My #BTTC2016 Experience

This year was the first time I’ve attended BTTC (Back To The City) even though I’ve been invited before.  For more information about the festival, refer to one of my older posts here. I honestly thought it wasn’t my scene and I was proven wrong. There’s music, booze and people, how could it not be? Seriously though, I’m not a people’s person but I love the vibe at festivals and concerts because people are friendly and chilled, not their usual grumpy selves. You do encounter a few weirdos from the guy that told me if he wasn’t gay he would “do me” to the one that wanted to make out with my stomach.

First things first, let’s talk outfit details, obviously. My phone was stolen so I don’t really have any outfit pictures except for this one:

bttc ootd

Outfit details were as follow:

Crop top- GalXBoy

Jeans-Triple Seven

Sneakers- Converse

Belt- Markham

Tattoo and belly ring comes with the owner

My aim was to be as comfortable as possible as I knew the event would require a lot of walking around.

The squad that I went with was my colleague Musonda and Bonisile, who I met for the first time yesterday(is that weird?) I never seem to gel with people from the onset but with him I did simply because he actually got my sarcasm and puns. We left Northwold after 17h00 and went in search for hot wings compliments of Chicken Licken , my weakness. We basically arrived at the venue around 18h00 and it was already packed to the brim. Upon entering, different food stalls and “beer tents” greeted us.  ShapShap Cider  was one of the major sponsors and ensured that alcohol was readily available with prices NOT exceeding R20, can you actually believe that? It was my first introduction to them and their ciders are a bit too sweet for my liking but I loved the Marula and Litchi flavour though.

Khanyi Mbau was slaying it on stage with fire engine red hair, performing her latest single entitled Play Play Freestyle. Gigi Lamayne looked chilled in black crop top and leggings and ended off her performance with Ice Cream (I’m obsessed with ice cream so it goes without saying that I love this track). My wins for the night was definitely Reason HDKwesta because he performed Ngud’, duh and Elzhi all the way from Detroit, Michigan. To be quite honest I’ve never been a hip hop fan and I don’t know half of the people that performed or their music but I have to give props to Ritual Media Group and specifically Lerato Lefafa, the lady who makes miracles happen, for an amazing event. I didn’t see anyone NOT having fun and the last headcount they announced were 25000 people in attendance.

I definitely don’t regret anything that transpired last night as it was amazing, jacked phone aside. I’m kinda peeved that I haven’t attended before but next year I’ll definitely be back, Back to the City (see what I did there?) If you’ve attended, don’t hesitate to let me know what your experience was like and what you think should improve in future.


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