Valentine’s Day lookbook with Miss Jones #MRPMyStyle

Valentine’s Day is all about red and white, whether you like it or not. Red is the colour of passion, desire and love so it’s fitting that on this day, red items would be the go-to outfit essentials.  I personally love red lipstick and hair, that’s about it. I own a few red items but won’t wear it on Valentine’s Day, ever. Once in a while, however, you find a red and white item that you love and would consider wearing on Valentine’s day, possibly or to a Valentine’s Day event, even if it’s not on the 14th.

The item in question is this adorable red and white crop top from Mr Price which I got for about R50. I bought it quite some time ago so I doubt you’d still find it. What attracted me to it was the polkadots (I’m not usually a fan) but it had a vintage, pin up feel to it. How awesome is it when you and a friend have the same taste in clothes AND she does awesome shoots to showcase how to wear it? The friend in question is the amazing Miss Jones aka Robyn Lesley Jones, model, presenter and overall awesome human being. She’s one of the most bubbly, down-to-earth people you’ll meet and she’s a fierce representation of “Team Petite”.


I love how she paired the same print (polkadots) together, in different colours. Most people would stay away from it because they’d think it won’t work but here’s prove that it does.


Pair it with some cheeky shorts, if you have legs that goes on forever like Miss Jones.


To stay true to the pin up feel of the top, she paired a dramatic cat eye with red lips which work so well. Can we have a moment for that gorgeous hairstyle though?


This is an alternative way to wear the top, which I personally love and you can team it up with jeans and sneakers for a more chilled look. I’ve tried it as well the past weekend and I have to admit, I really liked it.



Jeans and top both from Mr Price



In the latest of a series of collaborations celebrating local design, Woolworths has officially joined forces with SA Fashion Week (SAFW) as the exclusive retail sponsor, a significant partnership aimed at fast-tracking South African fashion from the runway to the rails. Launching in autumn/winter 2017, SAFW designer capsule collections will be made available online and through select Woolies stores in a move to support home-grown talent where it matters most – commercially.

“Our partnership with SAFW is a real opportunity to support local fashion entrepreneurs,” says Woolworths’ Group Director of Marketing and Sustainability, Charmaine Huet. “We recognise the wealth of talent in the industry and want to celebrate South African fashion’s unique point of view. Customers can expect the very best in style that truly reflects South African creativity. We aim to inspire and promote local fashion through access to production and market exposure.” As a passionately South African retailer, the partnership with SAFW is “a seamless fit”, she adds.

“We are excited to have Woolies on board as our main sponsor as we believe that our shared values and creative synergies have the potential to unearth the next South African fashion greats,” says SAFW founder, Lucilla Booyzen.  “We look forward to an inspiring partnership and to seeing the results in the form of affordably priced merchandise in stores.  This is both a creative and commercial incubator to advance local design into the mainstream retail space.”

SAFW x StyleBySA

This week, Woolworths unveiled the new faces of ‘StyleBySA’ Spring/Summer 2016, the retailer’s seasonal fashion campaign featuring local influencers in shots entirely styled and art directed by them.  All stylists by profession, the six influencers – Sharon Becker, Lethabo “Boogy” Maboi, Trevor Stuurman, Bee Diamondhead, Tshepi Vundla and Papama – will be working with local photographers and creative teams to realise their vision.

In a SAFW x StyleBySA exclusive, the stylists are seen pairing Woolies fashion brands with pieces from the newest A/W17 collections by SAFW designers Somerset Jane, Lumin, Vintage Zionist and Tailor Me. The exclusive shoot by Joburg-based photographer, Paul Samuels, is a nod to the retailer’s long-standing support of local design, evidenced in the original ‘South African Designers at Woolworths’ collections by Maya Prass, Stoned Cherrie, Craig Native and Stephen Quatember from 2002 to 2009.

“Our involvement with SAFW and the launch of StyleBySA means we are able to boost much- needed growth in the industry and catalyse change through empowering our designers and their communities through the value chain,” says Thateng Shimange, GM of Womensworld at Woolworths. “We are committed to collaborating with home-grown talent across the industry, from designers to stylists, photographers, bloggers and models.   Practically, this means investing in and working with design trailblazers to grow their business, boost their visibility and give them access to a bigger market”, she adds.

SAFW kicks off this year with Autumn/Winter ’17 collections on 20 September at The Park at Hyde Park Corner, Johannesburg.

Issued on behalf of Woolworths by Ogilvy PR Cape Town


Lookbook: Vintage swimwear

I’ve done a few shoots a while back, actually it was 2 shoots with a few outfit changes, in the heart of winter. I’ve tried to share as many of the pictures with you as I can but actually realised that I haven’t even shared half of it so here’s a new one. I’ve always wanted a high-waisted, vintage bathing suit but at the time it was to hide my piercing and tattoos. When I eventually managed to get one from Sam’s Dressing Room I fell in love with it for all the right reason. The polka dots reminded me of the 50’s, an era where timeless elegance and fashion were the order of the day.

I’ve decided on a simple makeup look where the bold red lip was the focus. Products used were as follows: I started off with Clarins beauty flash balm as I love the way my skin feels after applying it. I moved on to my foundation, Double Wear from Estee Lauder in Rich Ginger, followed by translucent powder to set it and highlighter by BeautyTrends. On my eyes I used the Palladio palette as mentioned here with mascara, liquid liner and eye pencil from Rimmel and set it all with Alila makeup setting spray as mentioned here. Oh and the lipstick I wore is called Red Supreme from Avon’s new matte range, which I absolutely love as raved about here.


The one things I love about this swimsuit is that it’s suitable for anyone, whether you want to go back to a different era or hide the winter rolls, it will work for you. The polka dots and buttons on the bottom provide such cohesiveness to this look and I love it.


One of the props I’ve used was a vintage hat case that I’ve inherited from my late aunt. I remember when I returned from Oudtshoorn with it and everywhere I went people asked   me about it as they wanted to purchase their own. It’s quite funny when you think about it, things that we’ve considered old and riddled with moth balls from our grandparents are now in such demand.


I’m quite proud of how this shoot turned out as this was the one I was most worried about, not sure why. Let me know in the comments if you would ever wear it or just share the vintage heirlooms you got from family with me.

Lookbook: Swimwear

Wearing swimwear has always been awkward to me. The whole “it feels like underwear but it isn’t yet it covers the same amount of skin” drove me crazy and I always ended up wearing a pair of shorts over my bikini at the beach. I would dare to walk around in a bikini at a swimming pool in my complex when no one else was around, yes that’s me. Nothing has changed though, I still only wear it when it’s me and my friends hanging out alone. The only exception was this shoot because it was the photographer and nature, that’s it. The crazy thing was that the shoot happened in winter…at a river…and it was cold! I shivered my way through it and I can honestly say I still don’t feel better about wearing a bikini BUT the pictures look decent and that’s all that matters at this stage.


I used to buy bikinis every month and promised myself that someday I’ll have the guts to wear it out in public, well there’s still time…I guess. I honestly don’t know where I bought the bottom from (different set)  but the top I got at a shop in Harties. The makeup details is the same as on my other 2 lookbooks as I didn’t have time or enough warmth to change looks.


This is one of my favourite shots as it’s very chilled, like me. To climb these slippery slopes called rocks was so much fun and I actually wanted to go hiking afterwards, go figure.


This was not a planned shot, as you can see. I was basically told, “look at me” which I did and bam! that happened. I look peeved off, which I was because it was so cold and the water felt like a bucket load of ice cubes was dropped in it. I can’t describe the immense relief I felt when it was over, the feeling of warm, woolly socks was the best!

I know it sounds like I didn’t enjoy this shoot but I really did, it was the wrong season but other than that, it was fun. I did another swimwear shoot, vintage no less and I’ll share that with you soon. Until then, keep warm 🙂

Lookbook: Sporty/fitness

This shoot lasted about 15 minutes but it was exhausting! I might look like I’m into fitness but I’m more into the idea of it than anything else. I was hurting in place I forgot existed as this was not planned. It happened somewhere between walking towards the boho fairy scenery and stumbling upon a fallen tree.  The top is from Mr Price, shorts from a shop in Harties and sneakers from Adidas, the old school style.

This is the infamous tree:


I’ve always liked hiking but I’m too lazy to actually do it so I climb rocks instead.


Doing squats or any kind of exercise is more fun in nature than in the actual gym as you don’t have to “compete” with anyone and you actually feel at peace.


Do share your thoughts about this shoot and my attempt at doing something that actually resembles fitness. Oh and I know I need a tan :p

Lookbook: Boho fairy

I’ve done about a handful of photo shoots in my life and it’s always been a lot of fun. This was the first shoot I’ve styled and done hair and makeup all by my lonesome self and I loved it. When I learned that we’ll be shooting at a river (in semi-winter I might add) I knew that I wanted to try a mystical look but time wasn’t on my side to get the necessary accessories or outfit so I had to use what I had in my closet.


My makeup look was quite simple as I still wanted to look like myself. I started off with Clarins beauty flash balm as I love the way my skin feels after applying it. I moved on to my foundation, Double Wear from Estee Lauder in Rich Ginger, followed by translucent powder to set it and highlighter by BeautyTrends. On my eyes I used the Palladio pallette as mentioned here with mascara, liquid liner and eye pencil from Rimmel and set it all with Alila makeup setting spray as mentioned here. Oh and the lipstick I wore is called Red Supreme from Avon’s new matte range, which I absolutely love as raved about here. The headband I bought from Mr Price a few years ago but never used it.


The dress I bought from Triple Seven about 4+ years ago when I was working in Canal Walk but I’ve never worn it. I loved it on the rail but realised soon enough that it was “too open/exposing” for my liking but I was stuck with it. I decided to go barefeet as I’ve never seen fairies actually portrayed with shoes on (or maybe they are and I just didn’t notice). Anyway on pictures, the dress is amazing! It’s ultimate boho chic and I fell in love with it all over again.

Fairy 2


Did you love or loathe it? Let me know in the comments or by liking this post, I have other pictures from the shoot I’ll share with you soon, stay beautiful.

SAFW-Sunglass Hut new talent search

As the definitive destination for the latest trends in premium eyewear with over 3000 retail spaces worldwide, Sunglass Hut has earned its credit for being at the forefront of fashion. Announcing their principal sponsorship with London Fashion Week in March 2015, marked  the beginning  of a global fashion week alignment  for the brand. For the South African market, partnering  with SA Fashion  Week was the perfect match.

The highlight for Sunglass Hut’s partnership with SA Fashion Week is the New Talent Search. Created by SA Fashion Week director, Lucilla Booyzen, the search is a platform for established and emerging designers to prove their ability to create  a line that achieves the fine balance between commercial and aesthetic appeal. This year’s competition  will emphasize the direct link between who you are and what you design.

safw sun

Who can enter?

  1. Designers who are working towards establishing themselves/ their brand in the South African Fashion Industry.
  2. Young/emerging designers in search of a platform to launch their label in The South African Fashion Industry.
  3. Established fashion designers who have been in the industry for more than 7 years
  4. Designers with a fashion design diploma/degree or 5-year design experience.
  5. Previous SAFW New Talent Search showcasing finalists can enter but only if it’s their second time,previous winners cannot enter.
  6. Ladies wear designers


What do you need to send?

For the 1st judging-selection of the semi-finalists:

-A portfolio of your brand to give judges background on your label.

-Your Autumn/Winter 2017 collection (sketches and fabric swatches)-8 looks.

For the 2nd judging-selection of the showcasing finalists:

-Semi-finalists will present their collection to the judges during their fitting and the final showcasing designers will be selected.


The prize that will put the New Talent Search  winner on the map includes:

  • Representation by The Fashion Agent for 1 year
  • Show a collection at SA Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2017
  • Access to SA Fashion Week Fashion Trade Event and Pop-Up shop
  • A trip to London Fashion Week, which includes a return ticket, accommodation, transfers and access to shows/exhibitions


Winners will be announced at the SAFW New Talent Search Show at #SAFWAW17 Collections, show date and time TBC. Register before 24 June 2016 by clicking on this link, portfolio submission deadline is 30 June 2016. 







I’m a sucker for a well-dressed man (that sounds wrong on so many levels but that’s not what I meant you dirty-minded friend of mine). We’ve reached an era where men boldly embrace and break fashion boundaries set by society. In recent months we’ve seen Jaden Smith wearing dresses and skirts, paving a way for men, who’s not from Scottish descendants but would love to wear a skirt, to do just that. Am I a fan of it? Well my belief is that you should wear whatever you’re comfortable with because that’s what I do. Fashion is a way to express yourself and who doesn’t like a nice breeze up their legs on a hot summer day?

I’ve decided to attend the last day of Fashion week this year, which was a first for me as I was very interested to see the Summer/Spring ’16  men’s collections.  I’ve always been a big fan of House of Ole and looked forward to see what they had in store.

The designer, Olé Ledimo was born in Bloemfontein and studied at the London University of Fashion before doing a course in Advanced Tailoring. The House of Olé brand came to life in 2000, and later opened his first studio in Johannesburg in 2006. Classic with flair has become the brand’s signature, focused on tailoring with a conceptual, fresh approach.


His collection this year combined street art (graffiti) and wearable art, it was a sight to behold and I fell in love instantly. I loved the women’s line with luxurious red velvet coats and the absolute show stopper red dress but it’s the men’s perfectly tailored suit with graffiti across that stole my heart. For the final runway walk, they “upped” the cuteness factor by bring out 3 adorable children (2 boys, 1 girl) that wore their designs as well. The full video of the their line can be viewed here.


Next up we have Naked Ape by designer Shaldon Kopman, fashion icon, designer and stylist, founded in 2005. From their studio in Johannesburg central, Naked Ape has designed and crafted luxury bespoke garments for discerning individuals. In the latter part of 2014 dawned the extension of the Naked Ape brand – a flagship store in the trendy and fashionable shopping district of Rosebank, The Firs. Naked Ape has extended its line-up to include ready-to-wear garments and accessories, bridging the gap between the individualised tailored items, with off-the-rack attire, resulting in immediate gratification.


Their line for this year sported masculine and feminine suiting with lines and prints inspired by the Moses Mabhida stadium. I loved the 3/4 pants, maybe because all the male models that wore them had really great legs. When paired with a blazer, as Naked Ape did on the runway, it looks amazing. Also spotted a local celebrity, Heino Schmitt, who plays the role of Altus in local soapie 7de Laan on the runway, which definitely sped up a few ladies’ heart rates. Their full runway can be viewed here.

Last but not least we have Ephymol by designer Ephraim Molingoana who started his career in modelling, before re-routing himself into fashion design. He worked extensively abroad, before returning to Johannesburg and opening the Ephymol studio. His diverse travel experience played an important role in influencing his bold and individualistic design philosophy. Ephraim has earned numerous Best Dressed awards, which have increased his clientele to include sports personalities, musicians, actors and many leaders in the fashion industry.


The first thing I’ve noticed was the 70’s theme with bold print, colours and of course the afros. It was very classic with tailored suits, shirts with a splash of colour and print but one of the biggest surprises from his line was the skorts (3/4 pants at the back and skirt in front). I loved the printed pants and lace shirts, very sexy. His full collection can be viewed here.


The music was provided by  Warner Music South Africa and we all received a complimentary music streaming subscription voucher. This was my first post about menswear + my first menswear show I’ve attended so let me know what you think.





#SAFW-Black and White

I’ve always loved SA Fashion Week , from the fashion on and off the ramp to the amazing atmosphere as like-minded individuals gather in the same vicinity. I also love the fact that they make us, as members of the media, feel welcome and appreciated. We get amazing goodie bags, passes, free drinks etc. so it’s an absolute pleasure working with them. Last night was my first attendance for the year AND I was running late so I missed the one show I really wanted to see: J.J Schoeman ‘s and judging by the pictures, it was phenomenal!

I got held up at the office, immersed in work and didn’t realize what time it was,sadly but we still made it in time for the last show of the night. I’ll cover that in my next post as this one is about me, yeah that’s not narcissistic at all. If you’re reading this and you’re a woman, you’d agree with me that there’s no way that you can do your makeup for a big event in 10 minutes and look presentable. Well some ladies are very good at this makeup thing, I’m not but that was the amount of time I had to do mine. I started off with Clarins Beauty Flash Balm after cleansing as I brushed my teeth. Then followed that up with Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation while putting on my shoes because my ride was due to arrive in 20 minutes. I used Rimmel Brow Kit, eyeliner and blusher and for my eyes I used a smokey eye kit by Bourjois. I exfoliated my lips with brown sugar and coconut oil while putting on my skirt, dabbed with a bit of Vaseline and finished off with a 2-in-1 lip liner from Black Up Cosmetics  that doubles as a matte lipstick and viola! I’m done. Below is the end result of my 10 minute makeup routine, not too shabby.


Moving along to my outfit: I’ve always worn dresses to more formal events and shorts to concerts, skirts never even featured in my options. My reason for that is a dress is simple, add shoes and accessories and you’re done. Skirts requires tops, the one things that I don’t really have but I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone. Last week I won an amazing black skirt with rose gold double sided zip from Brett Robson with  Tracy-Lee Rosslind from #TLRStyling and I really wanted to wear it as it was the perfect fit. Finding a top was a daunting task but I remembered a scarf I got from SA Fashion Week in my media bag last year and decided to wear it as a top, paired with a pair of Mr Price chunky heels and I was ready to go. No accessories required as the outfit speaks for itself. Might I add that it was the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn that’s not a wedge? I was literally running in them, standing around etc. and my feet didn’t hurt one bit and the best part is that I only paid R150 for it!

Here’s the picture of my outfit:


I had so much fun and got to meet the amazing Trevor Stuurman who’s work I’ve admired for the past 3 years, I felt like such a groupie!


Cruz Vodka made sure that our glasses weren’t empty so me and my girls had a fabulous time.


Goodies from SA Fashion Week which included amongst others a R600 Sunglass Hut voucher, hair voucher from Carlton, eco organizer from Lufthansa etc.

Do share your comments on my makeup, outfit or just say hi…

Cara Delevingne inspired look

How often do you see your favourite celebrity sporting a look you’d like to emulate? With me it happens a lot, from hairstyle to outfits to make up. Most of the times I don’t attempt to do it because of budget restrictions and products not being readily available here in South Africa. Sometimes you see a look you love AND you have the products readily available, well substitute/ budget versions of it that is. This week I’ve seen a look on Cara Delevigne that I’ve absolutely loved but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it off. Her look was from YSL and mine is, well from everywhere but YSL. I’ve created this look out of sheer boredom and decided not to wear foundation as I wasn’t going anywhere plus Estee Lauder DoubleWear is not to be wasted.


Below is Cara’s look for YSL:



I’ve used the following products that I’ve already had in my makeup bag:

-Mascara from Rubybox (Va Va Volume)

-Eyeliner from Black Up Cosmetics (Le Mat/Waterproof)

-Eye shadow palette from Palladio Silk FX (All-in-one herbal eye shadow) and I’ve only used the highlighter

-Brow This Way from Rimmel (Brow sculpting kit)

-Lip lacquer from Bourjois(Aqua laque 03)

-Wipes from Simple(really good for sensitive skin with vitamins, no alcohol/oil and no artificial perfume or colour and no harsh chemicals)


I started off with my brows as we all know that takes longer than anything. I strive to keep it as natural as possible as it really doesn’t require a lot of work. The only problem is they’re hardly ever twins or even sisters, always step sisters. I’ve tried to keep it as “bushy” as possible to emulate Cara’s brows.

The brow sculpting kit from Rimmel is really great with a wax formula that shapes, defines and fixes brows and a powder formula that sets the wax and gives a natural look to brows. It also contains a hard brush to define and shape brows, a soft brush to blend and a combing brush to perfect and comb. After completing the process I finish it off with some mascara to ensure it stays in place. Have a look at this video HERE as I use method 1.

I’ve dusted my eye lids with some powder to ensure that the eye shadow last for the duration of my “mini shoot” for the blog.

I simply applied the highlighter from the palette to my eyelids and followed with the eyeliner but ensured it’s winged out at the corner. This palette consists of really natural colours and you can use it for an earthier look. You can use a smudger like the one at the end of some eyeliner and just “mess up” your eyeliner a bit for that smudged/hungover look. My shade of blue is a bit darker though but it still worked really well with the gold.I followed it up with some Va Va Voom mascara and ended off with my pink lip gloss, voila!


Here’s Cara and my looks side by side, what do you think?