Hombaze Legacy Corner

Food is life!


So I love food, right? And yes, I know you can’t tell when you look at me but that’s not my fault; it’s a gene issue.

I love dates where guys automatically assume that I’ll order a salad ( I love salad by the way) and I end up ordering the entire menu AND devouring it.

I got asked to attend a menu tasting and obviously I didn’t even hesitate to say yes. When I found out it was African Cuisine I was even more intrigued. My motto in life is, “try everything once” even if involves intestines and creepy crawlies. I got invited at the last minute and was only told that the dress code is African chic and what type of food it was, I didn’t even know the name of the restaurant, so unprofessional of me.

Threads by Khosi Nkosi

Upon arrival, we met the gorgeous Tendai and sat down at our designated table. First things first, the decor and ambience is amazing! Picture dark wood furniture with African-inspired paintings and artwork, zebra print runners and African music playing in the background. I felt like there should’ve been a dance floor, that’s how much I loved the music. We got some history, as told by Ilana that I’ll share with you:

Hombaze (pronounced “home based”) was created as a home away from home for Africans, preparing food from their home countries.

-It was established in 2003

-There are currently three branches

-Chefs are from specific African countries to give authenticity to dishes. 

I got introduced to Palm wine and Zobo and fell in love! Palm juice is literally the only ingredient in the wine that got fermented over time and really has a kick to it. It looks a lot like ginger beer/ gemmer bier but doesn’t really taste like anything. The effect however will hit you unexpectedly. I think because it taste like nothing you assume it’s advisable to drink a lot, until your head starts spinning; that’s what I did. Zobo on the other hand is an energy drink without all the harmful ingredients and have a spiciness to it, this was definitely a favourite at our table.

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The menu:


Gizdodo and chicken livers served with dumplings

This is not the last remaining dodo bird, it simply means gizzards. I’ve never had gizzards before but I absolutely can’t do liver so I asked them to remove it. My thoughts on gizzards are that it’s chewy and I probably would try it again.



Main options: 

Grilled peri-peri chicken served with fried rice and plantain.

-Fried beef with red stew served with jollof rice and plantain.

-Chapati served with SA oxtail stew and plantain. 


Main courses, picture by @thefoodmusketeer

The serving style of these dishes were so amazing that I didn’t want to eat it. It took me a while to eat anyway as everyone was taking pictures of my food as they wanted all three dishes in a shot. I’m not complaining though as I had palm wine to keep me company while the food-shoot was taking place.

My choice was fried beef with red stew served with jollof rice and plantain. I’ve loved jollof rice since I was introduced by a Nigerian colleague years ago but these were sadly lacking the spiciness I’ve come to love about it. The red stew was tomato-based, which is not my favourite thing but I enjoyed it. It was my first introduction to plantain and it reminded me of fried banana as they are from the same family. Fried rice is from Nigeria while Chapati is from Eastern African and very reminiscent of our rooties here in SA. The best jollof rice is either from Nigeria or Ghana, depends how you like it and they have chefs from these countries preparing it.


-Ice cream with chocolate sauce


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I opted for sorbet as I’m (slightly) lactose intolerant and finished a 5l tub earlier that week (don’t judge me). Ice cream is one of those things where even if my stomach hates me afterwards, I’ll risk it in a heartbeat. I was all ice creamed out but the sorbet was absolutely delicious!

It was a really pleasant experience for me. I usually don’t do last-minute events as I have to mentally prepare myself else my anxiety acts up but I really enjoyed myself. Good conversation, good food and good music, what more could you ask for?




Music is King: My experience

Music is King, what an experience!


Firstly, history was made in South Africa with the inaugural Music is King Concert. One man brought together people from different genres and backgrounds to bring us a night we won’t forget anytime soon. Can it be next year already so we can experience the next one?


Black Coffee has established himself as a legend in the music industry. If he were to do this concert all by himself it would still be sold out but he decided to invite his friends and colleagues to assist in making this memorable experience for South Africans and we couldn’t be prouder. I’ve arrived shortly after 18h00 so my review will be about my time there and saying that it was amazing is an understatement as it was the perfect way to end my year.

First up on stage were Lady Zamar and I have to admit that I am a fan of her music. I was waiting outside on some of my friends and when people heard it was her, they literally ran inside to witness it. Her sound is very chilled, perfect for hanging out with friends and family and I think that’s why it appeals to a lot of people, regardless of race and gender.

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Next up we had Nasty C and people went crazy! He performed some of our old favourites like his smash single “Hell Naw”. He also brought Rowlene to the stage and for those of you not familiar with her work, she’s Nasty C’s protégé and first artist signed to his record label “Tall Racks Record” and she sounds amazing!

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Can I just say that I feel Busiswa is one of the hottest artists in South Africa? I mean, have you seen the energy and finesse she brings to the stage?! When her set started people flocked inside because they knew she would bring and that she did.  You ever liked a song even though you have no idea what’s being said? Well, that’s me and “Lahla”, I mean there’s some English in there but it’s not really helping…also who cares? It’s a great track and seeing her performing it live, twerking and all, is an experience on its own.

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I’ve seen the thread Black Coffee did on Twitter to introduce us to &Me and that was really helpful. He’s a house and dance/electronic genius by the way and though neither one of those genres are my cup of tea, he converted me, somehow. I would love to get my hands (and ears) on his set from Saturday, as in immediately.


Now this was the surprise of the night for me, or rather my reaction to Riky Rick’s set. I’ve attended some of his live performances before but Saturday he was on fire! I’ve literally danced to his entire set, I kid you not and that’s a rare occurrence for me.  He lost his shirt at some stage, so did a few people in the audience but he killed it. He brought Frank Casino out with him and they do indeed make a dynamic duo. I went a bit nuts when they did “Whole Thing” and “Boss Zonke”, their entire set was electrifying, for lack of a better word right now.

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This, this was what I’ve waited for; Swizz on the Beats! He was amazing; his set brought back a lot of good memories as he played tracks he produced over the years. What I didn’t like was that we only got the intros of most songs (and I know it was a time-constraint matter) as it stopped as soon as I got into it. I had a sing-off with a random dude when he played “Party Up” by DMX and I loved it! He also added some local tracks like “Fela in Versace” from AKA and ended with the infamous “Sister Bethina” that had the crowd breaking it down! I mean honestly, that song is doing things to people, it’s like they can’t control themselves, they HAVE to dance to it, quite a sight to see.

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I forgot to mention that throughout all these performances happening I couldn’t help but noticing two things: the gorgeous piano on stage and the amazing painting of Black Coffee, main man of the evening.  The painting was NOT done by Rasta as it resembled Black Coffee to a T (that’s a joke people) but was in  fact a creation by Alec Monopoly all the way from Miami that he did live on stage (before my arrival). Some people were asking why he didn’t use an SA artist but Alec is a close friend of him and the night was about bringing his friends together to give us a magical experience.

Alec Monopoly doing his thing (Picture from Music is King Facebook)

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for; the man himself took to stage. The applause was thunderous and it was well deserved. One thing I love about Black Coffee, aside from the fact that he’s so humble and always gives back, is the fact that he’s always so chilled. I mean, this was a big night and anyone would be nervous to undertake something this massive but he was so chilled.  The grand piano finally got used, to its full potential by Nduduzo Makhathini, who’s a jazz musician from Pietermaritzburg with a SAMA award for “Best jazz album” under his belt. You ever thought of something that you think would work well together but you’re not sure until it happens? Black Coffee had a vision of Moneoa performing while home-grown ballerina Kitty Phetla dance with an African drum in the background and it was magical! Other performances included Shekhinah, Burna Boy, Cassper Nyovest, Samthing Soweto, Black Motion, Thandiswa and Mbuso Khoza among others.

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The stylist for the evening was our very own Rich Minisi and he did a phenomenal job, as expected. There were “Music is King” merchandise on sale as well and I still regret not getting my hands on one of the longer-length T’s as they were really dope. Queuing to buy drinks and food did take some time but it always does at big events like this. Some people were complaining that alcohol ran out before the concert finished and we’ve experienced that as well but I mean you’re there for the music; alcohol should be a by-product like it is of fermentation by yeast.  Alcohol and food were supplied by vendors that the event teamed up with and things happen BUT this concert was a massive success. People left the venue smiling, in good spirits and that’s what is important as it was done for the people, by one of their own.

Thank you Black Coffee, for giving back to us and never forgetting your roots.

Photo credit: Ambrose Morobe and Yanick Mulumba unless otherwise stated.


#BeachPlease with Kangol za

Summer is all about shimmer and vibrancy and Kangol za nailed it with this press drop!

I’m not a fan of colour as monochromatic is my thing but I absolutely loved the offerings I’ve received and can’t wait to tell you about it.

I’m a bit late with this post but I’ve had a difficult November and December so far and it’s been stressful to keep my head in the (blogging) game. However, we’re not here to discuss my woes so let’s move on to happier things.

This press drop consisted of an eyeshadow palette, nail colours, lip creams, fragrance, body balm, sharpener and a cute shimmer clutch as a free gift. Let’s dissect it individually, shall we?

Beach Please! eyeshadow palette RSP R165

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The colours in this palette reminds me of Rio carnival and is absolutely perfect for summer. It consists of 12 colours, 5 matte and 7 shimmers with a cute double-ended eyeshadow brush. The packaging is reminiscent of the beach, obviously and comes with instructions at the back on how to apply if you’re a novice. It swatched really well with the orange, copper and gold shimmers being my favourite. It’s perfect to create festival looks with and I’ll add pictures on here or Instagram as soon as I create a look.


Lip creams RSP R79

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I’ve seen these being advertised on their Instagram and was really excited to try it out. Gone are the days that we shied away from wearing extravagant colours on our lips! This range so far consists of 2x pink variations, 1x lavender, 1x blue and 1x purple and they look absolutely gorgeous. For a more polished finish, you can pair them with the double-lish liners I reviewed last month.


Nail polish RSP R79

L-R: Solar Orange, Charged Pink, Lightning Bug and Psychic Green.

The coolest nail polish in terms of colours I own is definitely from Kangol! The vibrancy and consistency of these limited edition gel nail polish are definitely perfect for summer as it doesn’t chip and wear for about 10+ days. These luminous colours will bring life to your fingers and toes alike and comes in Solar Orange, Charged Pink, Lightning Bug and Psychic Green.


Paradise Body Balm RSP R99

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Ever since Riri released her body lava I’ve been craving a shimmer body balm and I finally have one! The smell is reminiscent of beach holidays paired with yummy cocktails and the shimmer! Don’t even get me started on that! I felt like a disco ball, in the best possible way and everyone wanted to know which lotion/balm/shimmer I’m wearing.


Palm Beach fragrance RSP R165


If there’s one thing this brand is consistent with, it’s their amazing fragrances! I own just under 10 of them and I love every single one and wear them regularly. I even store 2 or 3 at the office to put on if I’m late in the morning and forgot to put on at home. It doesn’t aggravate my migraines, which is rare and Palm Beach is no different. I’m all about that island life and vibe and this fragrance takes your right there. Top notes are a bit strong, as they tend to be but once it settles it’s absolutely beautiful.  How gorgeous is the packaging though?


Cosmetic Sharpener RSP R49

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This double sided sharpener comes in a cute pink and has two ends. A thin end for eye, lip and brow liners and a bigger end for concealers and larger pencils. The container collects all the shavings so you won’t leave a mess when you have to sharpen in a hurry.

Free gift with purchases of R350 and more! 


Now you know Kangol’s got you with their amazing free gift! I mean, they always have these handy gifts that comes at just the right time and this month it’s no different. For all the Christmas and NYE parties you’d be attending, wondering where you’d find a bag that’s compact with just enough sparkles AND storage space for your phone, powerbank and lipstick…look not further because they got you! This can be used as a makeup bag or clutch and comes in two colours , silver or black that can work with any outfit. Head over to your nearest Truworths to get your hands on these awesome goodies and spoil yourself or a loved one.

L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

I’m a product junkie, there’s no doubt about it.

If I had to buy every single hair product I currently own, I would’ve been broke(r than I currently am). Fortunately I got this range (except for the conditioner) in a goodie bag, how fortunate am I?

I’ve heard a lot of amazing reviews about the  L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil and been dying to try it out but the way my bank account has been set up…

Today, I’m going to chat to you about my hair (and other senses) reaction to this range. Let’s go!

About the range:

This range was formulated with very dry/curly/afro hair in mind, fights frizz and contains Amla oil + 6 precious flower oils. The packaging is gold and purple, very regal and you can find it at your local pharmacy/drug store. Oh and all the products smell absolutely amazing.

Low Shampoo RSP R88 (Takealot.com) 


We’ve established in most of my other reviews that my hair hates shampoo. Turns out, it was just being a stubborn child, waiting for the right shampoo to come along. And it did people, it did. It’s a “gentle cleansing cream with no foam” and I had amazing results. There wasn’t foam, at all, the texture is reminiscent of conditioner instead of shampoo and the pump design of the bottle made it easy to get the product out. You’re supposed to leave it in for 3 minutes, rinse then follow up with the shampoo. It cleanses and dissolved impurities without stripping the hair of it’s natural oils. My hair was really soft after rinsing and I followed it up with the mask as I don’t have the conditioner and didn’t want to use another range.

Curl Nourishment Masque RSP R73 (Takealot.com)


This masque really nourished my hair, as promised. It has a buttery texture which makes it easy to distribute through my hair and it smells amazing, like all the other products. You’re supposed to apply it to you hair and leave it on for 2-3 minutes but I started reading a book and only rinsed my hair about an hour later. Am I the only one who does that? Put on a shower cap plus towel as if you’re deep-conditioning your hair and rinse it off whenever you remember? Just me? Okay, I’ll take. I love how how soft my hair was after the mask as I didn’t even detangle before, which we know is a cardinal rule, kind of.

Oil-In-Balm RSP R73 (Takealot.com)


This leave-in balm was created to provide nourishment to our hair as well as softening each fibre with protection against frizz. You can apply a walnut sized amount on damp hair to deeply nourish curls, finger comb and go your merry way. Or use it as a primer before blow drying to protect from heat. Or use it every day on dry hair to control volume and leave hair with a shiny veil.

I truly love the products I’ve used from this range so far and my hair has reacted really well to it.

Disclaimer: Products were received in a goodie bag, at an event but views expressed are mine (and my hair’s).




Comedy Central Roast of AKA

Will Supamega keep his ‘Composure’  while being roasted?


‘A King Arises’ – AKA, the unstoppable ‘Supamega’ of South African hip hop, is about to get a real ‘grill’. The Comedy Central Roast of AKA in partnership with Showmax is coming to The Teatro at Montecasino on 21 February 2019.


The ‘Fela in Versace’ and ‘Baddest’ hip hop star will face the music as a treat to those who want to see him take a verbal lashing. They will get to witness the roasting of the Hip Hop Boss who has made his mark in the rap scene, on the continent and around the world. In recent years he has redefined the boundaries for his generation – having opened for artists such as  Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. Now this multiple award winner, performer and entrepreneur is about to be baked, boiled and roasted before your eyes. Prominent, larger than life and ready for trouble, AKA has hurricaned his way to great success with an unprecedented style and loads of savoir-faire.

The South African maestro of subliminals and in your face diss-tracks is presenting himself before the firing squad. Can he keep his ‘composure’? Will his epic freestyle flow save him from getting burnt? No umbrella necessary because the panellists from across Africa’s entertainment world will not be holding back on throwing shade at the man that is not one to shy away from fiery one liners.


Off the back of the success of The Roast of Somizi earlier this year, the highest rated South African roast to date, where Gareth Cliff was the Roast Master to an elite panel made up of DJ Fresh, Nomzamo Mbatha, Skhumba, Fikile Mbalula, Kurt Darren, Ntsiki Mazwai, Schalk Bezuidenhout and Joanne Joseph, The Comedy CentralRoast of AKA is set to be one helluva mouth off. You de-cypher.

Said AKA: “Every roast before this was practice. Take a seat, Bon Appetit”.

Commented Dillon KhanVice President for Comedy Central and Creative Services at Viacom International Media Networks Africa (VIMN Africa): “The Comedy Central Roast is a SUPER occasion that gives the audiences a MEGA opportunity to see their favourite celebrity being placed in a hot seat, confronted by some of SA’s big names. So who better to roast than the one and only Supamega? If AKA has ever roasted you on social media, then here is your baddest break to see the punisher burn under pressure.”

“The Roast of Somizi was one of the most popular shows on Showmax this year so we can’t wait for AKA,” said Candice Fangueiro, Showmax’s Head of Content. “No need for FOMO the second time round.”

Filming of the Comedy Central Roast of AKA in partnership with Showmax will be open to the public and will take place on 21 February 2019 at The Teatro at Montecasino Teatro in Johannesburg. Tickets are available from Computicket for R300.
For more information about Comedy Central Roast of AKA, please visit www.comedycentralafrica.com, Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/comedycentralafrica or join the conversation with us on Twitter and Instagram@comedycentralAF using the hashtag #RoastofAKA.

The year of Sho Madjozi

Sho Madjozis highly anticipated debut album Limpopo Champions League’ launching in the market this Friday

ShoMadjozi features on Apple Musics African A-list today

Launching her clothing line with EdgarsXShoMadjozi in stores this week

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Recently back from her successful show at the SoleDXB festival in Dubai, global citizen Sho Madjozi is seems poised for local and international success. And this week she is launching two projects which will see the young star reach new heights.

Best known for her Xitsonga lyrics and vibrant fashion, this week sees the launch of her debut album Limpopo Champions League and the launch of her clothing line in Edgars. She has also been featured on Apple Music’s African A-List today.

Aptly titled Limpopo Champions League, this 13-track album sounds like a celebration of being young and African. The song KONA’ in which Sho Madjozi sings that Tsonga people belong everywhere, is an exhilarating affirmation of her Tsonga culture, while the lively track Dont Tell Me What to Do is fun and talks about being a carefree African girl. Acclaimed Nigerian artist YCee is featured on party track ‘Wakanda Forever’. The ‘Captain of the League’ launches debut album releases on Friday, 14th December.

For Album Pre-orders and Streaming see link: https://africori.ffm.to/shomadjozi_lcl

After winning the award for Most Innovative Style at the South African Style Awards last month, Sho Madjozi has partnered with Edcon to launch her first clothing line. The unique range focuses on three lifestyle themes: Chill, Play and Party.

The EdgarsxShoMadjozi range launches at Edgars on Friday, 14th December. Sho Madjozi will be doing a store appearance at the Sandton branch in Johannesburg on Friday at 10am to meet fans and media alike.

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Sho Madjozi will be featured alongside some of the continent’s hottest talent on Apple Music’s A List African Playlist later today. And will be jetting out to Nigeria over the weekend to perform alongside Davido, Tiwa Savage and others.

Nomination Italy’s AW18 Collection lands in SA

Ever so often a brand makes it appearance and ensure that it stands out from the crowd, head and shoulders. Nomination Italy is such a brand, without a doubt. It has been around for as long as I have, and if you don’t know how old I am, check here.

If you’d like more information about the history of the brand, read their blog as today’s post is all about their new collection that landed in South Africa. The two collections are called the Composable Wish Collection and the Seimia Collection. Nomination Italy is best known for its composable bracelets and even if you don’t own a piece, you’re quite familiar with what it looks like as it’s very unique. I was fortunate enough to receive two pieces that I’m absolutely in love with.


Composable Wishes Collection


Make a wish or wear it!

It’s inspired by the old tradition of coins used for good luck, as an amulet, the new Composable Silvershine Wishes Collection by Nomination. A wide range of 21 different messages on the iconic Composable link bracelet, shaped in the form of a Sterling Silver coin, to share your emotions, or the most important values in your life. From “Best Mum” to “Friendship”, from “Unique like a Unicorn” to “Wisdom”, you can choose and personalize your Composable bracelet in a variety of symbols and messages, one for every occasion.

The “Wisdom” coin retails for R799 (prices range from R499-R799 for symbols)


Seimia Collection


My Life in Letters…
You are special, you are unique, you are mine.. Sei Mia!
A unique piece of jewelry, the new SeiMia Collection by Nomination. A new way to express yourself and your passions, with an iconic necklace to be personalized with the messages you prefer. To tell your story and your emotions, in a purely Nomination style.
Nomination, the famous brand known worldwide for the famous modular bracelet Composable, presents an elegant and delicate chain in Sterling Silver to be personalized with letters and symbols in Sterling Silver and CZ or stones.
You can now wear your love, your mood, your status… and tell everybody who you are!
Or compose your name and make it shine bright! The perfect gift for you or people you love, to bring a special and precious message to your life.

I absolutely love this piece as it was personalised with my initial.

The chain retails for R249-R1299 and letters for R299

You can personalise these pieces by heading over to www.nomination.com for a full list of retailers or to purchase online. Prices range from R299-R1699.





Intimate Care with BETADINE™

Hey ladies, how you doin’?

If you read that in a Joey voice, we can be Friends.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk, intimate talk.

BETADINE™ would like you to take care of yourself, naturally so they’ve introduced their new Daily Intimate Care range. The range consist of foam, wash and wipes and are really affordable.


My earliest memories from BETADINE™ was their antiseptic ointment that were used for skin infections, wounds, cuts, abrasions, burns and more. It didn’t have a pleasant smell but it saved me from a lifetime of (more) scars when I got burned with boiling hot water in the chest area, at the age of 8/9. I believe that they’ve brought that same effectiveness to their Intimate Care range so I was really excited to try it.

Regular soaps and shower gels can disturb the pH level of our intimate area so we should be using products that are specifically designed to help maintain the ideal level of pH down under (not Australia).

What is the role of the vaginal pH in maintaining good feminine health?


You may remember from chemistry that the pH of something determines how acidic or basic it is. You might be surprised to learn that the pH of the vagina directly relates to its health. A healthy vaginal pH is somewhere between 3.5 to 4.5 and is mainly regulated by the “good” bacteria called lactobacilli that rule the vaginal ecosystem.

When your pH is imbalanced, you will likely notice an unpleasant odour and/or irritation of the vulva which are signs of an imbalance like bacterial or fungal infection.

But what can cause a change in pH?

To cite some of them:

Monthly menstruation (pH4),
The presence of semen after intercourse (pH 1),
Taking antibiotics, our diet,
General body wash & soap (pH between 9 to 10)

As an indication, BETADINE™ Daily Intimate Care range has a pH between 3.8 to 4.6 (in the ideal pH range for the intimate area.)

BETADINE™ Daily Intimate Foam and Wash have been specifically designed to support the natural pH of the vaginal flora.

Daily Intimate Care Foam RSP R49.99 for 100 ml (also available in 200 ml for R64.95)


I absolutely love the packaging of this range as it’s feminine and easily recognised. It’s designed for sensitive skin as our intimate area are prone to irritation easily. The Intimate Foam comes in a convenient bottle with pump for easy application. The bottle are easy to grip, even in the shower and allow for easy usage. Application is easy as you just pump the desired amount into your hand and apply to your intimate area. I love the “hands-on” approach as it eliminates any and every chance of bacteria from a cloth or sponge getting to your intimate area.


Daily Intimate Care Wash RSP R39.00 for 50ml (also available in 150 ml for R49.95)


This wash (50 ml) is compact, which makes for easy storage. I love the smell of this range as it’s not overwhelming but really pleasant. Application is the same as the foam i.e. with your hands and comes in a squeeze bottle.

Both products are designed to soothe and nourish your intimate area and it’s unique pH balanced TRI-CARE+ formulation combined with prebiotics offer an optimal daily protection from unwanted symptoms such as odour, itch and irritation associated with pH imbalance.


Both products contain:


I personally prefer the Intimate Care Foam simply because the bottle is easier to use in the shower for me. I’m also a big fan of the foam formula but both products gets the job done.

This range also include the Daily Intimate flushable wipes that are not part of the review and are available at R16.95 (10 flushable sheets).

You can purchase the range from all Dischem stores, selected Clicks stores and leading pharmacies.


Let’s start off by saying that the new Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair range is not curly girl friendly. It contains silicone and parabens so if you use strictly “CG” approved products, move right along (I’m kidding, please still read my post.)

I’ve been natural for 6+ years but my hair is okay with products that contains silicone and paraben. I don’t particularly sought them out but when they make their way to me, I use it. I’ve been struggling with moisture retention for a while and this range promised to, “reverse damage caused by styling, heat and everyday stresses.” So, my hair was stressed and needed a spa day, seriously.

Let’s start with my favourite to least favourite product.

Intense Therapy Structure Repair Treatment Mask (300ml): RSP R89.99


In the words of Rihanna, “where have you been, all my life?”

This product is one of my favourite masks so far. This is perfect for someone like me who regularly colours her hair, which bring along some damage. It smells absolutely yummy and left my hair feeling soft and manageable. You apply after shampoo and conditioner, leave on for 2-3 minutes then rinse off and style.

Intense Therapy Conditioner (200ml): RSP R52.99


I love a good conditioner and this is definitely one. What makes a good conditioner, you ask? Well, dear friend, any conditioner that can make detangling a breeze is a good conditioner. I prefer finger detangling but it takes forever so I often grab either my wide tooth comb or a detangling brush. With this conditioner I could finger detangle easily and got done in less than 10 minutes as my hair multiplies when wet. The fact that it smelled amazing is an added bonus.

Intense Therapy Shampoo (250ml): RSP R52.99


Sooo…this thing of the shampoo being my least favourite product is becoming a norm. I hated how it made my hair feel i.e. hard and unmanageable. If it weren’t for the conditioner and mask that followed, I’m not sure what my hair would’ve looked like. The second time around I did a co wash and the results were much better.  The smell is amazing and I really wanted this whole range to work for my hair but it’s a big no on the shampoo, sorry.

In conclusion, I wanted more moisturised hair, I got more moisturised and manageable hair. I used heat to showcase the results better and only used a heat protectant spray, nothing else. Also, I don’t know what to do with my hair when it’s straight as after wearing it half loose for one day it returned to a bun for the remainder of the time.


Results from a twistout but my hair is quite dry.

After (1 wash):

Heat styled after one wash

A week later:

7+ days later


Disclaimer: I’ve received these products from Beauty Bulletin but views expressed are my own, no coaxing.





Kangol Limited Edition range

Kangol had really outdone themselves this year especially over the Halloween season. Not only did they come out with amazing and affordable face gems but also some limited edition lippies. In my #FaceTheFacts post I’ve shown you two of the limited edition face gems they’ve launched for Halloween or festival looks. In this post, we’ll be checking out another one, limited edition lippies as well as the free gift with purchase.

Firstly, let’s look at the lippies because they’re absolutely gorgeous!

If sparkly and pink is your thing, you’ll love these limited edition shimmer lipsticks for only R85.

There’s three shades, Celebrity Skin, Champagne Tears and First Class.



Shimmer packaging

The packaging is slightly different from the usual Kangol lippies as the top part is shimmery and features a kangaroo (g’day mate).  

Celebrity Skin:

Celebrity Skin

This is a perfect nude for my skintone and I love. It’s very peachy with shimmer, of course and applies like a dream. The formula for these lipsticks are lightweight and very creamy. If you want to do a natural look, this is the perfect shade for you.

Champagne Tears:

Champagne Tears

This is the in-between shade so not quite nude but not too pink either. This is perfect when you want to add subtle colour to your everyday makeup look. 

First Class:

First Class

This is more Barbie than the other two shades but not in a shocking or loud way. It’s a very pretty wearable pink that would look great on anyone. 

Face Gems: Pink

Face gems in pink
Face gems in pink

I’ve been planning to create some looks with these pretty pink gems over the weekend but my face was swollen so I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything, sadly. These gems retails for R89, which is really affordable as most of these “online stores” sell them for much more. It’s a perfect princess pink (that’s a thing, well my thing) and bring just enough glam to the table. Application is easy as you just remove the gems and apply it as indicated on the packaging or as you desire. Removal is even easier and you can reuse it. If it’s not sticky enough (might happen) just add some glue (not superglue) to them for your next use.

Free Gift:

As usual, there’s a free gift when you purchase goodies for R350 or more. This month it’s these gorgeous cat eye sunnies. It’s oversized, celebrity vibes and available in two styles; the one pictured here and black and white. 

Sunglasses, free gift with purchases over R350
Free gift with purchase over R350

All products are available exclusively from Truworths stores, while stocks last, this is limited edition after all.