on-the-go fillers and delightfully decadent desserts and treats will be in abundance with visitors welcome to relax and rest their feet in the spacious seating area.


Don’t miss out on these exciting décor trends, products and services…diarise Decorex Cape Town now!



How to win:

Entry is easy, all you have to do is follow Decorex SA on social media and let me know once you’ve done so. Competition will end on 25 April 2018 and tickets are sponsored by the organisers.



27 April – 1 May 10 am – 6pm

Trade focused day: Monday, 30 April
Click here to register today.

Ticket prices

Adults – R 110

Student/Pensioners – R95

Kids U12 – R20

Trade – R95

Exhibitor – R95

For more information, email



Good luck to all entrants 🙂

A-Z of One Source Live {Press Release}

A is for Absolut  There are a number of Absolut Bars at OSL; come to the Absolut Art Bar ­for fabulous cocktails and help make a collaborative piece of street art; visit the Absolut Vodka Village for your favourite tipple or take a break at the Absolut Lime Lounge. There are also Absolut Flavour bars in The Market of Art.

B is for Bongo Maffin  The festival will see the legendary kwaito group, led by award-winning singer and songwriter Thandiswa Mazwai, take to the stage in what will be a historic reunion after 12 years apart.

C is for Creative Revolution  OSL is not just another festival, it’s a movement and an opportunity for Africans to be part of a multi-level festival that leaves audiences with unforgettable interactive experiences across all different categories with musical highlights such as Patoranking. It’s an event that Africa hasn’t seen before.

D is for DJs  A league of star DJs churning out electrifying grooves including gqom music pioneer DJ Maphorisa.

E is for Eclectic  There’s something for everyone at this African celebration.

F is for Food, Glorious Food  On the rooftop at 1 Eloff Precinct there will be the Food Truck Collective with cuisine from South Africa and across the continent.

G is for Getting In – Tickets are available at One Source Live. The event is taking place in multiple spaces in one venue. One Eloff can be found in central Johannesburg, ideally situated near the M2 Rissik off ramp for quick and easy access. Be responsible if you are drinking and take an Uber or other taxi service! Limited parking will be available in the precinct.

H is for Hashtag  #BeAbsolut #OneSourceLIVE @AbsolutSA,

I is for In the Mix – Mixing it up at OSL and showcasing their art are South African stylist and multimedia visual artist Trevor Stuurman, Beninese artist Fabrice Monteiro and renowned Kenyan photographer Osborne Macharia.

J is for Jozi  It’s Africa’s music and cultural powerhouse and the perfect city for OSL.

K is for Khuli Chana – This award-winning rap star and Absolut ambassador will host the main stage at OSL.
L is for Live  This is how to listen to music!

M is for Market of Art  The day time excitement will include this specially builtmarket showcasing African creativity and products which will be available for purchase.

N is for Noon til Night  This multi-level festival is jam packed with all day and all-night entertainment. Doors open at 13h00 but arrive at noon to be in in the front of the queue!

O is for Out-of-Town –The festival is hoping to attract audiences from other parts of South Africa as well as other countries in Africa.

P is for Programme  With a full day and night programme, OSL takes place in multiple spaces at 1 Eloff Precinct in downtown Jo’burg.

Q is for Question – So much music, so much to buy and so much to do – so who are you going to see?

R is for Rainforest Stage  The line-up includes MC Sho Madjozi, raw rapping and lyrical artist Youngsta, J Molley, Thando Nje, Una Ramz, Marley Bloo, Muzi and incredible mix-masters, DJ Rico, Gemini Major and DJ Jawz.

S is for (The) Source – This is the name of the main stage and you can find a veritable feast of musical talent such as Bongo Maffin, Nigerian reggae-dancehall star Patoranking and gqom music pioneer DJ Maphorisa.There will also be a collaboration to create new tracks on stage with three sets of producers, rappers and vocalists each teaming up to create a new track live in front of the audience – spearheaded by Sho Madjozi.

T is for Tickets – At R290 each, they are selling fast on One Source Live for this not-to-be-missed concert with a difference. Howler will provide a cashless environment so festivalgoers should make sure to load up credit prior to arriving at the venue.

U is for the Universal Language of Music  With more than 20 musicians and creatives, OSL is a must attend festival.

V is for Vodka  OSL is made possible thanks to Absolut, the world’s finest vodka, who is investing in African creativity.

W is for Website – For the full line-up and all information go to OneSourceLive

X is for Xtra – Read all about the artists and the day and night line-up on the festival website.

Y is for You the audience  One of the most important pieces of the equation.

Z is for ZZZZ  For all the shut-eye you’re going to need after this exciting day out.